physically strongest marvel characters

Do we really need to say anything? Since when did Professor X have telekinetic powers? b. (Secret Wars #4). While many of the MCU’s heroes are so formidable thanks to their unique abilities and potent power sets however, we thought we’d take a look at the MCU’s strongest characters in terms of raw physical strength. Liked it? How much a successfully bonded host can move isn’t known, though the Marvel wiki states the upper limit is probably somewhere in the “range of millions of megatons.” Which means that Brett Ratner could have ended the third X-Men movie with Famke Janssen roundhouse kicking a city block into Magneto, and it would have been more true to the comics. Strong guy of Marvel's First Family, Ben Grimm has always been a heavy contender, even though he is very low on the list. Suplexing an entire island filled with giant dinosaurs, including one he stabs in the face with his atomic fire breath, on the cover of the comic. He also wields Mjolnir, an immeasurably heavy mallet forged from the heart of a dying star that he can control on a nanoscopic level. Close. Not a super-powered omega level, god-deer, just a regular deer. In the Marvel universe there’s something called the “strength scale”, against which all heroes are measured and ranked in terms of their “raw physical strength.” At the upper end of this scale there are over a hundred heroes who supposedly possess an “incalculable” level of power. Because the Juggernaut can only be slowed and never really stopped, there’s no amount of weight he can’t move as long as he gets a decent run up. Have to had spend a majority of there careers as heroes. It also makes him the world’s best Michael Jackson tribute act because he can moonwalk through a mountain. I’m going to exclude cosmic being, and Galactus, because by your definition TOAA (The One Above All) would be the most powerful since his base, by definition, is the most powerful. While the experiment was a success, Jessica was granted superhuman strength, allowing her to bend metal, lift heavy objects and stop cars in their tracks.

Exiled from Asgard by due to her voracious appetite for war, it’s eventually revealed that Hela helped Odin conquer the Nine Realms, with Odin growing to fear Hela’s power and lust for control. Swatting aside the likes of War Machine and Spider-Man during the battle, Scott also manages to tear the wing off an airplane before launching it at a taken-aback Iron Man.

Along with being impervious to most damage and being able to somehow breathe in space, Blue Marvel is also sufficiently strong enough to nearly split the moon in two by punching it in the face.

Quickly proving himself to be more than a match for Captain America, Winter Soldier’s strength seems to be about on par with his former best pal’s, giving him highly enhanced combat capabilities. The Scarlet Gem of Shitake also grants the Juggernaut a plethora of less useful, secondary powers like invincibility and the need to never eat or poop while in motion. Brainwashed and given a powerful bionic arm, the Winter Soldier was kept on ice for decades, only thawed out to perform various bloody hits on enemies of the organization, including Tony Stark’s parents. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. We’re just going to say this as flatly as possible because it’s going to sound like we’re being hyperbolic anyway. Top 10 physically srongest marvel characters.Anyone disagree or have suggestions. (Godzilla #3) Hercules has also been seen filling in for Atlas by holding up all of existence on his broad, rippling shoulders like it ain’t no thing, so that Atlas could go steal some apples.

See? We take a look at the strongest MCU characters and rank them on pure basic strength from weakest to the strongest there is! This makes Gentle the only Marvel character who could potentially create deadly, supersonic shrapnel, by flexing.

He has vast telepathic powers but that is not the same at all. The incredibly powerful Vision has a whole array of superpowers under his belt, with super strength being just one of many. This list only exist through certain criteria for said characters: a. Hercules is considered the physically strongest character in the whole marvel universe. Having been defeated by Odin millennia before the events of Thor: Ragnarok, Surtur starts off the movie as a shadow of his former self.

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