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And the list goes on for us. We will not reserve one of our bully puppies without first receiving this deposit. Our RAW consists of: ground beef, ground turkey, chicken quarters, coconut oil and fish oil. When you purchase through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Some problems are common, which they have to face anyway because they are inherited for this breed. Honesty is everything to us here at THE LORD'S KENNELS. Giving raw food to Pocket Bullies has a lot of health benefits. I go back and forth between Valu-pak and Sportsmix Wholesome. A deposit must be placed in order to reserve the available puppy of your choice. Bully Girl® is a registered trademark, owned and operated by Bully Girl Magazine, LLC. The height and weight are always in proportion to their body frame. A healthy male pocket bull can remain sexually active and fertile even in old age. An American Pit Bull Terrier is a large dog.

Small children can either get scared or end up hurting due to over-excitement. King V offers everything that Venom brings to the table and adds in 2X Casablanca and 3X Magoo.

Food items which can be given as raw dog food are: Raw dog food has some bacteria which can cause a few diseases. When called upon we show up and show out. Avoid letting a large bowl of water, replace fresh water, DON’T let it sit out all day, We recommend checking with your local vet to make sure your pups healthy. This is a prevalent disease among dogs. We do our own thing and we are getting closer to our goal, which is to create small functional micro bullies. The symptoms of these diseases are: A veterinarian should be consulted if you feel your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms. This breed has been established since 1990, it was created to give a new direction and outlet for the breed. What is the right food for Pocket Bullies? A few examples of homemade dog food are: You can always look up for dog food recipes and create a variety of food for your dog. Female dogs can experience it any time after six months of age. Our focus has been in producing the best females to pair up with our World Class Studs to produce the best American Bullies anywhere in the World. They don’t start barking only to gain your attention. They love to socialize and are highly expressive. We breed Pocket, Standard, and XL American Bullies! Make sure they have a leash on properly so that if there is any situation where they act out and get aggressive, they are still under your control, and they don’t harm anyone else. We breed pocket and … RBR Kennels is proud to offer our XL Bullies, our blue XL Pitbull puppies, and our Labrador Retriever puppies to working and family homes worldwide, including Maryland. We are located in Germany.
Our dogs are known for having massive heads, dense bone, broad chests, wide shoulders, short muzzles, and being packed rock solid with muscle on short & compact frames. How do you think they can overcome this thing?


If you are feeling frustrated, take a break and start again later. Let’s push our breed in the direction it needs to be in the future. American Pocket Bully Available Puppy Picks are located in the BREEDINGS Section! We are proud to have in-house and to have produced several  ABKC Pocket American Bully Champions. The best way to make them socialize is by taking them out for a walk every day. Are you looking for a small dog that has fierce looks? It is a very social breed, and if trained well, they learn to be friendly around strangers. Things You Need To Know About American Bully Extreme; Pocket Bully. You don’t have to spend much amount on hiring professional groomers for Pocket Bullies.

It has its benefits as homemade food is fresh and free of additives and preservatives. Pocket Bully, aka Miniature Pit Bull, is a small dog known to be the American Pit Bull Terrier’s miniature version. Dogs generally are loving animals.

American Pitt Bulls have a short and smooth coat with no undercoat. Pocket Bully is a breed that does not require much grooming. They are readily available at grocery stores and pet shops. The History of the American Bully Part 2 – The Breed’s Appearance.  if you want the best exotic bullies in tri's.... buy it from the specialists!!! We are located in Germany. There is a kennel club, called the American Bully Kennel Club, that is dedicated to American Bullys. Pocket Bullies are playful and hyperactive. Unique Bulliez: Pocket American Bully Breeder | New York, Genovese Family Bullies: American Bully Breeder | Philadelphia, Bully Girl Magazine Issue 88 is Here | 10-Year Anniversary Edition, Built2WinBullyz: Pocket and Standard American Bully Breeder | North Carolina, Built-Ryte Bullies: XL American Bully Breeder | Georgia, Phantom Bully Kennels: XL American Bully Breeder | Ireland, Stallion Bullies: Pocket American Bully Breeder | South Florida, Banda’s Blues: APBT & American Bully Breeder | California, You must be logged in to post a comment

The most commonly available colors are Red, Blue, Fawn, Black, Black & Tan, Blue & Tan, Brown, Buckskin, White & Seal, and many more. Pocket Bully has been bred solely to be a companion.

People in our community tend to always follow the new trend. What advice does BossBullys Kennel have for any upcoming breeders? blue legacy exotic bully leads the way in tricolor and blue tri exotic bullies from extreme micro to super pocket bullies coming from southern california!!! The purpose of breeding an American Pit Bull Terrier and Patterdale Terrier was to create a family dog that becomes a companion.

The training should start as soon as the dog enters your family. There are some great books on Amazon on the dog reproductive system and whelping a litter, from A to Z. They might find it difficult to tolerate the harsh cold environments. There is blood out there that I’m very fond of, but we are predominantly Razors Edge, Gotti, Remy, and G-Line. 2-3 in muzzle The Patterdales have a coarse and thin coat, but they have a dense undercoat to protect them from the cold and harsh weather. Pocket Bully is a breed that is highly in demand. The American Bully dogs come in … Healthy male Pocket Bullscan mate at any time once they have reached sexual maturity.

It takes time and effort to train a dog, and you have to fulfill the responsibility no matter what. You can also subscribe to receive new issues of Bully Girl Magazine bi-monthly for as low as $34.99. But to ensure that they don’t act out while being with other people, you have to expose your dog to strangers and different situations where they interact with unknown dogs and humans. I think Bully Girl Magazine is an awesome platform for breeders to get to know one another. It takes only a few minutes to brush them thoroughly. They need at least one hour of exercise daily. These are going to clear any sort of myths about this breed as well. This disease occurs when the dog’s thyroid glands cannot produce enough thyroid hormones, contributing to the metabolism. Their digestion becomes better and helps boost their metabolism. It is a myth that this breed is aggressive. This issue brings back stud pages from earlier issues of the publication.

All of my dogs have drive and love to work, so keeping them in shape isn’t hard at all.

Customers will be updated weekly on our puppies progress. This breed is brilliant, and they require proper training and plenty of exercises to help them grow both physically and mentally. It makes their skin and coat better. Training of a dog is imperative, and it matters a lot. That can cause the stomach to get upset and can result in obesity. Do you currently show any of your dogs? What is your favorite bloodline?

We breed American Bullys that meet the ABKC standards. But they take can also take the coat from the Patterdale type as well. It takes the build of an American Pit Bull and height of the Patterdale Terrier, making it small. What type of dogs do you breed, and what inspired you to get involved with that particular breed?

They make excellent family pets as they are highly trainable.

Your heart is filled with love and gratitude when you see your pet-loving you the most.
Scissor bite

The cycle of heat is known as oestrus. We feed our dogs meat or dry kibble without grain. The breeds which have been recognized by the kennel club are safe to keep as pets. They will bark to notify you or any other member of the house if they see any impostor entering your home. We try to go to the shows as often as possible. A responsible dog breeder breeds to better their program and the breed, not to make a quick dollar.

They get along pretty well with children. Who does BossBullys Kennel look up to in the bully game, and why? Our Block Blood dogs are known for their consistency, displaying height from Micro to Pocket size, with extreme body types and features, dependent on the breeding pair used. What separates BossBullys Kennel from the competition? Top breeders know it takes more than a Top Stud or Big Names in the Pedigree to Produce Top Quality, Consistent Litters each time out.

An aggressive dog will be a product of inadequate training and poor socializing. Pocket bullies are small in size, but they have the fierce looks and muscular body just like an American Bully. Thank you for all these magic moments! Welcome to the American Pocket Bully website.

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