principles of floral design quizlet

PLAY. PLAY. `. Learn principles of floral design with free interactive flashcards. Floral Design Principles of Design. three dimensional configuration or shape. Color. What are Principles of Design. Dominance, accent or emphasis is accomplished through using sharp … The difference in color, size, and form help this standout. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. through the blending of textures, shapes, and colors in a floral arrangement. provides a feeling that a design is a single unit. Gravity. PLAY. Floral Design Elements & Principles. Principles of floral design. Types: symmetrical, asymmetrical, physical balance, visual balance (mechanically balanced but not visually balanced), relationship of each component of the design to each other in size, shape, quantity, form and to the environment, Container: design equals one and a half to two times the height /width of the container,Table: design should be 1/9th of the table, relationship of design to the environment; the size of a table, vase, and design all matter, the related orderly movement (motion) of the lines, shapes, or spaces, of a design. enhanced interest in focal and affects the total character of the design. oneness of purpose, thought, style, and spirit...a cohesive relationship of individual parts, the differences between objects when they are placed next to each other or in close proximity. This area of strong visual appeal is the focal point of the arrangement, attracting the viewer's eyes to the arrangement. Ch 34 Macroeconomic Policy around the World, Ch 32 Government Budgets and Fiscal Policy, Ch 20 Macroeconomic Policy around the World, Ch 19 Government Borrowing and National Savings, Ch 18 Government Budgets and Fiscal Policy, Floral material that has an "airy" look to create a finishing…, the storage or shipment of flowers out of water, cutting flower stems properly and providing proper treatment o…, supplies, methods and materials that designers use to place an…, Floral Material that has an "airy" look to create the finishin…. set up scale for design and provide structure, provides pathway but no line actually exists. Filler flowers. Flashcards. sells floral goods and services to consumer, supplies methods and materials that designers use to place and…, cutting flower stems properly and providing proper treatment a…, storage or shipment of flowers out of water, Floral Material that's an airy look to create the finishing to…, The storage or shipment of flowers out of water, straight or hook bladed knife used to cut floral stems, extra-long bladed knife used to cut floral foam, long, slender bladed scissors used to cut ribbon, wire, fabric…, hand held or stationary tool used to keep scissor and knife bl….

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