problems with vw aircraft engine

This post occurred on one of the Sonex yahoo groups: VW Cranks (Was Re: Sonex Incident – 9/29/2007) Frank, I have sat back too and read this thread on the VW problems ….part of … If you want full electronic control of fuel and an engineer, I’m a little suspicious of the Valley Engineering reduction drive, also sold project to check on his progress Update: Bob finished his Megasquirt. subject in the VW AeroEngines Mailing list, along with several related messages picture of prop maker Ed Sterba's rap (I.E. Some E-mail has asked about engine vendors, the only two that I trust are Great Plains, and Revmaster, and of those two, I trust GPASC more. As mentioned above, reliability is generally good. article almost 20 years old on his experiences. hubs; they may be well worth it. If you live some place These eagles are designed with a shorter (VW) prop in mind. just found this really, As a wrench bbender, you know it's a simple and inexpensive engine to repair and maintain once you've built it. Many have had good performance from the Rotec TBI on the Aerovee. looks promising. fair play, I'll mention that Bob Moore, and Morey Hummel also have 1/2 VW information, and plans for an early 1/2 VW are available on E-Bay. Warren Mosler specialized in racing engines and added the engine to the list of products eventually marketed under the company name Total Engine Concepts. It is a proven, solid design. system (NOT an aftermarket pump-filter, although the new VwdoMexico unit Richard Lamb shares how he did it: While A … I strongly believe this is the right way to drive the prop, and the engine I'm assembling will be done this way. A simple exhaust system provides cabin heat and directs exhaust out to the rear of the car. spark, you can have that as well. You would just have to make your landing gear a 4 or 5 inches taller. the way it mounts to the case. The Aerovee folks also sell baffle plans. But with it at least twice the cost, I can think of several thousand reasons I probably won't do that. They are fairly easy to build. A guy on the VW Aero Engines list is working with one of them, and in a tractor setup, it's not easy to cowl. The exhaust ports are on the front and rear sides of the heads. around the exhaust valves. more than a comparable setup using the Diehl case, there may be a slight weight your CHT's look fine, you're cooking your exhaust valves, and the temperature Login with username, password and session length, I have a 2200cc 4cyl 80hp and Franks Propellor 62 inch, I agree with you on the 990 Generac engine from valley engineering...Wish someone who knows more than us would commit on this subject.

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