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Among them were journalist John Britton and cameraman Steve Howell. Carol Cook, Rolling Hills According to two now-famous photographs taken by San Diego County staff photographer George Wendt, the impacting Cessna had torn away or damaged about 30 feet of hydraulically actuated control slats and flaps along the starboard wing’s leading edge.50 Used to enhance the aircraft’s lifting and anti-stalling properties at low-speeds, their loss, plus the severing of associated hydraulic and electrical lines, caused the wing to drop.51 Despite the cabin crew’s best efforts to regain control, the aircraft, according to ground witnesses, “just nose-dived to [its] right” trailing a plume of smoke from a fire in its wing root.52, As his aircraft streaked towards the ground at over 300 mph, Captain McFeron’s last known radio transmission to Lindbergh Control was, “This is it, baby.” 53 Seconds before impact, Captain McFeron gave his last command, “Brace yourself.” Followed by someone in the cabin muttering, “Hey baby,” and a plaintive, “Ma, I love yah.”54, At 09:02:07, the jet liner—after traveling some 3,500 feet from the initial mid-air collision point on a heading of about 200 degrees in a right wing-low, nose down attitude—slammed nose-first approximately 80 feet northeast of the intersection of Nile and Dwight Streets. Other PSA employees were Los Angeles area residents commuting to work or planning to attend an operations training seminar at the company’s Lindbergh Field headquarters. Louise T. Martin, San Diego Instead of immediately notifying either aircraft of an impending collision, nineteen seconds after the alarm Miramar reportedly only advised Cessna N7711G that there was “traffic in your vicinity, a PSA jet has you in sight [which was erroneous], he’s descending for Lindbergh.” Neither Boswell nor Kazy acknowledged the transmission. Incredulously, Miramar did not inform PSA 182 or Lindbergh Control about the conflict alert warning.42, At 09:01:47.9, just as PSA Flight 182 tipped its right wing down into banked turn roughly 2,600 feet above the intersection of 30th Street and El Cajon Boulevard, it overtook and struck Cessna N7711G with its nose wheel. He was one of many victims’ surviving family members who brought a lawsuit against PSA.86 Other North Park residents suffered the loss of their homes. Author’s collection. Leonard Barr, Loomis Visibility was a problem for both planes. When rescue workers removed a torso from the windshield, they were shocked to see the car’s driver, Mary Fuller, still alive. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ec8aa088b1b8b56 Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) Flight 182 was a Boeing 727-214 commercial airliner, registration N533PS, that collided with a private Cessna 172 light aircraft, registration N7711G, over San Diego, California, at 9:01 am on Monday, September 25, 1978.It was Pacific Southwest Airlines' first fatal accident, and the deadliest air disaster in Californian history. Because the controller believed that the flight crew “knew as much or more about the traffic than I did…,” he “did not relay any further information to him.” All of this helped to seal both aircrafts’ doom.31, There seemed to be a state of confusion among PSA 182’s cabin crew. Wilhelmina Mottola, San Diego Timothy DeLucca, Aptos The numbered bags were loaded into one of four large refrigerated tractor-trailer trucks parked outside. Spring 2017, Volume 63, Number 3+4, To those unfamiliar with the San Diego community of North Park, Dwight Street (between Boundary and Nile Streets) is a quiet streetscape composed primarily of unassuming single-story homes. Gary Bruce Walker lost his 3-year-old son and his mother. D'Anne Young, El Cajon, David Lee Boswell, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside. Professors W. J. The airline would eventually pay over $5.5 million in settlements to claimants for property damage as well as wrongful death suits.87, Nine people were injured in the crash, most of whom survived by crawling out of the back windows of their burning homes. After setting up a fire command center at the Sav-On drug store parking lot at University Avenue and 32nd Street, SDFD Battalion Chief Robert Osby jogged seven blocks south to the crash site to ascertain the situation.64 Arriving ahead of most city fire companies, Chief Osby was stunned to see a huge aircraft tail section lying in the street. William White, Lakeside Perry Flashman, Culver City Joseph McMasters, Sacramento Judy Allen, Los Angeles Daniel Lawrence Balson, Encino Originally set up as an emergency command post and Red Cross triage facility, it soon became an overcrowded temporary morgue.77, At the gym, nurses numbered and inventoried each bag’s contents. An experienced PSA flight crew, however, should have been able to differentiate between the larger twin-engine, low-wing, six-to-eight-passenger Cessna 401 and the smaller single-engine, high-wing, four-passenger Cessna 172 at close range.34, It is entirely possible that, at 09:01:38, seven seconds after lowering the airliner’s landing gear, Flight Officer Fox’s radio transmission, “There’s one underneath” and “I was looking at that inbound there,” could have meant that he was referring to the Cessna 401 flying along a western heading to conduct practice ILS landings.35 If Captain McFeron had informed Lindbergh Control that he had lost visual contact with Cessna N7711G, the latter would have stopped PSA 182’s descent and told them to hold their position.36. Joseph Reed Canavin, Andover, MA Instead of relying primarily on pilots’ use of the flawed “see and avoid” procedure, air traffic controllers would now use mandatory ground-based positive radar control to monitor and direct all approaching and departing aircraft.106, On May 15, 1980, the FAA established a Class B (Class Bravo) Airspace over Lindbergh Field. 2727 Presidio Drive, San Diego, CA 92103. David Bernard, Santa Monica Brian T. MacLean, San Diego

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