quizlet live remote

“I love using Quizlet Live when working in Team mode with my students in our physical classroom space. We've played almost every school day, and luckily I've had at least a third of my class join for at least a few rounds each day, but I usually keep games going for 30 min to an hour. My kids were all with me on FaceTime as we did quizlet.live. Great job Quizlet for going the extra mile during these difficult times. I love that Quizlet makes vocabulary review creative and fun. His background is in Marketing and Video Production with degrees from San Jose State University. Thanks! As a teacher, I can see it, but the students can't and we miss that level of competition. We have Zoom conference sessions already scheduled per department. (and Remote Mouse!). T am trying to think of a method to use a game on their phones. With virtual learning, Quizlet Live is done independently, but what I like about it is that students' names are associated with an animal, so even though the scores are being projected live, students don't know who's winning or losing, so nobody is ashamed of their scores. I actually love individually vs teams and had actually asked for that option a while ago. This is great, thanks -- I'll try it soon. I can't wait to try this. Thanks for the update. Quizlet Live has provided many a teacher with the opportunity to both check pupil learning, but also maintain pastoral contact with their pupils having been used in both lessons and online tutor time. I just tried it out with my friend... something to note. I'll have to try this new individual one. Window A has the Google sheet displayed, B. Quizlet Live screen (they can see Join Codes & even QR Code to scan w/ phone app!) In her synchronous virtual classroom, she makes use of Quizlet Live in the individual mode to help keep up student engagement. My end was a little slow because my internet is not of good quality. Select the correct word given a definition. New!

“I love that it creates random groups of students, most of the time teaming them with students they wouldn’t normally work with. Bit boring for the teacher, but you can pop in to the break out rooms. I have also played Quizlet Live in teams while my students are learning from home. It could be a set you've created, or one of the millions of sets already in their database. We recently announced a new way to play Quizlet Live — with Individuals mode. Students use their devices to navigate to www.quizlet.live (yes, that’s a real web address) and enter the code. I also did not read all comments. select the study deck you want, and click on the new "live" button. To help with remote teaching and student engagement while school campuses are closed around the globe, we are providing free access to Quizlet Teacher through June 30, 2020. My CURRENT SOLUTION is to use a computer with a large monitor with 3-4 separate windows sized so you can see each one. Can't wait to try this. I agree with the last two teachers who commented on having the competition board available for students to see as they play!! My students LOVE Quizlet Live and we play it once a week with all of our unit words for Anne Frank. My internet was SUPER slow at the time. We use Google Meet. After creating a game, select Individuals mode when prompted... Like before, students can join by QR code (encourage them to download the app!) We’re going to bring playing this in all my Zoom classes tomorrow! I think it would be a good idea to keep this feature when we return to the classroom. One thing that my class has done as well is Kahoot with the teacher screen sharing on Zoom, you could probably do that with Quizlet Live Individuals too!

Enjoy! I believe my students are going to love it because playing Quizlet live would make their lives more fun.

Thanks for helping us with this update! I would love to try this with my class! My students love the convenience of this, and love playing Quizlet Live even more. Flipped Classroom We played Quizlet live on zoom last week. My students are rotating through during a 24 hour period. It's great because it creates comradery amongst my students. When we play Quizlet, I flip my screen, and the students can all see the leaderboard. Elena Spathis is a Spanish teacher who also finds Quizlet Live Individual Mode invaluable for language study. Another great feature might be a way to change sets without having to get a new code.... having to share a new code out to kids while all apart is a large challenge... sharing the status board (teacher view) would be great. Even former students ask about it and often join in when they can. Thanks!!!!!! I'm looking forward to trying individual, and I'll have to see if the kids prefer it the new way or with teams as we've been playing. Thank you!

The disadvantage of the group one is if someone leaves the group in the middle of a game, they leave their teammates in the lurch as everyone has a fraction of the correct answers, and the last time we played I had two groups of 4 playing and each group had someone bail, so no one could win. In her in-person classes, she used Quizlet Live at the beginning of class to check up on students’ vocabulary progress. Maybe flash it up in between questions? I will have my first meeting with my students with Zoom tomorrow (4/3) and after seeing this, of course, I'm going to modify my lesson. With Quizlet, studying and extra practice becomes a lot more manageable and bearable for students.”. Quizlet Live is a fun way to engage students while providing educational benefits.

I like the fact that I can form random groupings, so students get to work with all their peers during Quizlet Live.

All you need to do is sign up for a free teacher account, select the study deck you want, and click on the new "live" button.

Quizlet live allows you to take any set of flashcards with 12 or more terms and turn them into a fast-paced, competition among your students. Thank you for all you do.

I send a reminder the day before from google classroom for voluntary participation. Rachel was also already familiar with Quizlet Live, which was popular among her high school foreign language students to learn vocabulary. It was lots of fun, and I agree with Jocelyn's comment that showing the competition board on the students' screens would be a great change to make!

I am stuck at home but use quizlet to study for tests.

Love this new option. I hope this is one of Quizlet's future innovations, since it would improve the experience tremendously not just for me, but for other students as well. All you need to do is.

I'm excited about this and trying it tomorrow through Canvas since we can't use Google Meet or Zoom for an entire class. There could be a leader board and leaders would be bumped every time someone in the game makes it through the set at a faster speed with more accuracy.

It could be a set you've created, or one of the millions of sets already in their database. It was wonderful. ), Quizlet Live Individual mode for remote learning, Social studies lesson plans: 17 Ideas to expand your student's worldview, Vocabulary lesson plans: 8 Techniques to Make It Stick, To Kill a Mockingbird Lesson Plans: 9 powerful ideas to teach, Geometry Lesson Plans: 7 Discovery & Smart Learning Ideas. My students were so excited to play from home. We even do a sign language style clap at the end to maintain the calm.

They still love it. 5 teachers share how they use Quizlet Live for remote learning. If they’re using smartphones or mobile devices and have the Quizlet app, they can scan a QR code to join.

Organizational Tips Great news! I just tried a game and see that the students can see who is winning. I had to send my students a remind message to cancel the game. “I love that once a student gets a question wrong, it asks them to repeat all the questions which means that they can review learning constantly. She notes that it’s an especially effective way for students to practice target verbs and vocabulary. If the Term is too long, then the words eventually get cut off by the answers. I never knew Quizlet was so popular! It also fosters team-building skills, as students need to work together through each round of Quizlet Live. a. TCP 80 b. TCP 3389 c. TCP 5000 d. TCP 5001

Students can use flashcards, or they can play games for extra practice.

Looking forward to trying this with my International Students learning English after Spring Break!

Differentiation Students were patient to wait for me to move them to breakout room. It would be great if students could see the competition board, maybe use nicknames instead of actual/known names to still protect privacy? Definitely making a way for them to play asynchronously would be great.

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