rabbit breeders in ohio

Californian and New Zealand White Please contact us to see what we have available. bekahjordan19@gmail.com, Elizabeth Smits Conneaut, Ohio Netherland Dwarf & Mini Rex Rabbit Breeder. jennifermoravek@gmail.com For more information Ohio Rex Rabbit Breeders Association (ORRBA) see our new website or send us an e-mail at OhioRexRBA@gmail.com. mamamiasrabbitry@yahoo.com, Marissa Morrison Wade’s Bunny Bunch Thank you for selecting my rabbitry! barriccj@gmail.com westforkacres@frontier.com I have two of each breed and recently I’ve had 9 babies, unfortunately they all died however I have more on the way. 3309748822, Kala Montgomery Chillicothe, Ohio Chardon, Ohio We specialize in even tempermented animals that excel at home and on the show table. For more information call or email me. (330)421-9836, Debi/Jessi Wagner Small rabbitry in Jackson ohio. (330)323-8985, Carla Holcomb StevensFarm Which was a very big accomplishment for our Rabbitry. Please see my website for more information or to inquire about purchasing rabbits. Breeding Quality Netherland Dwarfs, specializing in Otter (all colors but mostly chocolate), self (all colors, but mostly choclate), lynx and tan (chocolate and black), occacionally some chestnut, opal and chocolate chestnut. Error: (#10) This endpoint requires the 'manage_pages' or 'pages_read_engagement' permission or the 'Page Public Content Access' feature. Netherland Dwarf I raise, breed, and sell rabbits. Lionheads American (blue & white), Silver (black, brown & fawn) Normally we eat them but we do sell to a few raw feeders for their dogs. I have pet, show, and meat rabbits. French Lops (740)298-7066, Erica Furr Tucker’s Rabbitry Site Design by Schwartz Marketing Services. Rabbits Raised for I am in 4H and FFA. Mini Rex Holland Lops, Mini Lops and Lionheads All my rabbits are handled from birth and make great pets or breeding stock. Sia Sable, Himi, Chin, Chestnut Agouti most of the time. 740-513-6111 Green Gully Rabbitry 740-512-5379, Emily Johnson It is run out of our house. Several color varieties in one location with option of unrelated pairs and trio’s throughout the year. Our show stock starts at $70 and up. New Zealand, Holland Lop, Lionhead (419)215-9421, Amanda Poff Rabbits for sale, have all ages. BRITANNIA PETITES IN ALL COLORS. We are the home to colored satins. I breed rabbits for shows and 4h, i have full pedigrees for all rabbits Not sure of the gender of the kits yet. I love rabbits!! Dettore Farms Buckeye Holland Hoppers Rabbitry I have some very nice New Zealands that I am starting up again and also want to focus some time on a medium meat breed. Mann’s Lavender Hill Rabbitry New Holland, Ohio Memorial Christian Rabbitry For us, the best part about breeding bunnies is seeing the joy they bring to people!!! New Zealand, New Zealand Reds and Broken Reds (419)388-6955, Destiny Rollman They get the best feed and locally grown hay. Proudly helping you connect with rabbit breeders in the great state of Ohio and find rabbits for sale. (740)773-7669, Teresa Steinbrook you will be able to register your bunny on your own. facebook.com/DollhouseFlemishGiants Most of our customers seek indoor pet bunnies, but we do offer pedigreed junior and senior Holland lops for sale on occasion. Small hobby farm and rabbitry located in West Salem, Ohio. I offer pedigreed, show-quality rabbits, or pets. I have been raising rabbits for 3 years. Dayton, Ohio WEB Rabbitry of Ohio, USA offers Continental Giant Rabbits that are top quality, healthy, pure-blooded, & fully pedigreed. riverhillminifarm@gmail.com, Elyse Julie Fostoria, Ohio (567)694-2468, Rev. We love rabbits and treat all of ours as pets. Snuggly’s Burrow is a small rabbitry located in Southeastern Ohio. We strive to keep the greatest “quality,” rather than “quantity,” possessing around 30 or so holes. 3303400858, Christine Clayton mrbffa1@gmail.com Jersey Wooly We are a small rabbitry located in Lebanon, OH. buckeyebunnies1986@gmail.com I raise litters year round and if your interested give me a call (937-592-2332) and I will tell you what all is available. Harlequin, New Zealand, Flemish Giant, French Lop and American Blue viennawabbit@yahoo.com, Daniel Fisher I breed Lionhead and Holland Lop rabbits. Raising & showing quality French Angora bred to achieve or exceed the Standard of Perfection. The Silver Fox is a rare, beautiful breed and we want to spread the joy of raising them! We are a small rabbits that focuses mainly on Mini Lops but we do have a cpl Lionheads as well…All are stock is pedigreed. (419)706-9839, Bekah Jordan We also sell Pedigreed Black, Blue, Gold, Lilac, Grey, Tortoise & Chocolate English Spot Rabbits & Rhinelander Rabbits for Show and as Pets . Lionhead Mixes Yankee Hill Rabbitry is a small operation dedicated to the preservation of the American Blue endangered rabbit, a Heritage breed. Chestnut’s 3J’s Rabbitry I handle my bunnies daily so they are all very friendly and love attention. tk69ss@hotmail.com 419-388-6955 New Zealands and Californians We are a ARBA recognized rabbitry. Holland Lops We are a small scale family rabbitry in Northwest Ohio. My prices are more than reasonable and affordable for the average person(in ALL breeds). Scioto County, Ohio American Blues and Whites, Satins, Flemish Giants Bunnies In A Basket We have Pedigreed English Lops. I don’t show as much as I would like but hope to change that this year. We have new zealand reds whites and blues also we raise californians and mini rexes. About Our Rabbitry: candlechik1970@aol.com Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Florida White Breeder of quality Mini Rex for over 10 years in Northwest Ohio. Jamestown, Ohio Please contact me to be put on a notification list for litters i have in the next box! We enjoy raising rabbits for pet, show, & 4-H purposes. New Zealand, Californians, Mini Lops, Jersey Woolys, Lionheads We are a major grower of Californian and New Zealand White commercial meat rabbits in Ohio. We are proud to be an Ohio rabbit breeder, home to 2 Grand Champions and multiple trophy winners. ENGLISH SPOTS IN ALL COLORS Our rabbitry focus is on fiber production, personality, ease of handling and adherence to the ARBA designated standard of … We have high quality Netherland Dwarfs. New Zealand Whites Cottonwood Rabbitry We will help find transport if needed. I have Show,Brood and pet quality for sale from time to time! Columbus, Ohio We breed and sell Holland Lops and Lionheads for 4H and to be used for pets. I am new rabbitry and just starting out. Malta, Ohio & Blue S/Br). Netherland Dwarf, English Lop, English Angora, Holland Lops I also have one black dwarf rabbit, that I am selling for $15.00, but I would like that whoever buys her is an experienced owner with no kids because she is not good around kids. We raise money and present premiums to the top 30 meat pens at the state fair each year. King’s Rabbitry Casaundra Daniels We will never purposely sell any animal that may be sick. The colors i am working on include, netherland-selfs, shaded,tan pattern, and otters. We are also members of NALRC. Nevada, Ohio nickriley2008@live.com, Sara Bailey I have 22 holes for mini lops, 10 holes for dwarf hotots, and about 15 holes to wean litters, so my rabbitry is fairly small. Can provide meat, stock, or pets. They are pedigreed along with my californians, and mini lops. New Zealands Our inventory changes monthly so feel free to drop us a email to see if we have anything available. Small family rabbitry in Miamisburg, Ohio. We offer breeding stock year round and help and advice for the beginner. We have black, Grey, Butterscotch, Fawn, and Black and White Broken. Whitehouse, Ohio Check out our Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/starcity rabbitry (614)684-8080, Goldie Wright All my rabbits are pedigreed. Duckrun Rabbitry soon2bvet13@gmail.com Quality Britannia Petites in South Eastern Ohio. Palominos City Side Rabbitry English Angora, Royal line of English Angora rabbits. We do not have pedigrees as we only do this to feed our family great meat that isn’t full of harsh chemicals. We specialize in colorful Hollands of correct type, with special attention being paid to temperament. We are located in Central Ohio and specialize in raising Silver Fox Rabbits. Netherland Dwarfs and New Zealands I focus on quality over quantity, we aren’t focused on getting chocolates right away, I want the type with them, now I have the rabbits to get that type lhrabbitry@aol.com, Mandy Lichty Brunswick, Ohio Akron, Ohio Californian, Californian, Creme D’Argent, New Zealand and Silver Martin’s Canton, Ohio We strive for quality breeding and are proud of our herd. English Angoras, Satin Angoras paisleyjanelabs@gmail.com Lionheads We have meat pens available during the year so, contact us early to reserve a pen for your fair. shaniasrabbits@gmail.com 3306148358, Mia Poff We started raising meat rabbits when I found out that our local 4-Hers couldn’t find good quality rabbits in our area. We also board rabbits when needed and our bucks can service your doe . New Zealand, Californian, NZW, NZBk, NZBlu, NZBroken, Meat Pens, Holland Lops, Mini Rex Fuzzy Hearts Rabbitry lazoslops@yahoo.com, Kayla Morris that they need to grow and flourish. no injections not nuetered or spayed We raise the following varieties: Himilayan Black, Siamese Sable, Rew & Chocolate (as well as a few others) Versailles, Ohio We are a ARBA registered breeder #D4367. Small Rabbitry in northeastern Ohio. Cadiz, OH Rich's Show Rabbits. We are located in Huntsville, Ohio and focus on raising top quality rabbits for show. Cincinnati, Ohio We show in ARBA but also are involved in 4-H. Medina, Ohio (513)309-0463, Desiree Hardigree I’m selling Sebastian so that he can have his very own family. We also have a Lionhead Doe who make the most adorable babies. Streamsidebunnies Sebastian Hogan’s Rabbitry We raise English and French Angora rabbits. Refer to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/review/login-permissions#manage-pages and https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/review/feature#reference-PAGES_ACCESS for details. Dutch, English Spot mixes, Mini Rex (614)980-5850, Benjamin Hirt Our line of English Angora’s are from some of the best show stock with many Best in Show and Best of Breed. I can send pictures also. Chillicothe, Ohio Starry Night Rabbitry Williamsburg, Ohio All my babies are handled from day 1 and make excellent pets and 4H animals. New Bremen, Ohio In a few short years it had grown to 300-400 rabbits of many different breeds. janejess1313@gmail.com woolforestfarm@gmail.com We are a small rabbitry located in Youngstown, OH. Small rabbitry that started as 4H project with my children 16 yrs ago & progressed to us doing rabbit shows & breeding. Dayton, Ohio I am a jr. fair board member for my local fair. Baker’s Rabbitry Michoacana Rabbits Danville, Ohio He does not bite. Discount to 4-H members. (513)479-3769, Taressa Ingle Cramer’s Rabbitry New Zealand Whites , Blue And Brokens And my daughter takes her satins to fair thru 4-H. We are a small (anywhere from 8 to 30 depending on litters and sales and such) rabbitry consisting of white, black, and broken satins. Be sure to check out raising rabbits article and resource page for information about Raising Rabbits in Ohio. Breeding and raising top quality rabbits is more than just a hobby, it is our passion.

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