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He Made Anime Real! Last night's debate saw Pence's handling of the fly compared to the time Barack Obama killed a fly on television. Roger T. “Race” Bannon was the Intelligence One agent dispatched to protect scientist Dr. Quest and his son Jonny as they globe-trotted through one adventure after another, all while doing secret research for the government. Sorry, Leslie — looks like you’ll have to just wish us luck: Jared Keller is the deputy editor of Task & Purpose.

Race Bannon was a bad ass who protected people and welcomed and immigrant like Hadji. Mike Pence is an insult to Race Bannon. But Pence has another special attribute: He resembles more fictional characters than I’ve ever seen — and they’re all veterans. Four years ago a photo of Pence was posted to Reddit with the caption: "Why does Mike Pence always look like he's about to introduce legislation to outlaw the X-Men?". Mike Pence Might Look Like Race Bannon but His Profession Is Much Tamer. The fly moment is no doubt one of the most memorable moments of the debate for many viewers as is Senator Kamala Harris silencing Pence with her new stoic catchphrase: "I'm speaking.". He considers his face both a tool of diplomacy and a weapon of intimidation. Copyright 2016 Garner Productions. Mar 01, 2017 at 09:14PM EST Mike Pence Is Race Bannon is a series of Fake History-style image macros featuring screenshots of the cartoon character Race Bannon from the 1960s animated television series Jonny Quest with captions falsely identifying him as a violently homophobic version of United States Vice President Mike Pence. He ran for Congress against Democratic incumbent Philip Sharp in Indiana, but lost. The Only Drinking Game for the Vice Presidential Debate You'll Need make Vice President Mike Pence into a meme, conducted official state business on his personal AOL email and was hacked, honoring a white man for Black History Month. Last thing I remember, I beat 'em all to death with a big piece of Fatty. Another meme known as "Mike Pence Is Race Bannon" began doing the rounds four years ago too. Despite his accomplishments, he has repeatedly turned down any officer commissions offered to him. Ils ont trois enfants : Michael, Charlotte et Audrey [6].Son frère, Greg Pence, est élu en 2018 dans le 6 e district de l'Indiana, circonscription que Mike Pence représente au début des années 2000 [7]. Vice President Mike Pence joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the arrest of Steve Bannon and the conspiracy theory QAnon. He is particularly interested in hearing any tips you have. Hill was awarded the Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, and American Campaign Medal for his valor.
Response to Yavin4 (Original post) Tue Oct 18, 2016, 03:56 AM. Pence sides with a bully who hates immigrants and attacks people for being who they are. We had beat the Nazzys in Italy, and they shipped me to the Pacific theater. After graduating from law school in 1986 (the same year Bon Jovi's "Slippery When Wet" hit shelves) Pence became an attorney in a private practice, but he always appeared to have political aspirations. So I rushed 'em, but it was a trap. You can sign up here. A Tojo torpedo sent our troop ship to the bottom. Thank you for visiting. PROTIP: Out of the sun came a Tojo Zero and put fitty bullets in my back. Tony Beazley/YouTube

In 1951, he lied about his age to join the Navy, serving four years as a SEAL. Within four days, the post gained over 26,200 points (85% upvoted) and 240 comments. Is that Race Bannon or is that Mike Pence? But after a little more than a month in office, the internet has found a way to make Vice President Mike Pence into a meme.
In the coming days, many similar image macros reached the front page of /r/dankmemes, depicting Bannon as a violently homophobic version of Mike Pence (shown below, middle, right).

Photo via Michael Vadon/Flickr

He doesn’t consort with random harlots. Mike Pence is an insult to Race Bannon. AKA, Mike Pence’s super-awesome macho-yet-laid-back cartoon alter ego. Press But I knew Uncle Sam needed me, so I lied and signed up. They were spitting on the U.S. flag! One person tweeted: "Mike Pence looks like he's announcing the X-Men have been made illegal. ", why does mike pence look like he wants to ban the x men, While another added: "why does mike pence look like he wants to ban the X-Men.". Race, during Jonny's teen years. [8] Reddit – New Mike Pence Meme BUY NOW!!! © 2020 Hirepurpose. The blood attracted sharks. The above meme has already garnered over 17,000 upvotes on Reddit. He looks a little too sad to be an action hero, these days, https://pmatep5f7b.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/ProdStage. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. The character—played by Bruce Davidson—was portrayed as a reactionary, xenophobic politician with an anti-mutant agenda. 'v' Turns out he looks exactly like a character from the old adventure cartoon Johnny Quest, and folks are having a great time inserting Pence (and current-day politics) into wacky situations from the show. Vice President Mike Pence is a very special man. In the memes, Pence is a homophobic, xenophobic, swashbuckling brawler. If we’re being honest. Permalink, About | Copyright | Privacy | Terms of service | Contact. Though Pence never served, he sure looks like a lot of people who did, sort of! The interview in question is from Obama's talk with CNBC's John Harwood in 2009. To continue reading login or create an account. The caustic and obscene father of Hank Hill claimed to have killed “fitty men” in the Pacific theater during World War II, and he spent the entire series regaling everyone who would listen about losing his shins to a Japanese machine gun: I was 14, just a little older than Bobby. He was also an instructor in four different Special Forces schools. A Twitter account sprung up, naturally, to collect some of the other Pence memes. Remix by Jason Reed. by

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