raekwon rainy dayz sample

The song samples the Michael Jackson cover of "Ain't No Sunshine" and dialogue from the film The Killer.

Meth, Masta Killa, and RZA join Rae and Ghost and put the Wu on their back for what’s ultimately a reinvention of the Clan two years after their debut.

“Wu Gambinos” takes everything we know about a Wu-Tang posse cut and filters it through a mob family motif. Too many wrong drum samples living on this site already. Philadelphia International 15. Another Rae, Ghost, and Cap song. Confidence comes with success, and both guys have it coming out of their pores here. The sample, along with Blue Raspberry’s vocals, gives new meaning to the word “haunting” every time it plays. This album, and this song specifically, adds more mythology to a group already dripping in lore and larger-than-life tales. Remember what I said about Rae’s ability to create characters that add to the narrative? Can you feel me? Rihanna and Bryson Tiller's Wild Thoughts sample of Santana feat. Here, RZA seems more interested in strings and classical music, which played a big part in movies like The Godfather. Notorious henchman from the North, as GZA puts it. The song features fellow Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ghostface Killah in the first verse and its in-house affiliate singer Blue Raspberry in the intro and chorus, with Raekwon rapping the second verse. You’re here for a ranking, right? To that point, Rae says the whole purpose of this song was to “make sure Nas got his nut off.” Which I’m sure stemmed from a skit on this album that unfortunately can’t be ranked as an actual “song.”. There’s also foreshadowing of things to come for Ghost as a solo star and his evolution as an artist. The Killer sample sets the mood and this world Rae and Ghost are taking us through suddenly feels oppressive. “Knuckleheadz” is a transition from one Wu sound to the next. Those two bars say so much about his perspective, the album, Hip-Hop at that time, and the world we’re invited to be a part of, if only for a moment. You must be logged in to comment. J. Cole's A Lot sample of East of Underground's I Love You, Drake's Passionfruit sample of Moodymann's Live @ Cutloose 2nd Birthday Party. The Hip Hop and Breakz show from March 30th 2018 on Crackers Radio featuring Run DMC, Public enemy, De La Soul, Big Daddy Kane, Boogie Down... Heres is a another gem from my own collection. It's one of the rarest drum loop ever. That’s still the funniest and oddest thing about this entire album to me all these years later. To say nothing of the fact the song gives a perfect ending to an album where our protagonists start off saying they have one more job to do and then they’re getting out the game. And when it’s over, the song practically begs you to play it again. “North Star” autobiographical leanings sees Rae lay out the early days before rap when he and Divine, RZA’s brother and Wu-Tang CEO, were on opposite sides of a Shaolin war. The best rappers are the ones who show no fear in this process. That’s a lot in four bars, but that’s what you get from the Genius. Lesson A is “Mike Levona.” Rae crafts his second verse around getting the drop on this character who represents wealth and success; things Rae wants and needs. What’s the reasoning behind this song’s ranking? That’s important to note because this joint changes the pace and introduces romance to an album filled with bullets and blow. Storytelling rap Magellan I ain’t telling, them niggas ran in the spot for selling. Rae’s first of three solo tracks on this album grew on me. Thx! Great blog though keep up the great workCro. The song features Method Man in the intro, chorus and outro, Ghostface Killah in the first verse, and Cappadonna in the third, though none of them are officially credited on the single. For example. And if not for Method Man on the hook, it would be another instance of Cap stealing the show. Nas has the best verse on this album and no one looks down on Rae, Ghost, or any Wu member for that fact. Raekwon - The Wu Track (Original) 16. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Raekwon - Wizdom Body (Original) 17. All rights reserved. And it all comes together beautifully. It’s almost as if they…form…like some sort of…big machine from Japanese Anime. “Spot Rusherz” is one of the few tracks sans Ghostface Killah, and Rae uses the spotlight to get in and out quickly, mirroring the narrative of the song itself. by DJ Premier), M. Doc – Universal Poet (1991) (CD) (FLAC + 320 kbps). That’s Raekwon on this whole album but he never does it better than this song. This album, probably more than any other album from Wu, illustrates their belief that they are their only competition. Donaldson's Baptizing Scene. This is the official Still Crew ranking of every song on Raekwon’s magnum opus. The parental advisory sticker — which was a thing, kids, look it up — was something I scoffed at and gave the most condescending looks. I don’t have kids, but I imagine this is what every parent feels like when they’re deciding which of their children is the favorite.

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