rankin dragon diet

Not a fan of mealworms (or mini mealworms), especially in large amounts, due to the relatively high amount of chitin in their jaws. Being “alert” is not a bad thing, quite the reverse. Hi, I am ten years old and I got a little male rankins dragon from you a while back.My little rankins dragon is 1 year and a bit and he is quite a lazy boy.My dragon used to have a diet of veggies (rocket, occasionally carrot, cucumber ) and crickets,but I wasn’t very good with them as they were very jumpy and escaped into my room A LOT. I have tried different sources of food (worms, crickets, vegies, etc. ) Can you advice me please. Symptoms include shaking of the head, body, lethargic, and developed MBD would show curved bones. Yellow fungus is caused by unsanitary living conditions. For tish… You can feed them veggies and not give them crickets until they eat the veggies you have given them! UV tubes are currently available in 2 sizes, T8 and T5. We have set up the vivarium and initially all good. We will share it with you here. Malaysia is a vary humid country, so therefore a lot of keepers don’t keep water bowls in their enclosure, or at least put them in shaded area. This means at least one side should be covered in durable mesh or a high-quality screen. Please let end this debate. Too many over large insects will not be properly digested and you will see the half digested remains in the Rankins dragon poop, possibly along with some blood! 6 Weeks to 3 Months Old: Everyday, 2 – 3 times a day, eat as many as they can within 5 minutes, 3 Months to 7 Months:  Everyday, 2 times a day, eat as many as they want within 5 minutes with vegetables, 7 Months to 12 Months: Everyday, 1 time a day, eat as many as they want with vegetables, 12 Months and Above: 3 – 5 times a week with vegetables to maintain their weight and avoid overweight. Introduction. )that she says he likes but I never see him eat them,also he doesn’t tend to move a lot and it worries me.Ok also the wax worms keep on turning into moths and I can’t feed him them.ALSOOO My mum doesn’t put calci dust on his food which I keep on reminding her to do when I’m gone.So what should I do? Do you think a 8 year old girl should get a Rankins dragon or a Bearded Dragon? I have a boy (RJ) that is about a year and two months. They love bok choy finely chopped, blueberries, and someone stated just don’t feed them live food until they eat the other offerings. Things to watch for that can be linked to loss of appetite are (there are more but these are the commonest) – lethargy, which can be associated with gut disorders such as worms (not likely in a captive bred individual), really smelly, cowpat like poops which can be a sign of coccidiosis, constipation (very serious if for an extended periods as it could indicate impaction) and paralysis of the back legs, which is a dead give away for serious impaction. Mustard greens? This is kept on the warm end, surrounded by a guard and controlled by a pulse thermostat to make sure that it stays at the correct temperature throughout the night. Ideally we would like 1/3 of the enclosure to remain 80of, allowing the rest of the enclosure to drop down to room temperature. To treat parasites is by going to the vet and de-worm your dragons with the correct de-wormer to clear the parasites. I am worried that handling the feces could transfer salmonella bacteria. Beardies in genereal get a lot larger. I have a Rankin dragon that we got last Sunday. The store was about to throw him out when my son took him. These creatures are cute, low-maintenance, and very personable! Those climbing accessories will provide enrichment for your lizard while also giving them the means to move around the enclosure. Broccoli stalks and leaves can be fed to your Bearded Dragon as long as they are finely chopped and shredded first. It’s like this lizard was born without any fight in him, no survival instincts! You will find your own regime that suits you. I’ve bought both powders and I think that Nutrobal has some calcium in it – if I dust with calcium every day, and the Nutrobal once a week, does this risk overdosing them on calcium? I haven’t had a lot of success with fruit with a Rankins dragon but common ones used are strawberry, mango and banana. At first glance, it’s hard to tell the difference. Rankin’s dragons tolerate handling very well as adults. You may notice the lizard trying to climb on the glass. Yellow Fungus— Scientifically known as CANV, it is a flesh eating fungus caused by Nannizziopsis vriesii. with equal success. I’ll follow this for my babies and I’m sure they’ll thrive! Inbreeding would only lessen the genetic variation, making the possibility of genetic defect higher. Sometimes he grabs four at a time~! This will lead to respiratory infections and pneumonia, which are deadly in dragons. The only thing he’ll eat that is not dubia roaches or super worms is butternut squash. Both get a reasonable size and are easy to handle but bearded dragons get bigger therefore require much more space. For most of the animals we alternate these daily so that they get their vitamins every other day while getting calcium every day. I have mounted mats on the side and on the bottom of the viv. I heard bee pollon powder attracts them to food from someone @ Pet Smart.. got that he still isnt going.. HELP ME OUT LIZARD FRIENDS!! Babies cannot be housed with juveniles or adults. Hi However, they will usually retreat into a burrow during the hottest part of the day. The Rankins Dragon, as it is popularly called in the US, was first formally described in 1985 and its official name is still under dispute. Rankins dragon feeding Your Rankins dragon is an omnivore. If temperatures in your area drop to the low 70s at night, you may need to invest in a ceramic heat emitter to keep temperatures stable. Just picking it up without hesitation means it hasn’t had time to worry if it is going to be attacked before it realsies it isn’t. As we mentioned earlier, the coloration of the Rankin’s dragon is much more sporadic than what you’d see on a bearded dragon. Also no citrus! However, they have gained a positive reputation among reptile enthusiasts. Enclosure must be simple, to avoid injuries as some progressed MBD will cause them to be fragile. The dragon will climb its decoration to get to a hotter part of the enclosure. It may still be a good item to change out the bedding a few times per year. The dragon doesn’t like to be touched, hisses and bites. He named him Lightening. Here, we have written this guide for our Community, Adopt & Rehome group. But while Rankin’s dragons are small, that doesn’t mean that you can stick them in a tiny enclosure. What is the best substrate for my adult male? Q. They eat a wide range of foods including crickets, locusts, cockroaches and various lavae, vegetables and fruit etc. If you just brought home your new pet, or if you and your Bearded Dragon go way back (they can live 10+ years) you might be interested to find out what you’re little lizard is craving most.

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