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Rare Pepe Directory, which is a site that Mike put together, has a list of rules if you wanted to look at them. “Pepe is a meme. Peter KellWinning Bidder for $39K record breaking "Homer Pepe". Rare Pepe - Rare Pepe Wallet trading cards Like us on Facebook! People have all this money now and they aren't really sure what to do with themselves. to view the gallery, or We have a Telegram chat which is where it started. I think there were over a thousand people within a couple of months, and it's just grown since then. These aren’t necessarily the Pepes that posters on 4chan and Reddit would consider “dank” (most Pepes aren’t presented in card form, after all) but their rarity makes them a commodity. Let us know in the comments below! His work has also appeared on nymag.com, suicidegirls.com, and the Morning News. http://rarepepewallet.com. Rare Pepes. “When [Rare Pepes] breached mainstream media outlets, early adopters and speculators around the globe packed their bags for good, as the Pepe had, in their minds, become useless,” JeffTheDunker explains in Meme Insider. So the idea is we didn’t want to scare people away. I try to really harp on that with Rare Pepe stuff because, in my opinion, the token is part of the art in that the image is just what it looks like -- that thing you're collecting. I kind of thought that but I wasn't sure. It's a feature that isn't really used a lot now since the Bitcoin transaction fees have skyrocketed in the last couple of months. So, instead of Trumpist Pepes, you’ll find card designs like My Little Pepe, which might be the most expensive Rare Pepe ever sold. This proves to naysayers that digitally rare art can, in fact, exist in a physical form; First to create a digital artwork tied to the blockchain that changes its representation based on what machine it is displayed on. They are essentially saying “you have to have this token that goes with this art piece” because they're trying to take that physical art and make it digital; whereas Pepe kind of switched that whole thing on its head. So now you've got these guys that have gotten rich on Bitcoin, Ethereum, what have you, and they want to impress each other. DaVinci, the artist, he's Japanese and he has a little shop. The max supply of Rare Pepe is 31007913.26. Rare Pepe Wallet is a tool created by developer Joe Looney that makes it possible to buy, sell, trade, edition, gift, and destroy digital artworks. But that could change if I had tens of millions of dollars. I think that's probably accurate. At least one company, Spells of Genesis, explored the creation of digital trading cards tied to the blockchain before the invention of Rare Pepe Wallet. Luckily, Looney was quick to remedy the issue, disclosing the security breach and shutting down the site for repairs. We said, “here I have this digital art and I made it physical”. Images courtesy Rare Pepe Directory, Pixabay. Also make sure your Pepe is dank. I thought that was interesting. I don't remember. The people trading Rare Pepes and PepeCash don’t see them as just another flash-in-the-pan alternative currency, though. Each exists in a limited quantity, anywhere from one to thousands, and no new copies will ever be issued. I think the main difference between Spells of Genesis and Rare Pepe Wallet was you couldn't make your own card in Spells of Genesis. PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to view a … So we'll say that low-effort Pepes are not going to be accepted. If alt-right idiots use it for there bullshit, then be it. The rest of the world does not see Pepe in that context. Jason: So the Rare Homer Pepe sold for $39k (350,000 Pepe Cash) at the live auction at the Rare Digital Art Festival, is that right? There’s one called “Shitcoin Pepe,” and one named after mysterious Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. There's so many things you can do because it's like, what can you do with a physical piece of art or collectible or trading card. But we're not trying to judge people’s art. Is that right? We're not trying to judge people's art and say we think this is good art and this is bad art. “Also, you have to be aware that Pepe as a symbol of hate and racism by alt-rights is a merely North American thing. Honestly, I think that's probably a fair price for it, which is ridiculous. ; Looney Thinks He Knows Source of the Attempted Pepe Heist. And I was surprised that the rate at which they were selling. I'm sure you know, so it's like not only are these guys trying to impress each other; it's kind of not a bad place to park some of your money, either. R.A.R.E: DIGITAL ART FEST 2018: How the Blockchain Changes the Game for Artists - Duration: 37:27. A February article from Reddit’s Meme Insider, a parody trade publication dedicated to serious coverage of memes, explains how the fictitious market for Rare Pepes became a booming business. It's always just like, "hey guys, if you want to put something in there let me know and I can link to it or mask it." I can get into technically how it works, if you want? Users should restore their wallets to another trusted CounterParty wallet and transfer their funds to a new wallet in the meantime. A one-of-a-kind card called “OnlyOnePepe” is currently on sale for the PepeCash equivalent of $11,589. Regardless of how formal and secure the Rare Pepe Economy gets, though, it wouldn’t be Pepe without a little trolling. Joe: I think if you look at it from the fact that there’s huge barriers to entry -- you got to get the Bitcoin, you got to get the Ethereum -- so probably the people buying these things are the ones that are already into it because they know how to use it. We’ve even seen them sell on eBay for nearly $100,000—probably as a joke. But imagine if -- and this is even more interesting, with Rare Pepe, especially -- if 10 to 15 years from now, say Rare Pepe Wallet is not around anymore, Rare Pepe Directory is not around anymore; as long as Bitcoin is around, your Rare Pepe is still around, and maybe there's some that the image gets lost and now it's a really rare Pepe because no one even has the image for it. So you see these things go for -- like, I remember the Jong Pepe, for example. And the purpose of destroying the token versus -- so if I want to submit my Pepe trading card art to you. Like, when I see Rare Pepe, it's kind of like, this is a moment in time in internet history where we first discovered that you can kind of use these digital assets and collect them. With that said, running a full CounterParty node comes with a lot of overhead and a terrible UX, and those using applications like Book of Orbs and Rare Pepe Wallet to streamline the process can hardly be blamed for doing so. They definitely are. I thought it was a pretty funny example because it's, like, here I'm taking this digital thing and making it physical. Jason: From talking to people at the Rare Digital Art Festival, I get the impression in the CryptoArt world or the blockchain art world that Rare Pepe was really the first. Jason: Putting their kids through college and stuff. Jason: Who are some of the Rare Pepe artists I should check out? To be honest, I don't know if I heard someone talk about it or something or if I came up with it. Traders can buy and sell the Pepes using Counterparty currency, but they prefer a cryptocurrency called PepeCash, which currently trades at … Cryptocurrency blog Bitcoinist calls Rare Pepe Wallet “a satirical indictment of the altcoin markets,” especially the novelty digital currencies that are either jokes or shabby get-rich-quick schemes. There are 0.00 coins in circulation of rpepe. And now there’s real money behind it. A recent price jump seems to have been triggered by a January Vice article and an article Wednesday in France’s Le Monde that introduced Rare Pepe Wallets to a new group of meme fanatics. Do you think it’s wrong Looney didn’t use 2FA? How to safely store Rare Pepe coin? https://telegram.me/rarepepetradergroup The universe of Rare Pepes is constantly expanding, too. What’s that process looks like? Dogecoin, for example, was just a rebranded Bitcoin running on the same technology. Those are some of my favorites. I really think that that's probably pretty accurate and why you see these markets going the way they're going. We changed it a little bit so you could make your own. Your browser does not support images upload. So there is an easy way to collect your Pepes - they look like trading cards, you can flip them around, you can trade them really easily on the Counterparty Decentralized Exchange (or the Dex). At the end of the day, I have to run this Wallet, so if I don't like it for whatever reason, it's not going to be in there. And then you can expand on that; you can talk about Bitcoin, you can talk about all sorts of stuff, but you just start with digital trading cards and everyone can understand that. Meanwhile, the “Top Cuck” Pepe, with 10,000 copies in circulation, can be yours for less than a dollar. “This is not just a currency. Joe: The idea of an access token has been around in the Counterparty community, which is the platform that Rare Pepe is built on top of. I'm curious when you're asked about that, how you describe the Rare Pepe community vis-à-vis the negative press. Remix by Jason Reed. With this news in mind, itt’s important to remember that most web wallets are only as secure as the people hosting them and that keeping your funds on exchanges and web wallets is a bad, risky practice for people holding nontrivial amounts of crypto. It is also helping to develop Counterparty, the protocol that is used to create and trade these assets.”. The proud owner of My Little Pepe, alias American Pegasus, told the Daily Dot, “Only one of these exist, and it belongs to a tier of the rarest pepes of all—uniques with only a single card issued.”, “But that Pepe wasn’t listed for sale in Counterparty,” American Pegasus continued.

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