reload data for 38 special

40 S&W. Eventually somebody introduced me to tungsten carbide resizing dies, after which case life became near indefinite. The industry has a lot of cool new products for handloaders in 2020. Current J frame factory grips have similar features and are made of a stiffer compound. 44 Rem Mag – 36,000. Because crimping the case mouth into the bullet is required, I also trim each batch of brass to a uniform length so that when seating the bullets I can apply a firm, uniform crimp. Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. BTW, I wish I had any one of those three revolvers today. I have the lyman reloading book and according to it I should start with 2.8 grains of clays. For example, you can cast your own bullets, use jacketed bullets for more serious situations, and even load the .38 Special to higher +P velocities. Bought my small handed wife a 642. Even though the gun was chambered for .357 Magnum, I plinked and practiced with a lot of .38’s over the years. With #9 shot, this load produces about 1058fps (Speer data). I’ve been shooting them for 50 years. I will always love the 38 SPL (never cared much for 357 Mag), but that 3″ seven shot Charter with both 32 S&W Long and 32 H&R Mag is truly the bee’s knees. I guess it’s out of production now- I haven’t seen it (or heard of it) in years. I fired 3 Remington 125 SJHP 357s from a 340 and thought i had nerve damage in my hand. In most handguns, the propellant is fully combusted in the first couple of inches of the barrel. 38 Special. But there's no need to further curtail cartridge performance by using less-than-optimal components, such as a bullet that's too heavily constructed to expand at expected lower velocities or a propellant that can't transfer the most muzzle energy possible to the bullet in the short barrel. The powder charges used for .38 are forgiving. I have 100% confidence in my ability to shoot quickly, accurately, and comfortably with the 32, and I also have confidence that, if needed, my 32 H&R loads from Buffalo Bore and DoubleTap are quite capable of doing the job they are asked to do. What sort of wildlife are you thinking would be a good application for this self-defense load? Installed some wood “boot” grips, modified them with grooves at the bottom of each side panel, similar to those on Pach. GP100 – 38 Special 125/158 XTP with Titegroup | 357 Mag 158 XTP with H110. This post was originally published in 2018. The design of this modern revolver makes the SW guns seem archaic. Recoil in that gun is less than most 45 ACP 1911’s I have shot, and its still got around 500-600ft lbs of energy which is more than enough for feral hogs around the ranch back home. Come for the info, stay and make some friends.. We work hard to bring the best Glock Forum! .38 brass isn’t as common as 9, .40, or .45 brass at the range, but of all the revolver brass you can find it’s the most plentiful. |   The standard target for “patterning” shotguns is a piece of blank paper with a 40-inch circle; shoot at a mark in the center and then evaluate the number and distribution of pellets that struck inside the circle. While I do have a GP100 in .357 magnum, I don’t like shooting .38 special ammo out of it, because cleaning powder residue out of the longer chambers is a real bitch. I load these bullets to the edge of the shoulder and use anywhere from 3-4 grains of TB. 32 S&W Long. One cool load I’m working on is two pellets of 000 Buck. By clicking the 'I Agree' button, I understand/accept and will agree to abide by the precautions and warnings outlined below. Using higher pressure loads will wear brass out faster and it will become brittle with time. The .38 with careful selection of components can be the cat’s as* for almost any shooter. I buy 158 SWCHP all the time….my main bullet. I find the Pachmayr Compac grips on my 640 reduce the slap of full-boat .357 to less than that on my 3″ M65 (w/ wood Altamont grips) or my 4″ 686 (Pachmayr Gripper Professional grips.) All newly manufactured .38 Special revolvers must be proof tested to the same higher proof pressure level. Though I haven’t yet sectioned a case to see for myself, I’ve read that many 38 Special cases loaded at the factory with full wadcutters have a sharper angle at the web—where the inside of the case tapers into the case head—than do cases not intended for these bullets. Hehe, back before Nick skimmed down. 32 S&W Long – 15,000 Handgun calibers range from 7 MM TCU to the .500 S&W Magnum. 32 Auto. Seat shot capsules with finger pressure and finish up in the seating/crimping die. Actually, I've learned to simply place the front sight where I want the bullet to hit and squeeze the trigger. Fill the capsules with your chosen shot and snap the end cap in place. I don’t see much conversation on these specifics but I think It’s all about the size of the explosion in the chamber. SAF ‘Travel Advisory’ On California Erupts on Social Media, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA), Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO), International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR), Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. The gun has appeared on TTAG before and has remained unchanged as far as accessories. The same book shows a +P 125 JHP load with 5.6 W231 as MAX giving 1064 fps and 19,100 CUP. Loaded my first batch of 38 Specials today. I have been reloading for a little over a year now with 45 acp only and I have had no problems. I probably shoot more 38’s than everything else put together but a Dillon 750 makes loading a lot faster. The majority of my shooting with .38 has taken place with soft lead bullets. RN, 160 gr. If you can follow simple instructions, you can safely load this cartridge. 10. Originally stated in copper units of pressure (CUP), the MAP for most current cartridges has been updated to pounds per square inch (psi). If you’re recoil averse (and don’t have a disability of some kind), its because you haven’t shot it enough. JHP, 125 gr. However, a longer barrel allows the propellant gas pressure to continue to accelerate the bullet until it exits the muzzle. There is nothing wrong with that; when I go hiking in search of the perfect photograph or hunting in the woods with my S&W Model 19, I load a couple of .38s first, followed by .357 Magnums. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. 5.0 gr. I've kinda determined 3.5 grains of Titegroup with a OAL of 1.455 is something I should … Very forgiving with a straight wall case, and tons of bullet variety. Therefore, .38 Special +P ammo can be as much as 17.5 percent hotter than standard .38 Special. Forget about it. A 4 inch barrel would be my choice as well. Originally stated in copper units of pressure (CUP), the MAP for most current cartridges has been updated to pounds per square inch (psi). All Shooting Times subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. A half-century in the making, the new DGX Bonded is Hornady's best-ever dangerous-game bullet. In a nutshell & I mean very short version. I routinely use only two powders: Trail Boss and Titegroup. The 158-grain bullet is a favorite with fine shooting qualities. GOA Guy, Aug 24, 2010. Hodgdon HP 38. Membership is free and we welcome all types of shooters, whether you're a novice or a pro. Thank you for the article. 8.) IMHO .38 special is just fine for self defense, but just not enough to crack engine blocks. No matter what shooting enthusiasts say, the .38 Special is here to stay. I use CCI Snake shot for two and Buffalo Bore short Barrel 130 gr. And if you’re doing that with a snub….let me know… I wanna watch you shoot em. Different colors can be used to identify different loads and since bottom of each bullet is also powder coated, there is less lead dispersed in the air at the shooting range. Even though the gun was chambered for .357 Magnum, I plinked and practiced with a lot of .38’s over the years. I haven’t shot too many full house Casull loads, but I get a huge grin when shooting my reduced loads of 7.5grs of Trail Boss under a Cast Performance 360gr WLFN. It’s like a pellet gun with a little noise and smoke if using black powder. In terms of thousands of rounds of range practice, though, that is a definite no-go in my book. And….those Hornady 158 HPs are easy to reload but I have never had one open up in a varmint of any sort. Agree – Problem with the “J” frame S&W is the grips. August 17, 2019. I, like Spartacus, find the SAAMI recommendations an interesting spec for comparative purposes. I’ve saved all my .38 brass over the last couple of years for whenever I find time to get into reloading. Generally speaking again, you may find better/tighter patterns with lesser charges, especially with smaller shot sizes. Your die set likely came with two seater plugs, one for round nose bullets and the other for flat meplats; with either of these, the outer circumference of the seater is the only part that touches the shot capsule (because the center of the capsule mouth is recessed slightly), so either should work. Years back, for indoor matches I teamed the heavier S&W Model 28 with 3.4 grains of the same powder and bullet in .357 Magnum cases to prevent lead ringing inside the cylinder. For those who have issues using auto pistils, due ti arthritis or other medical issues with the hands an LCR or 642 is a great choice. Last time we took it to the range, I was trying to cycle the old +P ammo to load standard Lehigh ammo, I fired one shot, put the gun down and cursed while shaking my hand. One of the technical specifics included for each cartridge is the maximum average pressure (MAP). I would say I completely disagree with you on ever even contemplating using a revolver for self defense unless you are a person that has never owned a gun and not likely ever to practice with it. Something like the Ruger GP100 or S&W 686… yup, they’re the best caliber for those size revolvers. Reloading The .38 Special Left to right:--148 gr. Love my 642 for concealed carry, but have an SP101 (also a snubby) in .38 special (only) for use on the range. The Model 637 features fixed sights, so I can adjust the point of aim to compensate. When I teach other people the basics of reloading, I teach them on the .38 SPL. I dunno. I first started reloading 40+ years ago at a Lee Loader in .38 Special for a brand new Smith & Wesson Model 66 I had just purchased. That’s a pretty clear explanation and comparison of the NEEDS of the strength of the chamber for each caliber. “One cool load I’m working on is two pellets of 000 Buck.”. Just shows the importance of trying/checking the “feel” of a gun and if possible, test firing it, before you buy it.

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