reloader 22 load data 270 win

A 140 grain Nosler Accubond, 150 grain Hornady Interbond, or 130 grain Swift Scirocco won’t break the bank, and will expand slightly more readily than a monometal (copper) bullet will.

I am going to try R-22. MM - I like RL-19 in the 280 with 140's also. My Pre 64 #70 .270Win...58gr.RL-22 with 150 NPT is accurate but not as good as 58.5gr H4831sc 130gr NPT...ScottyO. 2,410 FPS

long range target match bullet. The .270 is IMR 3031 49.0 gr. While any of them will work, if you’re reloading them anyways, you might as well go with a ballistic tip style bullet. 57 gr RL-22 lit with a CCI-250 primer in WW cases will push the 150 gr Partitions to a very accurate 2925 fps in my old pre-64 270 WCF, 'pure hate' on WT deer and pigs. Average speed for that load came out at 2812fps. Have also used Nosler partition and accubonds in 140 and 150 gr weights Have used hundreds of Winchester cases, PPU are ok too.. Keep it simple just consult a loading manual .

a split anywhere on the case.

22 Savage Hi Power.

If you dislike large amounts of carnage in your shot game, or don’t want bits of lead all over the meat, you’ve probably already moved to a monometal bullet.


243 Win.

Get started now », Powder of choice for 7mm Mag & .300 Win Mag. Dipping my toe in the water with 130grain sierra gameking and reloader 22 powder.

Packaged in resealable clear window gusseted poly 50 pc bag. From what I've read, it seems to give better accuracy.

My best load with the 150 NP.

They are less easily deflected and/or That is to say, the 270 is a very practical cartridge if you need to make long shots.

270 WSM 4 items. I use 56 grains of RL-22 and the 160-grain Nosler Partition. #2400, Reloader 7, 11, 12, 15, 19, and 22 are products of Alliant (formerly Hercules) Powders.

Nosler's manual lists 55 gr of H4831 as max and Speer's #14 list as 57.5 as max....hmmmmm. A3100 58.0 gr. Each case

A2700 41.0 gr.

2,865 Personally for the UK the .270 WCF is probably better with a 140 grain or 150 grain bullet at about a steady 2,750 fps to 2,850 fps. I hunt out West, and my average kill distance has been ~300 yards, with a max out to 650 yards (with an excellent rest and known distances). Alliant Powder Reload Recipes ← Back. Bonded bullets are bullets where the lead core is bonded with the jacket to greatly reduce the possibility of core/jacket separation. They’re higher performance than you can reload because they’re using a new powder, so see if they work in your rifle. Using bullets from Sierra HP, Speer SP, Hornady HP, Barnes XFB, Barnes TSX, Hornady SP, Sierra BT, Swift SP, Nosler Part, Barnes JRN. I did have to chuck the neck sizing mandrel in a drill and polish it down a small fraction of an inch to get my neck tightness where I wanted it, and now it’s perfectly tuned to gently size down just the neck. It is just a guide and the reason you should start under these charges and work up. They’re loaded with a bonded bullet, and come out pretty fast.

JD338 _____ Speed sells but Accuracy kills. After having had quite a few 280's, with bullets up to & including 140 gr, RL-19 is usually a slightly better performer than RL-22.
WMR 57.5 gr. 1-1.25" groups at 200 yards are common. Remarks: For the rest of my reloading, I’m using an RCBS Chargemaster combo, a LEE classic cast turret press, and Winchester or CCI primers. (FN=Flat Nose, SP= Spire Point,

Adriel has been hunting all his life, enjoys shooting 3 gun, is a trainer for Project Mapleseed and tries to apply a practical point of views to his reviews.
WMR 59.5 gr.

Personally, I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Alliant powders for over a year now, due to the ongoing ammo/powder shortage. 3,000

It’s hard to imagine today with our magnums and short magnums, but the 270 used to be the king of high speed. RIFLE RELOADING DATA FILES (PDF) 20 caliber (.204 dia) 204 Ruger 39.

IMR 4895 44.0 gr.

Reloading The .270 Winchester Rifle (FN=Flat Nose, SP= Spire Point, HP= Hollow Point, RN= Round Nose) JHP= Jacketed Hollow Point, FMJ=Full Metal Jacket) Loads for .270 Winchester Rifle: (Note: These are near maximum loads, you should use 10% less to start.) Posts: 35,900. should be exactly on specs and the bullet should not be crimped into the case. It’ll do the job, but a close hit on a thick bone like the front shoulders may not result in very good penetration. I will start driving now for those prices. H4831sc is also a great powder (that was my favorite).

I'm going to run out of H4831 at some point, and I just hope I can replicate this performance! H380, H450 and H4895 are products of Hodgdon Powders. I shot 58g with the 130g for many years, I was getting pressure signs at 60g. articles on reloading special calibers and personal loads where * use magnum primers

56.5 gr and a 150 partition worked great when I had a .270. 3,010 The segue is this load data. There’s nothing wrong with that choice, but one alternative would be to move to a newer style bonded bullet.

2,850 (See note on Powders below or read all about various Powders.) Ive used a lot of data off Real Guns with no problems at all but that one is definitely a start low and work up load.

the woods of Alabama, you should choose a round nose bullet. 59 seems pretty far above 54. sp …

A2700 52.0 gr. With 150's I have had best luck with IMR7828ssc. That’s on deer or coyote. 3,110 Unfortunately, there is less reloading data available for both of these bullets than with traditional bullets. It gets hard to justify the expensive factory rounds or brass for the 270 WSM when regular 270 is much cheaper, more available, and superformance powder gets it much higher in performance. R22 usually loads the same or within no more than 1-1.5 gr. I am going to try R-22. Reloder 22: Select A Caliber or Gauge Below To View Recipes. Canton (1-0) at Geary (0-0) — Canton shut out Okeene, 20-0 last week. Canister Sizes: Engineering for fast cycling, high-volume semi-automatic rifles. difference either way in medium sized cases. Aside from the performance question, you could take the 270 for what it is: accurate enough, and carrying enough power to take game up to 400-600, flat shooting, and relatively low recoil. I’ve found Winchester brass to be in the best supply locally and of good enough quality for hunting, even at long range. Noslers Rock. JavaScript is disabled.

Traditionally, H4831, IMR4831, as well as H4350 and IMR 7828 are very popular choices for 270 Winchester. prefer local pickup as some are primed. 2,945 References: Accurate Arms Co. 1996 Reloading booklet - - Alliant To reload, I use a LEE neck collet sizer and the dead length bullet seater.

338-06 A-Square. 260 Rem. Really seems to hit the "sweet spot" of top velocity and accuracy. 2,854

I do have the LEE FCD, but am on the fence about crimping at this point.

----------------------------------------- You must log in or register to reply here. I will stop where accuracy is best provided velocity is acceptable.

3,300 Manual (1996) - - Speer Reloading Manual, #12 - - Winchester Powder Co. Reloaders' Guide (1995) - - Hodgdon's Basic Reloaders I might not take it hunting in below zero weather, but it's been fine otherwise.

My goto load, now that I've given it to my son is 57g of H4831, Rem brass, Federal 215 primers for 2910 fps out of a 22" barrel. Why all the prep for the lowly 270?

The 160 does 2800 in my 22.75". I did some searching but didn't find what i was looking for. Reloading The.

270 Winchester. JHP= Jacketed Hollow Point, FMJ=Full Metal Jacket). Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet … Not sure about killing clays at a thousand paces without hold over, Fair enough, seems like a good recipe and just standard cci 200 primers?, not magnum. Discussion: The .270 and 7 MM are fast, flat trajectory bullets and loads. (Note: These are near maximum loads, you should use 10% less to start.) For years I've used 59 grains of H4831sc behind a 130 gr Nosler BT or Sierra GK. Managed a few sub moa groups with 55.2grains of powder. H450* 50.0 gr. It works great in the 270,and it's always a toss up between that and H4831 with 130 gr bullets. Getting into realising for it, got everything except the bullets for it, what success does anyone have and with what loading? Magnum. 100 grain JSP (Speer Jacketed Spitzer) And, as with RL-22, it's not unusual for top loads (weight wise) to exceed some published sources w/o issue.

3,335 A2700 50.0 gr. I’m currently using and loving both H4831SC and Hybrid 100V. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I’ve got vhit 160 for loading as I can get it easily enough, cci primers and a selection of brass, just trying to figure out what’s best bullet wise, and what loads anyone else is using, but will probably go down the 130gn route. 2,915 Reloader 22 58.5 gr. 2,675 FPS

---------------------------------------- thanks for the data and good words on the R22, I'm excited to give it a run.

You may want to try factory loaded Hornady Superformance ammo with the 130 grain GMX bullets. 15 bucks for 5 lbs? It would be much appreciated. For hunting at long distances with an unobstructed view, you should When Hodgdon releases their superformance powder for 270, I think we’re going to see a big resurgence in interest in the cartridge because with that powder, the regular old 270 gets very close to 270 WSM speeds.

Bullet is .277" diameter. Reloading powder for 270 Winchester. On brass prep, I probably go overboard considering I’m “just” hunting and not target shooting. A 160 grain .280 Rem bullet at 2900+ FPS out of what I consider the ideal barrel length of 22" using IMR 7828 powder, and one would be very hard pressed to find a better North American big game rifle.

760 49.0 gr. (See note on Powders below or read all about various Powders.) But any clear shot with it is deadly. From what I've read, it seems to give better accuracy. Recipe.

Cheers, really helpful, I reload a few other calibers just new to .270 and it’s only basic reloading, just factory lengths and recommended loads, Il probably end up with something Sierra, use the matchkings for my .308 with pretty good results so can’t complain, cheers.

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