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And everything you’ve just talked about, I completely agree with you. John Ford. The other participants were all returned servicemen who used wheelchairs like Kovic.

He wanted to be a Marine hero, and to his horror, accidentallykilled innocent children and a corporal from his own unit. Kyra Sedgwick. Kovic described it as the saddest moment of his life. Kovic also served as a speaker at the Democratic National Convention. Ron Kovic was born on July 4, 1946 at Ladysmith, Wisconsin. Disturbed by the Vietnam War and the plight of the people there, Kovic was disillusioned and frustrated and started thinking of the ways to wipe this frustration out. Things get bad for him, he gets very angry and leaves home for Mexico to forget it all with booze, drugs, and prostitutes. Tom Cruise. He was a member of the reconnaissance platoon that volunteered a long-range patrol. He graduated from a summer school and earned a general diploma.,,

He wanted to be a Marine hero, and to his horror, accidentallykilled innocent children and a corporal from his own unit.

Kovic presently lives in an apartment in Redondo Beach and spends most of his time working on a sequel to ‘Born on the Fourth of July’. In 1964, Kovic joined the US Marine Corps. I put my hand over my heart and stood at rigid attention until the screen went blank.” Ron Kovic turned 30 on America's 200th birthday. Ron Kovic (Born On The Fourth Of July) INTERVIEW 1977 [Reelin' In The Years Archive] - Duration: 11:02.

In the fall following his 1964 graduation from Long Island's Massapequa High School, Kovic, then 18 years old spent most of his last night before reporting to Marine Corps boot camp watching the late‐late movie on television. Kovic worked aggressively towards spreading the message of peace and supporting better treatment for veterans. He then went to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina for his advanced combat training. He joins the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (V.V.A.W.) He chronicled his painful journey in his autobiography, ‘Born on Fourth July’ which was made into a film by the ace Hollywood director, Oliver Stone.

Having made that statement one must also in fairness add that there just haven't been many books written by Vietnam vets about their experiences over there. His recent efforts include a demand for an edifice for the homeless and injured veterans. Mrs. Kovic.

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