satellite no signal troubleshooting

The reasons for this issue can be many. Satellite dish not working or no signal, Suppose you want to try it by yourself, It is highly recommend to use signal finder or TV Spectrum analyzer as you can watch everything on the screen when the high quality signal is achieved. Required fields are marked *. Also check the F-connector hold the coaxial cable together at both end. Let’s examine them one after the others. whenever there’s lightening, It makes the way for thunder to strike and enter through LNB and later to any connected devices. And free from obstructions And this is one the way on how to fix satellite dish signal problems or fix no signal issue. Before you think of contacting your support staff or pay a technician, you can do a couple of troubleshooting techniques to get your TV screen back to track. Even if you have never try to install satellite dish by yourself you can start today with this tutorials. You can move the dish away from the obstructed buildings or trees. If you need you can bookmark this page for future reference. It is not possible for thunder to strike without lightening first. Why your satellite dish not working! To fix the satellite signal problems, I will recommend you to disconnect any home appliances connected to the satellite dish or from the wall socket. If the message still appear on your TV Screen or signal problem still persists. Make sure you have idea of what direction you are pointing the dish as important. Your email address will not be published. If you have any suggestions for us don’t forget to contact us. Ensures that the dish is well placed on the level surface to prevent failing. To fix or adjust the elevation or Inclination of your satellite dish, you need to do the following: LNB placement can also cause lost of signal simply because the focal length is not accurate. Whenever you lost signal or experiencing no signal on your satellite dish, The first that come to your mind is to verify from your neighbor if that particular channels doesn’t OFF temporarily as a result of technical maintenance upgrade. After you have troubleshoot your receiver, Then your satellite dish may need to adjust or re-align, simply because the base and elevation might be shift. Satellite dish not working or no signal so long and suddenly fail. It is very easy for water to get inside the coaxial cables if the weatherproofing cover on the LNB is pulled down, Most especially when you are in seaside or coastal region, You have to ensure that the cover on the LNB is well placed down. Then I will recommend you to try any larger satellite dish to increase the signal quality in small amount. First, check if your Freesat box is on or not. You have to trace the cable from dish to the receiver ensures that there’s no breakage. First, you should consider the weather in which we have no control. Always Power Off when there’s raining and it may also needs to reboot or do factory reset to work properly. How To Fix Satellite Dish Signal When It Says No Signal? To get maximum signal level, Then your satellite dish needs to be aligned correctly to avoid loss of signal, It is not proper to align a satellite dish by eyesight alone or by mere looking at the others house’s satellite dish. In any circumstances, A good satellite dish installer or technician needs to consider the location where dish would be mounted. Then you needs to re-align or adjust your satellite dish by adjusting the elevation and azimuth settings. This can cause the satellite signals to lost any part of the dish. However, this may need a technician visit. Set the alignment of antenna or dish correctly, Increase the LNB voltage or use a signal amplifier. Moreover, most of the TV remotes use a button labelled as “AV”, “SOURCE”, “INPUT”. Go to Settings then select Status. If you like this troubleshooting guide, please like and share. It caused damage to the LNB either you are watching during the rain or power off. How to Set Up NOW TV Box Without any Technician? Atmospherics and weather conditions can also affect your satellite TV reception. The following guidelines needs to be adopted on how to fix satellite dish signal when you experiencing no signal. If you experiencing No signal, Weak signal or searching for signal message appeared on your TV Screen. How to Get More Channels On Freesat – An Exclusive Guide. Due to the fact that it is beaming the signals down to the earth from an angle. You can also do it by yourself which can save you some money to pay for satellite tv installer or technician. For your satellite dish to work perfectly, You need clear the obstructed trees, or move your dish itself higher than the trees. However, if the issue is not fixed, you can contact Freesat on 345 313 0051 and book a Freesat approved engineer for help. # If you have an IPTV, you must verify if the condition of the microfilter used to connect TV from the box. Also, this can lead to missing channels in some cases too. I want to know the name of that thing you use check signal and which shop sell that thing, Your email address will not be published. The obstructions include tall trees, constructions near your home, etc. Later you realized that the LNB is completely damage, I will recommend to change the LNB with low noise figure 0.2db. simply because of the way they work and the transponders/frequencies that they use. It is good to cover all the connection made to the coaxial and the LNB itself. To fix satellite dish signal in this situation, You have to get some equipment or tools ready before climb the ladder. Yes. To fix satellite dish not working or fix no signal problem, You’ve to determine where to point your dish, then you need to satellite co-ordinates like dishpointer for easy installation, You just need to enter your postcode and the satellite you wish to install or use, And it will give you all the information on both east and west alignment angle, the elevation and the screw adjustment. The following are the temporary obstruction of satellite dish: The best solution to this problem, You need to clear and clean the particles made by the spiders or any other insects. We often forget basic things. To fix satellite dish not working or fix no signal problem, You’ve to determine where to point your dish, then you need to satellite co-ordinates like dishpointer for easy installation, You just need to enter your postcode and the satellite you wish to install or use, And it will give you all the information on both east and west alignment angle, the elevation and the screw adjustment. Check if all the connections are done correctly or not. If you find this post informative don’t forget to share with your friends and family or share across social media. It might be that the Cable or Satellite Needs Reset: When after trying the step provided in 1 above and your television still reads ‘no signal’ message, it … The radio wave is an electrical conductor. Why your satellite dish not working, Obstructions could be a barrier, For Instances Trees, Storey buildings, Mass Communication Antenna and others can block your satellite dish installed nearby this obstructions. It later reflected by the bit round or oval part of the satellite dish antenna through the LNB. Wireless equipment like baby monitor or cordless phones can sometimes disturb the signal strength. To fix satellite dish signal by adjusting or re-align dish, You need to use signal meter to monitoring the signal and here are steps on how to use signal meter or satfinder: There are stages involves in aligning or adjust your dish which as follows: To help the layman, Elevation refers to as the movement of the vertically(up and down) towards a particular satellite angle degree.

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