scooter wheel size chart

Offset is expressed in mm using the term ET (This is derived from the German word 'Einpresstiefe' which means 'insertion depth'). Standard Razor scooter wheels are 98mm and fit our A series and A2 Razor scooters. RSS Feed. Say hello to a new set of rad Razor scooter wheels and goodbye to bumpy rides. Tire widths for a wheel/rim size chart shows what tire widths fit displayed wheel/rim sizes - shows tire width range for a given rim width: minimum, ideal and maximum tire widths (e.g. However there is a "W" designation shows the tire is safe up to 168mph. Here are examples of these three styles: Style 1 tires: The number before the dash (-) is the tire section height and tire width, which are the same. The measurements is the diameter of the wheel rims The tire may add 5" or 6" to the diameter. Home |  This is always referred to in inches, and as the name suggests is the diameter of the wheel – not the tyre and wheel together. Personally, I'd go for the more expensive tire from a European or Japanese tire maker. If you stray too far outside of this measurement you'll find the wheels don't fit, will catch on the bodywork or suspension, and probably look really silly! It hard to say who makes the best tires, but Michelin has an excellent reputation and they have many years of experience providing scooter tires for the European market. If you fit different wheels/tyres to your car it could affect the rolling radius. One style uses a dash between two numbers, the other style uses a forward slash and a dash between three numbers, and the other style use an X between two numbers. If the centre bore of your wheels are smaller than that of your car the wheels simply won't fit. The price difference between a premium tire like a Pirelli or Michelin and a low priced tire like a Cheng Shin is usually less than $25. In general you need to stick to a very similar offset if you're fitting new wheels. Killer Motorsports offers scooters by wheel size in four different dimensions. The tread pattern may be directional, meaning that it has to be mounted the correct way around to perform properly and there should be an arrow on the sidewall which shows which way the tire should rotate. Style 3 tires: The number before the X is the overall tire diameter. Where you see the wheel size written down such as 7x17in the larger of the two measurements will virtually always be diameter, with the smaller number relating to the width. When you're driving over rocks a big wheel makes life easier. Well, the smaller the wheel the more manouverable the scooter can be. If the bore is larger on the wheel then you'll need what are known as spigot rings. the size of the metal wheel itself and doesn't include the tire. ), you'll value larger wheels. Motor Scooter wheel size varies from a minimum of about 10" to a maximum of around 16".

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