shopping mall research paper

Each product of shopping mall, super markets will be provided with a RFID tag, to identify its type. These questions will be asked by centre managers, centre owners, brokers, possible new tenants, advertising agencies, advertisers, local newspapers and any other community group that would like to use the centre for their own promotions or local community sales, festivals or bazaars. As these trends advance across the global stage, they are forcing mall operators to rethink how they conceive and operate their properties.

In South Africa trading densities vary widely between store types, and their are also big differences between trading precinct types. Examples of secondary data would include internal sources of sales data by each tenant in the shopping centre.

The Crystal Cove shopping center in Newport Beach, CA has more than a dozen upscale restaurants, including Tamarind of London and Mastro’s Ocean Club. endstream endobj startxref

collaboration with select social media and trusted analytics partners The mall features a ski slope, go karts, balloon rides, bowling and billiards. The ‘urban renaissance’ agenda appears too concerned with matters of urban design, as well as being distinctly metropolitan in character.

The first sign that a problem exists in a shopping centre is: The problems and challenges and the importance thereof will vary from centre to centre.

Demographic information is available from Stats SA (1996 Census) on a suburb basis. In the Dubai Mall, for instance, “Fashion Avenue” is an area dedicated to luxury brands and services tailored to the upscale customer, including a separate outside entrance and parking area.

In a small centre like this the support market and the target market is the same.

There is a wide variety of primary market research types that could be used, but for purpose of this lecture the focus will mainly be on shopper intercepts, so-called shopper surveys.

There are various ways to write reports. will influence the analysis part of the survey. As a rule of thumb the number of questionnaires to be conducted at a particular centre very much depends on the size of the centre. The demarcation of the primary catchment area of a shopping centre is therefore very important. The fieldwork process must therefore be well executed and supervised.

In the face of these considerable challenges, malls are seeking to stay relevant, drive growth and boost efficiency. AMPS provide information on media usage, Socio-monitor psychographic life style profiles, and Vision some suburban characteristics.

This does not mean that the researcher must give the user the answer he expected but must be objective and unbiased. For larger centres Sundays are also included as part of the research process. h��XQo�6�+|lQ$")R��€�.k�.��t��M�D�#e����~w'���N\dC\D��;��#U�g*,��� i��2�2x*&2 O��\�3cBk40L��Y&re��3)�Gq&��AJ0i+ �u Subscribed to {PRACTICE_NAME} email alerts. In the case of Cresta ±58% of the market in the primary catchment area live in suburbs well above average, 25% in very affluent suburbs and 17% in average and below average priced suburbs.

Many of the malls being built in urban areas are open and fully integrated with the landscape.

This paper provides centralized and automated billing system using RFID and ZigBee communication. 38% of the primary trade area support the centre 2 to 3 times per week. 1. For example, it is common to combine the age of the head of the household with the family size and the level of household income. One mall company has utilized segmented Facebook communication to speak to different communities, such as different geographies or interest groups or specific malls. The average time spent (Graph 6.2) in the smaller centres has dropped from 49 to 42 minutes since 1998. Research findings are not ‘nice-to-haves’. This could vary according to the number of responses on the specific questions. In part the declines are attributed to the appearance of smaller convenience centres and isolated shops that together create a greater choice at the level of convenience shopping. Our flagship business publication has been defining and informing the senior-management agenda since 1964. The research should also be conducted during Fridays and Saturdays because of the difference in shopping behaviour on these two days. Alternatively, technologies such as face recognition, location-based mobile ads, and beacons are already being successfully applied in order to identify and establish targeted contact with repeat customers. heavy users (85 respondents or 42%) + medium users (60 respondents or 29%) + light users (41 respondents or 20%) + first time visitors (18 respondents or 9%).


They also serve to generate additional traffic for the malls while maximizing returns on invested capital. Press enter to select and open the results on a new page. The following table is an example of a computer printout for a shopper survey. Life cycle determines needs and shopping behaviour.

This is the first line under the banner headings and always adds up to 204, i.e.

Based on this sales data, the rentals and the floorspace and a number of ratios can be compiled. 3.

The user of desktop mapping programs linked to a well-developed geographic information system (GIS) can clearly indicate the different spatial patterns present in the catchment area of any shopping centre. All the questions that one asks the respondents must be totally unbiased and formulated so that all the different respondents understand it. Still others have created retail teams responsible for working on partnerships with retailers, or alternatively, operating retail operations themselves. The five largest malls in the world now reside in Asia. The King of Prussia Mall, located 30 km from Philadelphia, has a Morton’s Steakhouse and Capital Grille.

tab, Travel, Logistics & Transport Infrastructure. These services provide a level of leisure and entertainment that can never be satisfied online. The most important therefore is to address all communication to a more affluent resident living in close proximity, with a LSM 9 or 10 profile, and an average monthly household of ±R20 000. Once this has been done the market research information can be used in a number of ways. The social value of public spaces I 3 The research challenges several current government policy assumptions concerning public space.

In emerging economies like Brazil, outlets are also gaining attention and we see mall operators experimenting with this format as a means of attracting price conscious consumers and deal seekers.

This is an extremely important ratio because it reflects the relative efficiency of space utilisation as well as the adequacy or otherwise of a store’s spaces.

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