should i tell my probation officer the truth

The probation period is a period of humiliation and control. The probation officer had lied that he had been to see my daugthers: he is not allowed to see them because his offence was against a female work colleague who was nearly 18 at the time. He panicked and decided to run through the window, that was in his officer’s cubicle (1st story). Indeed, those who put people in prison are very much part of the state apparatus which seeks to penalise the mentally disordered, the unemployed and unskilled, the homeless, and those who have been excluded from and have no stake in society through poverty and lack of opportunity. Their lawyer can do this at the time of their sentencing. My daughters dislike my partner and do not want to see him and had not since he was initially arrested years ago (he had been out on licence for two years). The probation officer may submit a request to the court to either lower the costs of supervision or even ask the court to waive it.

A few of the things we always recommend to our clients to avoid violation of probation are the following. Simply reporting a crash or civil infraction, will not get a person’s probation violated. > Discuss Your Legal Issue > Ask a Lawyer > DUI/DWI > I am looking at my 1st probation violation, do I need to get an attorney if my probation officer told me to turn myself in? Your email address will not be published. Someone who is on probation should not associate with convicted felons or “hang out” at certain bars or other locations that are known places where illicit substances are sold. No one's going to believe that story, and I'm not sure I believe it, but if it's the truth, then that's what you should tell. The probation officer had lied that he had been to see my daugthers: he is not allowed to see them because his offence was against a female work colleague who was nearly 18 at the time. Paying fines, court cost and cost of supervision. Some will call law enforcment if you have an active warrant. That IPPS sentence see’s guys serving 3 or 4 times the recommended sentence passed by the sentencing judges. There is also perhaps some currency in the notion that probation officers are all too ready to rely on hunches and guesswork in risk assessment rather than evidence, and what they lack in evidence they are astute at inventing or fabricating to bolster a higher risk score. This is a common myth. They are 15 and 16 and intelligent and articulate. If someone’s probation requires them to be electronically monitored, that fee is roughly $105 per week depending on what county they are in. Sound-bites and rhetoric are empty of meaning until given effect, and with public protection being the main focus of probation officers it is something at which they fail miserably. Rehabilitation If your probation violation involved drugs or alcohol, such as you being found in possession of drugs or failing a drug test, your probation officer may order you to rehab. A judge may also impose a “lien” for court costs or fines if a person cannot pay these costs. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. A friend of mine had a similar experience to this. It was former Home Secretary Michael Howard who argued that ‘prison works’; proposing even more draconian measures for prisoners and ex-offenders a stand bitterly opposed by the more liberal commentators including the National Association of Probation Officers (NAPO), whose members have since gone along in some way with that philosophy and to which they seemingly hang their collective hats on.

he has received NO paperwork his probation officer refuses to talk to him, she has lied twice to the recall team saying he has been charged when he has been back in prison for four months with no charge… who makes sure things like this don\’t happen? I suggest people who have violated their probation voluntarily turn themself in even when they know they won’t be able to post a bond to get out. Should I just tell him the truth ahead of time? However prior to sentencing I was interviewed by a probation officer. The general perception of the public, and certainly the media, is that probation officers fit into the category of those who are more concerned with offenders than their victims. This is my very first offence. There is no right to a reasonable bond in a VOP because Florida law defines a VOP as a “mere” sentencing proceeding stemming from the original charge. It's best to just tell your po the truth. In addition to the $55 monthly fee, presumptive breath tests for alcohol are roughly $15 each; urine screenings for drugs are at least $25 each. The examples in this article and these comments show reasons exactly why the Probation service requires change and as far as am concerned if that change arrives in the form of private companies then so be it. Probation Offficers should be selected for the right sort of job. Also, if a person doesn’t turn themself in knowing there’s a warrant or if they fail to meet with their PO because of fear of being arrested, they’ve committed a new violation termed “absconding” from probation. Dazu gehört der Widerspruch gegen die Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten durch Partner für deren berechtigte Interessen. Secondly, maintain an open communication with your probation officer. She was always incredibly condescending to him and after many problems I eventually wrote to her superior suggesting they video her talking to her offenders because I cannot believe from what my partner said that her behaviour was professional in any size, shape or form. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. I have not seen my probation officer yet, it is my first time on probation and I know that when I get my first pee test it will test positive for marijuana. Its been about a month and half and ive done everything they asked and taken clean drug screens. But my experience of the so-called justice system (police, courts and probation office)has simply embittered me. Many times, people who, perhaps, have an otherwise clean record or whose crimes were not especially serious, can remain free so long as the meet certain criteria for a proscribed period of time. Thank you for striking a well overdue and under reported balance and bringing a more authenicated view to an important issue such as this that affects meny people. she had lied and accused him of abusing me and making me out to be a victim of domestic violence when this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a service that does not serve the public, it cost the country a fortune and its never evolved. They maintain that such cutbacks will result in an extra 300,000 crimes a year, with a ‘knock on’ effect on the Prison Service who are also to be affected with major plans to cut back on middle management (Governor grades).

One of the questions is about whether they have come into contact with a law enforcement officer. Be honest. To qualify for a lien, the probationer must be looking diligently for work, have a job or be going to school. It doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t go to jail, but it shows they’re taking it seriously. Anthony Goodman of Middlesex University, in the Probation and Offender Management Handbook, argues that … ‘there now exists a probation crisis of confidence because the superficial nature of probation supervision is patently failing to protect the public; with the Government now signalling its intention to rely on the voluntary sector to supervise ex-offenders going on to argue that one day the centrality of knowing, understanding and working constructively with the offender will have to be reintroduced and social work with clients reinvented’. People may be afraid that if they report having interacted with a police officer they will automatically violate their probation.

I am a educated man who got into a stupid fight and was given this probation order.

being violated for not telling the truth to their probation officer. My friend\’s husband asked his solicitor to write to her superiors to complain. They find themselves in prison warehouses and the consequential revolving door of offending is therefore seen as being the natural disposal of the unwanted. She said,\”We get this all the time, people making up lies if the offence was a sex crime\” I said I understood this which is why we have been careful about which friends we tell things to but surely probation officers should not make up such lies?

Expect That Your Probation Officer Has Ran A Warrant Check On You. It seems not. It took three weeks for him to receive his recall papers. Probationers charged with felonies in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton counties are managed by the State Department of Corrections (the DOC). Probation is expensive. As always, consult an attorney before making any decisions in important matters like these. Of course not. The society punishes them twice. A probation officer may order you to perform community service. Advertise your business here to out highly defined target audience. In many cases in Escambia County, once charged with VOP, the person can be taken to jail and held without bond until they are taken before a judge. Expect To Be Questioned About Required Treatment. Another time, an offender was told that he was being arrested. They cannot understand why I stand by my partner but Ilove him and believe his crime was out of character when he was very vulnerable and heavily influenced by a horrible friend. There are occasions when someone has technically violated probation but their PO will set up a meeting with the Judge where the probationer will be “counseled” that they need to “straighten up,” and if this same behavior THERE IS NO REHABILIATION.

I\’m on probation in Minnesota Im a perfect example of this tyranny of the evils of the court system and the probation department.My crime was non violent but yet Im labeld a violent criminal.I went to jail time and time again for petty minor offenses. This is called probation. Even in this latest report by the probation officer she says that I lived with him at the time of his crime. The social worker said it was obvious that he had not seen my daughters. In that case, it may be best to have a contested judge trial or hearing with the court. My partner has just been recalled on licence. She then walked back into court and stated to the judge that i’d shown absolutely no remorse. All probation officers only want to hear the truth or honestly held opinions. My husbands probation officer is narcissistic i’m frightened. This is serious. Misdemeanor probationers are handled by their respective counties. Under normal circumstances, someone who is arrested has a right to a reasonable bond, but that’s not the case with a VOP. Well, they do.

I’m afraid I have to echo Mitch’s comments above. The term of his probation would likely include: Not adhering to any one of these conditions can result in re-arrest and serious consequences. It doesn’t matter how long someone has been on probation.

My friend\’s husband asked his solicitor to write to her superiors to complain. The probation service along with a section of the medical authority, police, prisons and courts bend the rules which make this scum organisation one of the worse leaders in human rights violating bodies endorsed by our government. They asked social services to visit me. Should I just tell him that there will be marijuana in my pee? In stark contrast to the former culture of probation work, which saw its role as assisting and befriending offenders towards leading non-criminal lifestyles, it is now common practice to hear offenders refer to probation officers by such non-endearing terms as ‘the enemy’, ‘the filth’, ‘the odd lot’ ‘the Gestapo’, and other uncomplimentary adjectives. she takes everything so personally when he disagrees with anything she demands of him if he does not obey her and she cannot enforce it. As we all know, even people who are convicted of crimes are not automatically sent to jail for months or years. They put corrupt probation officers, usually those ready for retirement over a targeted person and they corrupt the system in trying to get a targeted person to capitulate. – – friend of mine had a similar experience to this. Thanks for this article, Charles.

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