silver solder rod

One you don’t want is a carburizing flame. It's division Saru Silver is the largest and pioneer manufacturer of Silver Brazing Alloys in India exporting to more than 60 countries worldwide. Share it with us! 2 years ago. Interestingly enough, TOH would suggest the MAPP Gas Kit might be a bit too hot for 1/2" and smaller copper fittings (soldering):, 2 years ago Skipping this step may result in an improperly brazed joint. Flux is necessary for brazing to remove and prevent reformulation of surface oxides on the base metals. Brazing is the same as soldering, except brazing occurs at higher temperatures. Each manufacturer comes with a chart that specifies what tip you need for whatever thickness of the material you are dealing with.

I must say though when I was taught to solder, we always want the heated object to melt the solder, be it copper pipe or electronic circuits. The first step is to prepare the joint. This step is very important, as “proper wetting” is somewhat influenced by the pipe and fitting’s cleanliness. but cost much more..........after cleaning the join apply with a brush - heat gently to dry off the water then heat fully to red, the fux shoud be glassy clear and when you touch the rod on the join it will run really nicely all round and into the join = success.............. Silver Solder and knowing how to use it properly is a very valuable lesson.

Here’s what a “carburizing flame” looks like, it’s easily distinguished by its 3 colors, and leads to excessive carbonization on the pipe which isn’t necessary and could compromise the joint. SMH. When you feel that the joint is completely filled, apply a small filet or cap where both the pipe and fitting meet. I keep a small quantity of silver solder in my welding kit bag and tanks of Acetylene and Oxygen in my garage at all times. Silver brazing produces strong, sealed, leak-proof joints on . "The filler metal is a metal alloy that has a melting temperature below that of either the tube or fitting. While there are other elements found in BAg alloys besides silver, the majority of BAg alloys may contain silver content of anywhere between 24% and 93%.

When you’re finished brazing, slowly close the oxygen knob on the torch, followed by the acetylene knob and then close both tank valves to make sure no gases are passing thru. If the filler metal melts below 840ºF the process being performed is soldering. This space is called the capillary space. The liquid is absorbed without the aid of external forces. A good example of capillary action is when a paintbrush or paper towel is dipped in a liquid. If you’re in a tight spot, a mirror could help you analyze your joint to see if any adjustments may be needed. "The most commonly used brazing filler metal types, used to join copper tube and fittings fall into two distinct categories: BCuP: because more than a mouthful is a waste? And lastly, a neutral flame. The first part you wanna to heat is the pipe, the reason being is that between the fitting and the pipe is a small gap of air. So just make sure your kit is equipped with them as they’ll stop a flame from going into your tank, which you don’t really want. © 2020 Fusion Incorporated. Seeing silver solder melts at a much higher temperature, you’ll be needing more heat than your typical soldered joint. How many lighters to braze a 2":L copper?? Our facility incorporates a modern analytical laboratory to meet both manufacturing needs and customer support. I always like to purge my hoses before saying I am completely done. Stainless Steel TIG Rod; Soft Solder; Silver Brazing Alloys; Phosphor Bronze; Silicon Bronze Tig/solder ; Aluminium Bronze Filler Rods; SealCore low temperature Aluminum Tig 0r solder Rod 3.2 mm Dia; ROD GUARD CANISTERS; De-Oxidised; Nickel Bronze; Electrodes (Welding Rods) ARC / MMA / Stick. Solder willl wick in nicely. Silver solder is commonly used in jewelry, copper and brass.

The tools and type of filler materials vary from a soldered joint to a brazed joint, so let’s go thru both of them together.

Silver Solder (8) Round Brazing Alloy Filler Metal (7) Square Silver Brazing Alloy Rod (5) High Silver Brazing Alloy Rod (4) Flux Coated (2) ... 1/16" X 20" BCuP-5 Harris® Stay-Silv® 15 Round Silver Brazing Alloy Rod 1# Tube (Prices are subject to change without notice due to raw materials cost volatility) Airgas Part #:HAR15320R1. You’ll wanna get a rod that contains phosphorus as they’re self-fluxing, removing the need to apply any flux on the pipe. During the brazing process, a lot of oxidation will occur inside the pipe, creating scale that could potentially clog these costly components and even, void a warranty. In the past, these were separate and needed to be installed on the hose itself. Once the pipe has been heated, start heating the fitting’s hub, always staying in motion. So, today I’ll be explaining to you how to correctly braze a copper joint. For the pipe, I either use sandpaper like this or just an abrasive pad. Saru Silver is your single source for all your brazing needs including alloys, fluxes and any technical assistance. You’ll see a mix of soothe and smoke in the air, this is normal, just wait for both of them to clear up and slowly open up the oxygen side. Silver brazing can be done on automatic machines for cost-efficient metal joining at high production rates. 2 years ago, Reply Qty. Silver brazing is a popular method for joining or bonding ferrous and non-ferrous base metals like steel, stainless steel, copper, and brass. There are 3 types of flames. On the acetylene side, however, it’s recommended to open the valve only a ¼” turn after the gauge reaches full pressure. ;-P, That was a nice tutorial, but where you say, The liquid is absorbed without the aid of external forces. To accomplish this, filler metals stronger than those composed primarily of tin must be used. Tip

You could use a simple air/acetylene setup like this, but it’s considerably longer and doesn’t give you a clean joint like an oxy/acetylene kit does. 5 months ago.

If you are brazing on a refrigeration or cooling system with costly components, it’s highly recommended to purge your lines with an “inert gas” such as argon or nitrogen. Tube and fitting are then solidly joined using a filler metal that is melted into the capillary space and adheres to these surfaces. Soldering requires less heat in that the solder is melted and flows into the joint. At its liquidus temperature, the molten filler metal interacts with a thin layer of the base metal, cooling to form an exceptionally strong, sealed joint due to grain structure interaction. This’ll allow for easy closure if an accident occurs. And a rod is also melted to add to the joint. This type of solder can’t be used when brazing so, you’re gonna be needing a filler material. We are strategically situated to service all customers, big or small, throughout South Africa. Capillary action is the ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces without the assistance of, or even in opposition to, external forces like gravity. Yes, you can probably get a brazed joint completed with MAPP gas on smaller pipes such as 3/8" and maybe even 1/2" if you are lucky, but I recommend doing it done with an oxy/acetylene setup as it's a lot quicker.

Dissimilar Metals Steel Specialty Welding Rods E312-16 So you started off incorrectly.

For this demonstration, I’ll be using a #2 tip from Harris. Applying water to a heated pipe as such could cause a fracture in the joint, resulting in a leaky joint. Therefore, a BCuP brazing alloy is primarily a copper-phosphorous brazing alloy that may contain from 0%-30% Silver (Ag). EUR: +44 (0) 1279 443 122 | This type of flame, as the name states, will oxidize your workpiece which is unwanted. Brazing smaller pipes is possible with a small propane torch, but larger pipes such as 1” and up require more heat, therefore, it’s recommended to use an oxy/acetylene system with an appropriate torch seeing silver solder melts at a higher temperature than normal solder. Best find an authoritative source or two to cite as primary sources when you can. You may notice your pipe becoming red hot but don’t use more heat than that as to not overheat it. Knowing how to Braze has saved me many times.

Soldering and brazing are not the same thing. "Something else you might wanna consider is", It is also polite to link to or reference your sources. Oxyacetylene burns much hotter, at 3500*C or 6330*F compared to propane which burns at around 1995*C or 3620*F. And finally, the torch. As such, the filler metals for soldering and brazing copper and copper alloy tube and fittings must have melting temperatures below this temperature. Once the joint cooled down, get your wire brush and remove any scaling that occurred on the surface of the pipe.

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