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What's the coolist thing you found out today? Would you make some event, where fans could talk to you or listen to TIFO episode live? "You don't get elected three times without talent," he said. Simon Bolivar, Venezuelan soldier and statesman who led revolutions against Spanish rule in the Viceroyalty of New Granada (modern Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, and Venezuela). Controversial topics: Not that I can think of. I did a tiny bit of Toastmasters (which if you are looking for something, I would highly recommend). You have someone like Hitler - morally awful, but certainly worth covering (although I can say goodbye to any monetisation on that one ;) ). According to his date of birth, he is 31 years old. ;-) I actually saw Dr. Doe on sexplanations mentioned that briefly the other day in a topic about respecting other groups' sexual practices. I always think about the recent ones, but the Westpoint cadets rioting over eggnog had me cracking up so much that I had to do oh so many takes. I'll also let him chime in on the length of research time for Today I Found Out - but I think it's actually probably the longest of them all because of the crazy amount of fact checking needed. In 2020, Whistler is fit and healthy. AMA. That’s one of the reasons, he is so successful in his Youtube career. Right now, oddly, I'm drinking a beer from the tiny nation of Liechtenstein (I was there last week for a video, and they gave me some free beers!). Got a background suggestion? He started his Youtuber career eight years ago when he was still in University. His YouTube channel ‘Today I Found Out’ has 1.9m subscribers, TopTenz has 1.3m subscribers & his vlog channel has over 19k Subscribers. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Normally I drink something called Kozel (the 11 degree variant, not 11% alcohol!). Quick Update: Simon Whistler has left the Visual Politik channel as a host and when asked about it on Reddit, he answered that he wanted to focus on his other projects. I have a totally non-broadcast background, business then law at university. Simon Whistler (born: March 5, 1987 (1987-15-05) [age 32]) is an English YouTubevloggerwho currently resides in the Czech Republic.Simon Whistleruploads random life vlogs or random top lists or talks about other random topics.His first channel was TopTenz, created back in 2010, where he creates top 10 lists on various topics.Then he had Today I Found Out in 2011, where he talks … Check out some of the interesting Facts about his Channel “Today I Found Out”. The comments below have not been moderated. Favourites? Right-wing politics values tradition, equity, and survival of the fittest. "I love the Brainfood Podcast, I can't wait for more of them." I loved that video and the format of it. ", PHOTOS: See which celebs have casted their votes. I'm a fan of Today I Found Out, that came from TopTenz, and it was mentioned in the comment section that you're living in Prague. Memorable fact: The food pyramid is really really wrong (I've answered this question a few times in this thread and seem to have a different answer each time!). They fit very well on you. Also lots of Joseph Arthur, Andrew McMahon/Jack's Mannequin. (Can you tell that I host a politics channel? For those who don’t know me, I’m the guy who co-hosts the YouTube channel TodayIFoundOut (I also host the channels TopTenz, Visual Politik EN, and Biographics). It would be cool if you did something in a similar style: go through every country and maybe talk about interesting people or stories from there. In spite of the channel's success, its videos have received some criticism both for their openly neoliberal ideology, with a large number of their videos advocating for free trade and tax breaks for large businesses as the main method of achieving economic development, and more generally for being sloppily-researched and valuing quantity over quality. Simon Whistler was born and grew up in England. It means "Male Goat" in Czech, and its delicious. :-) I love those type of topics where the answer isn't definitively known so we get to do a little original research whether conducting an experiment ourselves or doing an ultra-deep dive into old newspaper archives or the like to try to find an answer to a question nobody else seems to have been able to answer. Politics is said to be split in half and you either have left or right political views. But not touching that one and certainly that would be instantly demonetized on YouTube and probably the website as well. His autobiography "Total Recall" is one of my favourite books of all time. :). I’m here with the editor of TodayIFoundOut and co-host of our podcast “The BrainFood Show”, Daven Hiskey, to answer any questions you have. His salary is not confirmed yet. The British digital nomad makes his income through his YouTube channel’s ad revenue and brand deals. By Allison Fedirka. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by. We will confirm it officially as soon as possible and let our readers know about Simon’s marital status. I don't even remember why I grew it in the first place, but 99% of people say I have to keep it! Grew up there, went to uni there. I'll bring it up. I have one suggestion. Lastly, if you could've been anyone/had any profession, regardless of your physical limitations, what/who would've you liked to be? Because of this, kicking or hitting a male in the testicles in non-self-defence situations is considered sexual assault in many countries. The concept is named for ultrasonic dog whistles used in shepherding.. Dog whistles use language which appears normal to the majority, but which communicate specific things to intended audiences. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The other question I have is how long does it take to do all the research, editing and filming for a video? Republicans are viewed as right-wingers. Not too badly. He is the host for several YouTube channels including, TopTenzNet & TodayIFoundOut, where he uploads informational & entertaining videos which range from top 10 lists, historical facts, and so on. SimonWhistler6 karma2018-02-20 18:59:01 UTC. So, when a man is kicked in the testicles or has his 'bits' squashed, the pain involved travels up into the abdominal cavity. Will either Daven or Simon be at Vidcon this year? I understand. I've brought up the issue of the music a few times with the production team... but they like it how it is. "I've supported people," said Cowell, before reiterating: "But I've never actually voted.". I think it would be interesting, SimonWhistler6 karma2018-02-20 18:56:51 UTC. Sometimes we'll have something on TIFO or TopTenz that is similar (but even then its usually just one item in the TopTenz video, so its not such a big deal :) ). Simon has 2 jobs listed on their profile. Thanks! But what really made me decent at speaking was years and years of drama through school and uni :). I love your channel and Simon's buttery voice! So, when a man is kicked in the testicles, the pain involved travels up into the abdominal cavity. Three Priorities for Uruguay’s New President, PUBLISHED BY Love watching tennis. Mr Whistler says: 'Testes originally form in the abdomen near the stomach and the kidneys. I'll take the Simon question... being Simon and all. I just couldn't handle the way the music just blares loudly when you're not talking and the constant cuts. 'If the force is severe enough, it can sometimes require removal of the testicle itself. That's not to say he still doesn't have a vested interest in who gets elected. I'm a British guy living in Prague (Czech Republic). If rumors are to be believed, Simon met her girlfriend while he was working in Sri Lanka. Do you plan on doing more videos where Simon and David switch off (like the screw video where David destroyed the cp component)? Probably not, YouTube has sort of taken over my life (in a good way! Brave woman. You're awesome and you're channels are amazing. In politics, a dog whistle is the use of coded or suggestive language in political messaging to garner support from a particular group without provoking opposition. You up for a pint? "non work related research" - haha, yeah, probably too much ;), shadow-warlock1 karma2018-02-20 18:52:01 UTC. SimonWhistler52 karma2018-02-20 18:16:09 UTC, My friends have become to call me out, because so often I say "Well, actually we recently made a video about that...", Choco_Churro_Charlie3 karma2018-02-21 00:46:33 UTC, SimonWhistler7 karma2018-02-21 06:39:29 UTC. How long does it take to research an episode for TIFU vs. TopTenz? Originally founded by Enrique Couto, Enrique Fonseca and Alberto Rodrigues in 2017 as a Spanish-language channel, it has since created English- and German-language subsidiaries, with the English-language version presented by Simon Whistler as only one of his approximately 2 million infotainment channels. You're beautiful and I support your work :), SimonWhistler3 karma2018-02-21 06:53:55 UTC. Why, for the love of god, did you stop saying "mMband? Questions: I'll pick things up in the morning. Hopefully one day! Yes! ... Reese Witherspoon speaks out about her political … A small group of ultra-wealthy Americans pumps a lot of money into politics. Currently, the channel has only 1 video which was uploaded on Mar 6, 2019. Would you be interested in doing a Biographics episode about Edward Snowden? Talking about Simon, His age is 33 years old. Hey, I’m Simon Whistler. Whistler is a Digital Nomad. re: getting bummed: 100%. It's nice that things have come around the way they have so far, I really am so lucky to be able to do this stuff for a living, it's kinda wild when I step back, take a breath and consider it all. I don't have much creative control over the production on that channel (I came on as a partner quite late in the game - it was a Spanish channel first). I was working on the edit for one just before sitting down to do this AMA, so stay tuned!

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