singapore caning aftermath

For information on corporal punishment in Singapore youth institutions and reformatories, see this separate article. Prisoners are not told in advance when their caning is to take place. "When it is over, the wounds are treated with the antiseptic, gentian violet, and for weeks the prisoner cannot sit down." The old Straits Settlements colony was not revived. My buttocks then swelled to twice their normal size. After his number was called, he was taken into the punishment area. In 1954 there had been a mere 7 canings ordered by the courts. Channel News Asia reported that 11,790 arrests were made in Singapore for immigration offences in 2004 ("Nearly 11,800 immigration offenders arrested in 2004", 17 February 2005). My bleeding buttocks throbbed with pain and felt like they were on fire. At the same time, the power to order JCP was restricted to the High Court -- a move later reversed, for nowadays local and subordinate courts all have caning powers. "[51], Usually, the buttocks will be covered with blood after three strokes. The doctor has the power to stop the punishment at any time, and his duties include medical treatment upon its completion. In particular the country's Bar Council, representing lawyers, unanimously passed a resolution in 2007 described whipping as cruel, inhumane and degrading, and called for its abolition, especially for illegal immigrants. By then I was already shivering and perspiring with fear. This latter amounts to about one per week. Some Singapore reports refer to dozens of illegal immigrants being sentenced to caning at each court session, as in this 1998 case. Vandalism was originally prohibited by the Minor Offences Act, which made it punishable by a fine of up to S$50 or a week in jail, but did not permit caning. By the time the caning is over, those who receive more than three strokes will be in a state of shock. His feet are secured to the front base with his hands secured to the back legs, so that he is bent over at about right angles at the hip. NEW STRAITS TIMES. That's why all whipping officers are tall and big bodied. There has been no public JCP of adults in these countries for perhaps a hundred years. I thought they would at least wait until my arm was totally healed. The danger of hitting the genitals is avoided by the use of a special torso shield, which covers the man's lower body, exposing only the buttocks themselves. Judicial caning involves a formal, ritualised ceremony. the Federated Malay States (FMS), a fully-fledged British protectorate with a new federal capital at Kuala Lumpur ("KL"); this comprised the sultanates of Selangor, Perak, Pahang and Negri Sembilan; the "unfederated Malay states", a more diffuse (and not geographically contiguous) grouping of five states, four of which were ceded in 1909 by Siam (now Thailand), with a somewhat looser relationship with Britain; and two states on the island of Borneo, British North Borneo (now Sabah) and Sarawak, nowadays together described as East Malaysia. But they conceded that it does leave bruises and marks. That’s because if you’re conscious, you will scream. © 2018 Must Share News. [104], Caning is a legal disciplinary measure in primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and centralised institutes. The human rights group has urged Singapore to outlaw flogging, a practice being debated in the United States because of the case of Michael P. Fay. On the opposite side of the trestle there is a stabilising crossbar, higher up, and another crossbar placed slightly lower than the adjustable one on the prisoner's side. Bander Yahya A. Alzahrani, a Saudi Arabian diplomat convicted of molesting a hotel intern in 2016. When the wounds are healed, he has to endure the painful experience all over again". It could be similar to the Singapore secondary-school cane, which is only slightly shorter than the judicial cane but a good deal thinner. The caners are supposed to be so skilful that they never hit the same spot twice." (NOTE: Contrary to some press reports, the CD-ROM contains only small stills, not a video of a caning.). Children and Young Persons (Remand Home) Regulations section 21(3). Medical examination His account was published on Oct. 12, 1988, in The New Paper, an English-language tabloid published in Singapore and targeted at young people. As with judicial caning, only men under 50 are liable for internal prison caning. Ye Ming Yuen, a British former DJ convicted of drug trafficking in January 2018 and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and 24 strokes of the cane. Here are some descriptions of the after-effects by men who have been caned. The ruling attracted much publicity ("All molesters should be caned, says CJ", The Straits Times, 20 August 1993). Some information is available about the frequency of JCP in tiny Brunei, where the caning of illegal immigrants was introduced in 2004. There was three lines of raw skin with blood oozing out.". He shook his head as he placed his stethoscope on my chest. No begging and no screaming. There was no pain at first, just a warm burning sensation but slowly, as feeling returned, the heat became unbearably painful. ", the reply was, "Always after fifteen strokes, however accurate the flogger, the skin will be gone and the flesh will fly" (op. book, file, rolled-up newspaper, piece of cardboard) into the student's waistband to protect his lower back in case a stroke lands off-target. Singapore Armed Forces Act section 125(5). Descriptions of the experience I found that I needed them as support later. In 1953 there were 12 cases of caning for internal prison disciplinary reasons, and in 1954 only two (information from annual prison service reports). One which was reported involved a boy of 15; the court ordered his father to give him four strokes of the light cane, and this was done immediately.

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