sokanu career test

I have gotten Scholar twice (at night time, falling asleep, speed running through the test) and Dreamer once (during the day, taking it slowly, wide awake). The Strong Interest Inventory links your interests and preferences to various jobs, work settings, and careers. The pay part usually means you are doing what you do best, too. In case you didn't already know If you wish to re-take the test, instead of creating a new account you can go to account settings (by clicking the little tool button) and going to the very bottom of the page and in very small red letters it will say reset account, click it, save it & then you will be able to retake the test by going to the discover part. Perhaps that’s why these careers are ranked so poorly overall. “In fact, careers that don’t necessarily promise wealth often end up making us happier.” One of most helpful findings in the study is the common denominators between the careers that ranked highest. Only now am I starting to see the financial fruits of my labor as a CEO and entrepreneur. The Sokanu Interests, Personality, and Preferences Inventory (SIPPI) is a psychological inventory used in career counseling and employee selection. Sokanu Career Exploration and Assessment Sokanu Career Explorer This career assessment is designed to explore your interests, preferences, and personality to suggest compatibility with a wide range of careers. The Do What You Are assessment provides a statistically accurate representation of your personality type and then relates it to careers which may be a good fit for the individual. On Sokanu’s ranked list, all of the careers rating 3.5 or higher do not usually have a six-figure salary associated with them, with the exception of one: Chief Executive Officer. Most people complete the career test in around 10 - 15 minutes. Want to learn more about yourself and potential career paths? With my second book due out next year, I was happy to see my top career alignment is that of an author. It turns out that all top 10 most satisfying careers share two common factors that I’ll explore below. As a hiring manager looking to attract top talent, you can apply the findings and make sure to ingrain and emphasize creative and control aspects in new open positions. This interactive assessment allows you to customize your search and provides you with over 700 career matches. The four different areas measure your interests, personality, workplace preferences and your career history and goals. He holds a BA from California State University, Fullerton, as well as a BS and JD from Saratoga University School of Law. Here is the list of the 10 careers that ranked highest in terms of career satisfaction (starting from highest-ranked): All of the above careers received an overall ranking of 4.0 or higher (out of 5). (1997). Your full results cost $9.99 for adults or $6.99 for students. He is the author of four books: How to Find a Job,…. Sokanu, a unique career discovery platform, released the new data today. UTSA University Career Center Scales are based on O*Net content domains[1] developed by the US Department of Labor, with the addition of basic interest scales based on the model developed by Day and Rounds. Align your priorities to finding a career that fulfills you, and you will accomplish things you never imagined possible. Computer adaptive versions of the personality and interest scales are currently under development. With one life to live, you should never stop trying to achieve that goal. If you’re an individual stuck in what you perceive to be a dead-end job, you can take this research to heart—and find ways to be creative in your current role, or move on. “It’s interesting to note that low-ranking careers included law and finance, both of which have a much higher earnings potential than other low-ranking careers, such as food & beverage and construction,” Spencer Thompson, the CEO of Sokanu, explains. Completing the full set of available materials (510 items) takes an average of 35.4 minutes. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 73, 159-183. Want to know more about how your interests can match a particular career field? If you do do this test or have done it in the past, feel free to post your results, I'm very curious to know other people's results & if you were happy with what you got & if you think its accurate. So far there are 3 careers that have stayed in the top 5 after all 3 tests. Louis Efron ( is a globally recognized thought leader, speaker, writer and Fortune 200 HR Executive. After spending a day directing a short film for no money and no expectation of money to follow, I ended my day on a high. *Drop-in hours will be conducted virtually through WebEx/Zoom. And—perhaps surprisingly—all but one of the top-scoring jobs does not normally come with a big paycheck. All of the lowest-ranking careers listed above received an overall ranking of 2.2 or lower (out of 5). They all involve a form of creative expression and a high degree of control—so we can infer that in the general employee population, these are attributes of a job that would attract talent—and retain it, too. First published in October 2013, the SIPPI was developed by Rhys Lewis, Ph.D. and published by Sokanu Interactive. For more information, visit and check out my book How to Find a Job, Career and Life You Love. But after the work was done and the high subsided, the nerves as to where my next income would come from quickly set in. Their platform is already being used in more than 100 schools and universities, including NYU, University of Nevada, University of Texas, University of Miami, and many others. About Sokanu Interactive: Launched in 2013, Sokanu offers the world’s best career aptitude test for free in order to help people find their perfect career. Scales are based on O*Net content domains developed by the US Department of Labor, with the addition of basic interest scales based on the model developed by Day and Rounds. Louis Efron ( is a globally recognized thought leader, speaker, writer and Fortune 200 HR Executive. Well so far I have taken this test 3 times (just to see how consistent it is). San Antonio, TX 78249, *Physical hours will be Monday and Thursday from 10:00am - 2:00pm. Content Model. “From this list, we can see that just as creativity and control make us happy, service positions often make us miserable, regardless of the salary potential associated.” Thompson says careers in the service industry lack one of the key components of the top-rated careers above: control over your work and your work recipients’ reception of it. We started with a website,, that helps people find their perfect career. As I reviewed the new study by Sokanu ranking careers with the highest and lowest degrees of satisfaction, I was delighted to see that I have personally experienced working in four of the top five positions listed in the survey. In my personal experience, I have made relatively little money in the careers I’ve explored on the high satisfaction list. STRONG INTEREST INVENTORY When any of my roles started to lack the control and creativity I desired, my job satisfaction began to decrease and I started to look for other opportunities. Development and initial validation of public domain basic interest markers [Monograph]. Based on feedback collected from 46,000 participants from May 2015 to July 2016, the company developed a ranked list of careers, highlighting the top ten and bottom ten overall. He studied Labor Relations at Cornell University, New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and Advanced Leadership at Harvard Business School. MyPlan is a great tool for students as it consists of 4 different assessments in one: Personality, Interests, Values, and Skills. Play to your strengths. O*NET Resource Center. One UTSA Circle Journal of Vocational Behavior, 73, 287-299.,_Personality,_and_Preferences_Inventory&oldid=981990982, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Need for Supportive Company Policies and Practices, Providing high quality products or services, Being responsible for people's health and safety, Being responsible for results of other workers, Dealing with physically aggressive people, Working outdoors exposed to all weather conditions, Cramped work spaces requiring awkward positions, This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 15:49. Day, S. X., & Rounds, J. His career credits include Head of Global Engagement for Tesla Motors, International VP of HR for JDA Software, VP of HR for the Fortune 300 medical device company, Stryker, Broadway theatre and currently serves as the VP of Teammate Experience for a Fortune 200 medical company. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. While the first focus of a job or career search should never center on money, getting paid well to do what you love is always ideal in life. (2008). I can't say I have had a bad run in my other corporate roles either—where I made the greatest amount of money. Do something you enjoy and are passionate about. Empower yourself to make these decisions, and your career will ensure the highest possible level of success and happiness. Here is the list of ten careers that ranked lowest (starting with lowest-ranked): 5. Sokanu is used to offer career guidance by over one hundred schools and universities including NYU, University of Texas and University of … The overall satisfaction scores are based on the average between the following satisfaction components: personality fit, overall interests, work environment, and skill utilization. There's detailed information available on each of the suggested career options. DO WHAT YOU ARE You may opt-out by. Once you complete all six tests, we pool your results together to accurately match you to over 250 careers based on your interests, personality, motivations and skills, as well as bring you suitable course and job recommendations. Career Development Quarterly, 45, 207-220. Armstrong, P. I., Allison, W., & Rounds, J. How much does it cost? SOKANU The results of the 4 assessments are combined and provide students with a Career Match Profile to identify potential majors and occupations. An early version of scales for Holland Codes and Basic interests used items published by the open source Interest Item Pool[3][4] project. And if you’re a young professional just getting started on your career path (or anyone who needs a gentle reminder), this data can help you realize that chasing the paycheck isn’t necessarily the best path to work satisfaction. Minimum internal consistency for any scale is α = .82. The link is, you have to sign up but its worth it. Sokanu is an assessment that will help you identify your personality, needs, skills preferences, abilities preferences, work context, organizational culture, and interests. So, not only can I report this study to you, but I can also personally validate the findings. Liao, H-Y., Armstrong, P. I., & Rounds, J. The Sokanu Interests, Personality, and Preferences Inventory (SIPPI) is a psychological inventory used in career counseling and employee selection. Over 150 careers were ranked on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 representing the highest levels of satisfaction. However, most of these corporate roles provided me with an opportunity to use my creative talents and have a fair amount of control. While the legal profession was not in the top 10 least satisfying careers, it only received an overall ranking of 3/5, indicating a relatively high level of dissatisfaction.

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