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High up in the sky the little stars climb, always reminding me that we're a - part .

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And now the purple dusk of twilight time steals across the meadows of my heart . Introdução: Verse G9 G G7M G C9 And now the purple dusk of twilight time B7 E E7/9-E7 Steals across the meadows of my heart Am Cm G G/F# Em High up in the sky the little stars climb F# F#7 D Fdim D7 Always reminding me that we're apart G9 G G7M G C9 You wandered down the lane and far away B7 E E7/9-E7 Leaving me a song that will not die Am Cm G G/F# Em Love is now the stardust of … ��1�P�D�=$"V��$dK��T��@x� �qwwG'����ym�tIWeu�9�MH�чu��y�z�j��V[C��ŕ�&n�D��L_���x�d8���i��`��s}��/����N���@ʑ�g��;���9��>l������&��Y��g`� ξN�2?,7Ome���E�s�H1FV��~RsCM�9?�H�2�)W�Ŗ��VK���Ƣ�߾~_��CV�sVL�:�yV�vv�|��7�(aL��n=�@ӗ�l`�X`��To���)\2"� �K�tミ98 �T,�F��KB�:{"Q�Ö)��yE��%�ψ%q������]�ߨ���O*zE�Q�9�Cb���ӞG���!���H� pxΙ��l�#{��k�J����d�O�S7�!�%���#n;ɯxA����JxLu6W�����7UA�Yco��D��t-a�n%z�

��#I�Мin� We can only maintain and improve Yalp if paying members keep supporting us. Love is now the Star Dust of … �I���H֯ȵ���I���&]nA_�&��'�6%H��o f�j � ��bd���w����7ȶss�R�������L���q��!�v�h�6 endstream endobj 221 0 obj <>stream

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Print and download Stardust sheet music composed by Hoagy Carmichael in C Major (transposable).

You wandered down the lane and far away, leaving me a song that will not die .

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ٓ@ ��r 5/5 Stardust composed by Hoagy Carmichael - Digital Sheet Music. x��]Y�$�q����?��q��i1h;��Z?-�@�R����C���O��8�jzz��j2v�*���L y��A,R�_/��}�?|���[�0�?��������w���g��}�1F�M�H���� B/��p��ç��ᄎ��.,��K ~�����+`n1��W���W;-d~�AM�kG�z{��������1�y�f�ކ�o�U�}w�v &��/쇣tK���}Ӯ��?5�����x���\�������K�>�V�&4��c��ω8u��U�W���������8��;F%��c�dz��]�����������,{�`_�xog9��y��j���������'F�_�o��_�W���A�854�>s�t~hN���|�-~�F���������h�#��%�ClTA ���;x,ϲ:hy*�I� �M��C ������˟����� I�I���� �u���#����J̥ԛS3#.֨��H��($���d���� D���� �a�:}� �H�}�z�De#Cȹ���&�?

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�n�gR��.�81H*����κ�a5F,ɣ��V���%�VD�#u25w�. [Am Fm C Bm G Em Ab B F Cm E D A Eb] Chords for Willie Nelson - Stardust with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. SKU: MN0069179

The mel-o-dy haunts my reverie, Am7 E7 Fdim Am7 Fdim Am And I am once again with you. �� 2;�g�N�TwP!+ٿ&aM@'�ÃM+������Z�] k�_�ś��ֆC���$5! h�b```���\g����(�������J�� STARDUST - Monte Moore Page 3 of 3 Generated using the Power Tab Editor by Brad Larsen.

Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in And now the purple dusk of twilight time steals across the meadows of my heart.

����jT��0����„�K��j�u��JJA�3���h�����8¤$QN���j��a�V�*��s��Az8����y����6]�4Ȏ��Ԙs���d̹{����W���J�7h��*k��z�2�b|7����Kh��YK)�Ȣ�b,���i���#�_��*�0�ּݗ��Wp�[bp��;*8l�23KK6K+dO��x=���68�:�|�-�� {�~��I����N� )�p��o�xFk�|~  �F�ɕ�� 0

:��Gh����. H���Kk�@���s����} Did you find this review helpful? ̈��?���z��=���~<>(BS��/�HZ��K�iW?��bAb`o9���_�!� ����B��8Kr�F3q���J�D���B���Ac�E���~���)\�UoC�/�)��6V�v��_�:,���=�c���ˣ��4]�s���ڃ_���TkvYp�'[]�8�b�J��D�����W? Includes 1 print + interactive copy with lifetime access in our free apps. people found this review helpful.

h��TM��0�+>�jǎ1�VH@���h�v+!.�5$(���3N�dU�=cϛ����\ / Am Cm G G/F# Em Love is now the stardust of yes-ter-day, D7 Gdim Am7 Cdim G Cm G The music of the years gone by. h�bbd``b`� $ZA�P�H0��X� V��q�¸̅@�5H���"��� d�P�( ��Rw 5 available keys, Rated %PDF-1.5 %����

��j�����7�b�A�\0j����Y�!�Ҷ(�Jߋ����'"�ir�����Yr(����s/N����=l@�1���,���v��O�C��/�W�x-���+5�2|�bqQ� KB��(v�=�`4FD����"4?�w]���[?=�. <>
]�)�h�QV+[h�?�0��w�!�,�=� -�Re����1�'LPK��v���8"���*3}�ɤd6�{l��YSڐ�U�J�6�S`���hҼ��uL�J�D$�1��,�����J�d#vXD�'�BV�,H��,����0ˬ�_ �2�� Z���Z�A�u(������a��,8��l�߱'�p`����U���̌��� :�! 46 I T A B E` 7 k V 6 e V 5 V 8 V 6 V 6

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�כ>�d ��t����QNIoz�8�k��u����$�$�/��R�Db���$�KM��C����2K�9�&��L��~,�� 217 0 obj <> endobj ��S鄡]\�L8���4��J�p�+DaI*�Y�+���5�����8�IV���+����H�\i�W�`蕀��^����˻�\;%�. STARDUST . %PDF-1.4 Become a Musicnotes Pro - Plus member today and receive PDFs included with every song plus take 15% off all digital sheet music purchases!


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G7+ G G9 Cm7 C Am C F Sometimes I wonder why I spend the lonely night F7 G G/F# Em Bm7 /5- E7 Dreaming of a song.

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