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Steins Gate seems to enjoy sending trouble my way. It re-purposes and recycles a lot of frames from the entire animation, some of it can be done well, but if you're coming off the anime, it actually might burn you out.

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Something about being able to make it your own and fill the gaps with your imagination is the magic of a visual novel and the original VN is how Steins;Gate was made to be experienced. Banned. Steins;Gate Elite launches on October 15th in Japan on iOS as a universal game. Earlier this year, 5pb.

If they did indeed add those, then the original version has no extra content that isn't in Elite.

One thing I noticed was Luka's ending. Please flair and spoiler tag your posts accordingly. S;G Elite is no doubt a pinnacle of what VN's can be, but it's also missing the je ne sais quoi of the original. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Something that I should go look forward to? I can't help but agree with this comment as much as I can and lend my voice to emphasize their point. Tbh, you'll have a good time whatever you decide to play though. Games, and was released in September 2018 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch. Play the original, first, if possible. Elite also forsakes a lot of its interactivity in its phone trigger system. Need to remind that LBP uses the original VN's artsyle, so if you're familiarising yourself with VN by playing Elite, the jump from Elite to LBP (or even S;G 0) might feels jarring. Recently picked up Elite since I'm new to the franchise but I think it's not as good as the OG version?

This one is a slice of life kind of game, and isn't cannon too. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews STEINS;GATE ELITE > General Discussions > Topic Details. I loved the idea that Okabe, as serious as his goal is, has to help her win a game tournament as he thinks it might jog her memory. best. Sort by. Microsoft Windows (Steam) announced to be released in 2018.

They cut this out, of course, because they didn’t have any animations of the tournament or the different characters interacting form the anime. I've also heard about some of Okabe's inner monologues being cut out, but I haven't seen any solid confirmation yet. In this entire comment, there's no mention of Chaos;Head. It's still more visually interesting and maybe even more appealing than the original's visuals, especially for newcomers to the series. JavaScript is disabled. ", Top 12 best educational kids games on Android, hocus 2 is an upcoming mind-bending puzzler that's heading for iOS later this month, Visual novel Fateful End: True Case Files launching on mobile this month, HoloVista video - "Watch as your reality bends", Empty.

I wish I had just bought another copy of the original VN instead. Yes, huke had some great CG's, but having the whole thing animated by White Fox, whom I also love the art of is such a pleasure. Posted by. If you are planning to play it on Switch, Elite is your only choice. Finally, Elite does come with LBP, which is nice.

Have you watched the anime yet?

Steins;Gate Elite cuts out a few story points that, while aren't important, does detract from the experience. Elite cuts out the Faris Cup except for its finale and a big chunk of Chapter 7, namely every part directly involving 4ºC, as he was removed from the story in S;G Elite.. You can always pick us Elite later on.

Steins;Gate Elite is a science fiction visual novel and interactive movie video game, part of the Science Adventure series.

It was developed by 5pb. Gaming Forum luulubuu User requested permanent ban. So I can play any PS4 game remotely w/ a Vita? Storm and surge! Elite just doesn't have a lot of that. cuts out the Faris Cup except for its finale, Why don't they cut it out all the way? They really should've kept creepy nae in the anime, was such a pleasant (and unpleasant) surprise when I got to that part. If you've never played the original you probably won't even realize they're not there. Also, don't ever watch Chaos;Head/Child animes, they are awful, I can say because of my personal experience lol. If you are playing is anywhere else the original is pretty cheap I would get that and see if you dig the story. More than I could ask for man.

That means a lot of repeated motions and stills, for sure, but it's at least a little more adventurous and visually interesting than the original game.

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