sto scimitar build

With reciprocity for romulan's available nowadays, you now have The scimitar is STO's best and worst ship ever. that one will happe for sure , I’m a romulan Klingon that has mainly antiproton beams and consoles so what scimitar should I go for, i would choose the eng version right now over the tac one bc of the bridge officer layout . Look here for some record runs, done with Scimitars! It can bring the DPS, even take a beating, or it can blow up before it can do much damage at all. It was a reward from the TOS Temporal Agent event. I know there are other weapons like it for most damage types (a torpedo that matches the damage type of ships other weapons), so I feel this is more of a meta question than one specific to my build. News, Ship Builds | 45.

The choice of using the flambard but results from point #1 and #2. The ships bridge and visual options are shown in the ship tailor. If you dont have more for us, just look here: My Scimitar Build used for the 180k run pre dps-league reset: Hey felisean, I like the idea but it isn't what I'm looking for in a scimitar with the doffs and stuff (I saw it on my other thread), SCM - Crystal C. (S) - [00:12] DMG(DPS) -. Does anyone have any ideas of what good build can do that? is there a better option?

Where ship sale last year was October 6. It comes with five science console slots => possibility to slot five embassy plasma explosion consoles. cuz it no fun to play and has no torpedoes and focuses too heavy on tactical. I have been following your advice and builds for a while now, and have seen some great results – 67k in CC advanced using one of your earlier builds for this ship. My experience of it being an 'I win' ship is a result of participation in literally countless STFs. I think my current Scimitar build is okay (although I'll probably drop two of the set consoles for others since I don't use cloaked barrage and the Thalaron weapon sucks). It seems that the gate/transformer heal could be buggy => gate will die fast. Reply. I posted in the STO forum, got the very "helpful" response that they can do 50k, and one even did 83k DPS, due to team work, math and skill.

i know it might not be related but since this is where the highest DPS ship is im gonna ask my question. What do you think? Anyways I’m trying for a 0% GDF with Invincible as 5th starhiptrait. I understand now the importance of DPS is in this game. Same question for my son who plays a Romulan engineer. Should be working now, thx for pointing it out . Hi, I want to use the T6 Romulan Scimitar science Dreadnought as a Science Officer, I already have a tact and engineering one. That trait ist from the Vengence so for romulans from the equipment pack. Ship Builds | 2. It's for my Rom Engineer. Does any kind of subsystem targeting work on the gate? Of course, Karni kills me in like 10 seconds in PVP, so I'm thinking either my Scimitar is bugged or I'm running a bad build. I haven't posted my build in a long time, and it has very little in common with what it was then, so I thought I'd post the current version. And with all of the special consoles like flagship set, dynamic power redistributor and so on you actually need a lot of slot for all those great universal consoles , I will most likely get the tactical because of the console which helps with beam damage[ I use antiproton dual beam banks the one you get from fluidic space] plus the DPS console, The overload energy ability for the romulan singularity, and officer abilities, but thank you for helping out. I have the same question about the T6 Scimitars. This means pushing the radiation aspect as far as I can and hopefully looking for synergies where possible.

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Doesn't mean you can't use both just that you need to decide your main damage source. 100K+ DPS ISA run Scimitar t6 (s14.5) (disruptor build)(125k dps) … Thanks. This build is based on Felisean's and Porch's Scimitar builds, with a few modifications. If you can hold out a bit longer, the best sales are usually around the holiday season. I don't buy it. It is capable of doing ~100k in most runs. The Sci Scimi is the #1 DPS ship in the game. I have made several builds for my incoming scimitar dreadnought, but I haven't really gotten idea of what is good or not and just a whole bunch of random please! Sorry to bug you but I have another question about the Flambard. I've decided to dust off my T6 Sci Scimitar and want to do a pure dps build with it. I’m looking for advice on boffs doffs and other good consoles but I’m really not familiar with a lot of the terms and newer abilities. i’m debating on getting a Romulan tactical carrier vs the T6 schimtar. Posts: 142 Threads: 14 Joined: Aug 2017 Reputation: 3 #1. Trudard Vice Admiral, STO Academy. It has a decent boff layout which already features a Com. Shoot, I should just wait for the next ship sale and get the flagship cross faction bundle .

from the raw firepower its definitly the scimitar so i would go with the scimitar . They are equipped with a wide range of disruptor weaponry, as well as a thalaron radiation weapon that does massive damage. If you could also do rep builds that would be nice cuz i'm planning on getting things from rep in some way.

cool would you mind uploading your build or is it your special secret? So you have always a shared cd of 20 seconds for FAW.

Hi,is the t6 sci oddy better than t6 tac oddy without Greedy Emitters and Improved Feedback Pulse? I don’t have “greedy emitters” so I was thinking of using “supremacy” instead (I do have “improved feedback pulse”). Idk anything about abilities, but on my scim I have VR XII plasma dual heavy cannons and VR XII plasma torps with both scimitar sets, VR XII generic shield/deflector/engine, and elite drone ships, and it seems like its pretty good. It can bring the DPS, even take a beating, or it can blow up before it can do much damage at all. February 17, 2016 and thanks for your support whicky, really appreciated . I mean, you lose about 16k hull. T6 versions of the romulan scimitar classes are now available in STO and they’re the flagships of the Romulan Republic. Getting a proper science vessel with a secondary deflector would be much more efficient. The I.R.W. Cryptic Studios, Inc. or its licensees and used with permission. They are equipped with a wide range of disruptor weaponry, as well as a thalaron radiation weapon that does massive damage.

but its basically bc of the bridge officer layout (2 ltcm instead of just 1 for the tac version ),,

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