superdry core values

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies from this website. We continually examine our waste streams to see if any of them can be pushed further up the waste hierarchy – for example the recent introduction of food waste and coffee cup recycling at our head office. We always bring our unique self to work, let people be who they want to be and accept everyone for who they are. Taking this quiz will help you to decide whether you’d be a good fit with us before you take the plunge and apply. Alongside always doing the right thing, these are the values that really matter to ever Superdry colleague. It’s time to start searching for something special. In 2010, sales of the signature windcheater reached over one million while the introduction of fragrance, premium eyewear, watches and beauty collections have truly transformed Superdry into a lifestyle brand. For Superdry, sustainable cotton is in supporting use of organic seed – while benefiting farmers’ livelihoods and wellbeing. We’ve designed a culture quiz that you can take to see if your own values and ways of working are compatible with ours – you can find this quiz on the head office and retail pages. We are already making good progress with over 70% of the electricity we use in our stores and offices sourced from renewable generation in 2016. Our Values help shape our Superdry character and personality and guide us all in the way we do things around here. - Personal sponsorship by Julian Dunkerton of the ‘Rising Star Award’ at the South West trust awards event. - Supporting key Trust events such as Annual Fundraising Dinners, Large fundraising events and Award/ Recognition ceremonies, including: - Lead sponsor of the South West fundraising Annual Red Dinner at which we will host a catwalk show with Prince's Trust ‘young ambassadors’ as models. The post My Holiday Style | Find something cosy appeared first on Superdry Edition. - Extending our successful Apprenticeship programme, already established in the UK, to our Germany operation. In 2011, a collaboration with British classic car manufacturer the Morgan Motor Company gave rise to a limited-edition sports car that embodied design and authenticity. The post BE ICONIC | NEW SEASON appeared first on Superdry Edition. Use a credit card when buying online to help protect you. We’re in this together as part of one big Superdry global family, always looking out for each other. At Superdry, we strive to protect our customers from counterfeits and their associated risks. Original and Vintage is one of our signature aesthetics, it is loved by the style obsessed all over the world and across generations. Achieving our ambitions for Organic Cotton is not just about buying Organic at a premium. - Achieve programme support, working in secondary schools with young people aged 13-16. Sales Assistant - Hero Sales Assistants can progress from Core to hero status depending on their own capability and on how many Hero roles we have in their store. £15.00. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies from this website. Both Julian and James had incredible experience in fashion retail, so the birth of Superdry was an inevitable culmination of their respective histories. Mashing nostalgia with energy. counterfeiting industry approximate worth by 2020, In the last 10 years, the global counterfeiting industry has grown, counterfeiting industry is worth more than the annual GDP of 150 countries. We bought 24.4 million garments containing cotton in 2017 – this represents 74% of all pieces bought, or 48% of overall composition by weight. Look for large discounts from very high to low prices. Our clothes and accessories are strongly linked to our brand values, of which sustainability is one. Over the last year, running to May 2017, our ethical approval and monitoring processes covered Tier 1 factories supplying 100% and Tier 2 factories supplying 83% of volume by number of units delivered. Approximately 2 million jobs are lost worldwide per year as a result of counterfeiting. They are individuals, like us, who share a common attitude in life and you can spot them a mile off. Superdry men’s Core down jacket. ‘School Days’ introduce young people to the world of work and the range of job opportunities that exist, giving them the inspiration to progress to the next stage of their lives. Your bag is empty. Our target is to improve store electricity efficiency by 35% by 2020. Superdry Studios is a style conscious collection of premium designs that feel classic yet relaxed and fresh, everyday sophistication in a mix of high-quality natural and sustainable fabrics. Superdry Men's Core Logo Essential T-Shirt - Optic RRP: £25.00. Avoid purchasing from sellers with unclear T’s & C’s. In October 2014, we announced the appointment of Euan Sutherland as our new CEO. Launched to fill a gap in the market, the brand has upheld its reputation for innovation. Julian founded the fashion retailer Cult in 1985, starting from humble beginnings on a Cheltenham market stall and growing the business to become a highly successful multi-brand retailer with branches across the UK, predominantly in University towns. We offer a diverse range of benefits, which vary depending on the country in which you work. Opening its flagship store on London’s Regent’s Street at the end of 2011, Superdry earned its place among the great British retail brands. Find out more about what it's like to work at Head Office and our learning and development programme. - 1:1 mentoring both online and face to face For us this means finding ways to: … As of 2016, we use 25% less electricity to power an average store than we did when we started the efficiency program. Despite our impressive growth, we have retained our heart and soul, and our values and culture have always stayed very important to us – cultural fit is crucial and is an extremely important part of our hiring process. This is delivered by local teams or local partner organisations. Our Waste Management Protocol ensures that all colleagues understand the importance of reducing waste and maximising recycling. - Reduce offending or re-offending - Extending our successful Work Experience programme to give more young people a week long taste of the workplace and how inspiring team work can be. Wind, rain or sunshine – our jackets have you covered no matter what the weather has in store. The initial collection of five t-shirts, which included the iconic Osaka 6 worn by David Beckham, has grown into seasonal collections comprising thousands of items and over 500 distinctive logos. We're true professionals but more than anything we believe work is to be enjoyed. Our culture is unique, and it’s important that before you apply to work with us, you understand the importance of cultural fit and have thought about how your own personal style and values are compatible with ours. We consider certain issues to be ‘zero tolerance’, including immediate danger to life or limb, evidence of child labour, modern slavery, discrimination or harassment. The jacket features three front zip pockets, elasticated hem and cuffs and a zip fastening. £23.00. Let’s do something about that. Rules of the game this season? Find out more about what it's like to work in a corporate job at Superdry. Designed and developed by Jones and Palmer, View Shareholder Information's child pages, View Zero Waste; Lower Impact's child pages, Converting to 100% Renewable Electricity by 2030. Superdry is a young business which employs more than 5,000 people worldwide. We also offer a match funding programme for the individual charitable work done by individual colleagues. Because of their poorer quality and durability, counterfeit goods don’t actually save you money. - Get into education or training - Facilitation of Trust programmes such as ‘Get into’ Design SUPERDRY X. It’s time to start searching for something special. We invest time, effort and money into ensuring that our people, and the communities in which our company is based and operates, benefit positively from Superdry’s presence and success. Superdry is committed to ensuring that our colleagues across the globe are invested in, supported, developed and given the opportunity to progress their careers within the business. Womenswear followed suit in 2013 with a collection of four iconic jackets. This year we have been working hard to better understand our sustainability footprint - from the extended supply chain that manufactures finished product, to understanding our raw materials footprint and identifying opportunities for sustainable sources. We monitor conditions within our supply base through third party ethical audits – completed on a semi-announced or unannounced basis , – and support sustainable improvement through our Ethical Trading team in key source countries, and wider local stakeholders. - Supporting The Prince's Trust organisation with strategic thinking, infrastructure projects and connect them with our network of third party suppliers. Collections of depth and style are sold via more than 400 global retail points, from London to Mumbai, New York to Hong Kong. Our Mission: Build a creative and product led brand to inspire and engage the contemporary style obsessed consumer - always. #SuperdryCode, Your jacket is your kit: make a statement. We’re obsessed with quality in everything we do. It’s time to start searching for something special. The post My Holiday Style | Find something special appeared first on Superdry Edition. Worn with style #SuperdryCode Host a specific Princes Trust young people School Day in autumn 2017. Your bag is empty. With Julian as Brand & Product Director and James as Head of SuperDesign Lab, Superdry’s style values have never wavered throughout its extraordinary journey: incredible tailoring, super-soft cotton with authentic vintage washes, high quality fabrics and iconic hand-drawn graphics all combine to create future classics. Whether you're after an essential parka coat built to key you dry ... We've got your back with our latest collection of essential bags. These include methods such as incineration and anaerobic digestion (AD). We are also committed to identifying and eliminating the sources and distribution networks of counterfeit products on a global scale in collaboration with investigation agencies, legal advisors, law enforcement bodies and other brands. The young style rebels. The core ethos to offer quality, value and design is as true today as it was in the early days. Production, Sourcing and Quality & Technical, Connect with Superdry Careers on Google Plus, Connect with Superdry Careers on LinkedIn. Passion is one of Superdry’s core values. Original and Vintage is one of our signature aesthetics, it is loved by the style obsessed all over the world and across generations. We're obsessed with quality in everything we do. We are a lifestyle, Superdry is a way of life. These include young people who are: - Unemployed Production, Sourcing and Quality & Technical, Connect with Superdry Careers on Google Plus, Connect with Superdry Careers on LinkedIn, Best support our colleagues while extending our values to support people operating in our supply chain and within our local and wider communities, Protect our planet by using resources sustainably.

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