sv650 scrambler kit

Suzuki’s SV650 has originally a very good schoolboy appearance and even the sitting position is kinda silly if you ask me. In collaboration with Motorhuis Seppe we built a real badass scrambler for Suzuki Netherlands.

… (2) What handle bar was used? (3) The seat!

| Headlight Mask, LGSV ¡Qué pasa, motero! | 
Recently, one of our favorite builders–Moto Adonis of The Netherlands–received the mission from Suzuki Netherlands to toughen up an SV as a concept bike. Plug and play you say?? But that makes it the perfect blank canvas for a modern custom. One of the key points was clear that it must be a plug and play system, without any frame modifications, and I’ll tell you: in the end, after the conversion was finished, I again removed the all the parts and asked my brother-in-law Jarco ‘’an accountant’’ to rebuild it into a scrambler.


However, you can send a non-binding request to the distributor by continuing the order process (Button: Send request). Black. Do you agree or do you like what you see? The bike is affordable and bulletproof, with decent power and solid handling.
Wir bitten um Verständnis dafür, dass sich die Lieferzeiten, aufgrund der aktuellen Situation, insbesondere in Frankreich und Spanien, verlängern können. Source: We started by creating a new base plate and attachment points for the seat to fit it as tight as possible to get around the existing frame.

“The whole idea of converting a modern street bike into a scrambler—by ways of offering a bolt on kit—was something that we had been mulling over for a year,” says C-Racer’s Antonis Kapetanios. Como alternativa, también puedes comprar productos a uno de nuestros distribuidores locales ubicados en tu país. The mudguard at the front had to be replaced of course for a simple aluminum handmade fender.

SV650 Scrambler: In the Builder’s Words. IMPORTANTE:

While we like the idea of a scrambler SV650, Suzuki and SW Motech played it a bit safe (or wallet-friendly) and coud have pushed things a bit further for a truly retro look.

13677, Greecep: 210 8075387 email:, Copyright © 2020 - c-racer by HLD | all rights reserved. SW-MOTECH also produces systems for bar positioning and vibration dampening. Chain Guard, SNPSV And o fcourse without losing the feeling of grip.

K-Speed is a large supplier of motorcycle parts and accessories with branches all over Thailand.

Web: Moto Station, Suzuki to Unveil SV650X at Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki Tries for Retro With the SV650X Cafe. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Scrambler Kit In May 2017, the brand new technical center of Royal Enfield was inaugurated in Leicester, England, marking the return of the legendary name in Old Albion after … Click here to fill in a rating for this item (after login), Twice the bending stiffness compared to standard handlebars, Large tube diameter: 28.6 mm in the clamping area / 22.2 mm at the ends / 14 mm in the inner grip area, Solid construction in high-strength aluminium alloy, Includes converter for ø 22 mm (original handlebar) to ø 28.6 mm, Black handlebar end caps are also included in delivery, Exclusively designed for the Suzuki SV650, Weather-resistant and durable powder coating, The windscreen is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and replaces the original plastic front, Easy mounting on original fairing holders, Protects the sides, not the radiator ribs, For an individual look: designed by SW-MOTECH to match the appearance of the motorcycle, Solid construction and easy to install with original screws, Solid aluminum construction as an alternative to plastic chain guard, Simple mounting with provided mounting materials, Rubber-lined attachment dampens driving vibrations, Developed to match the look and feel of the motorcycle, Easy to install on original mounting points, Developed by SW-MOTECH to match the look of the motorcycle, High-quality alternative to the original plastic cover, The set contains 17 decals: one set each for tail, side panel, chain guard and fenders and there are two versions to choose from for the tank, High temperature and dimensional stability, Also resistant to oils, greases and fuels, 1 x Superbike handlebar flat Ø 28.6 mm incl.

SW-MOTECH USA SV650-KIT-S. for Suzuki SV650 Unpainted. Please note that prices, shipping and payment terms may differ from those shown here.

IMPORTANT: The result, your posture is somewhat a bit different but your buttocks have absolutely nothing to suffer anymore! SW-MOTECH USA Votre commande ne peut donc être traitée via ce magasin en ligne. So you can always restore it to its old form. Por lo tanto, su pedido no puede procesarse a través de esta tienda en línea. You can see more Moto Adonis builds here. Portland, OR 97210 Suzuki France will launch a new version of the popular SV650 this summer: the Scrambler 2.0, a lightly modded SV that takes on a vintage off-road personality.

Portland, OR 97210 Portland, OR 97210 Return & Refund Policy For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Vous pouvez envoyer une demande sans engagement au fournisseur en poursuivant votre processus de commande (bouton : envoyer une demande).

In fact, our senior correspondent Rick Brown owned an SV650 track bike for many years, and I could be heard ripping it around the neighborhood at times (it wasn’t street legal, of course).

Any help would be appreciated.

This is very unfortunate because the 647cc V2 is also a great lightweight play bike for the city but a great ride to pop on the small country roads.

Black/Grey. Scrambler kit.


13677, Greecep: 210 8075387 email:, Copyright © 2020 - c-racer by HLD | all rights reserved.

All the products are painted in the colors of the suzuki and are ready to be put on your motorcycle.

Scrambler Bolt On Kit, SV650-KIT-S

Looks-wise, the SV650 a pretty vanilla motorcycle. All twelve components are now available as special equipment exclusively from us – as a scrambler kit …

C-Racer will be distributing the kit via Parts Europe and Suzuki Hellas, which is good news for anyone who wants to mod a new SV650. To install this set you do not require any conversion to your motorcycle. SW-MOTECH USA

20mm, Return & Refund Policy All twelve components are now available as special equipment exclusively from us – as a scrambler kit or individually. Telefono: +1 503-744-MOTO Feel free to order directly from your country of origin.

Può tuttavia inviare una richiesta senza impegno al distributore mentre prosegue con la Sua procedura d'ordine (pulsante: invia richiesta) Questo, come di norma, la contatterà entro 2 giorni lavorativi sottoponendole un'offerta per la sua richiesta. Für das von Ihnen gewählte Lieferland wurde ein zusätzlicher Distributor gefunden. See details of each product on separate pages.

PRO side carriers off-road edition Black.

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