tech sights tsr100 vs tsr200

$69.00. Joined: Sep 23, 2008 Messages: 927 Location: PA. TSR100 or TSR200 for a liberty training rifle for Appleseed. How hard are they to install?

Are the TSR200 worth the extra money? Tech Sights TS 200 Sights for Ruger 10/22. Average Which tech sight is best to get the carbine “feel”? Because of this, you can’t really use a tight sling on a takedown without significantly hurting group size. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Tech sigh are really good.

Local gun shop installed it and I think the guy used Red thread locker. I kinda figure Tom knows how to run any rifle he has. Having just run my new Tech Sights through a weekend of Appleseed shooting, I felt it necessary to review them. If you’re looking to add irons to your Ruger 10/22, look no further. I just bought a Takedown – these sights would still hold zero in spite of repeated assembly / disassembly, no? Williams Firesights went on the Ruger and after a little tweaking I’m pleased with the results.

And certainly harder to train new shooters to use. For ammo, I used Wolf Ammunition’s 40-grain Match Target and Norma’s 40-grain Tac-22. My first group was visibly smaller, and the shot dispersion was circular rather than oblong with both types of ammo. Email this Page. The only “scary” part is driving out the front sight as it is very tight. On a side note, I ordered over the phone and the woman I dealt with was super nice. ENTER TECH-SIGHTS LLC. There’s actually going to be a follow up article about this specifically. Shooting well with irons is immensely satisfying and these sights make that process much easier. Overall * * * * * I installed the Williams Fire Sights on my 10/22 a couple of years ago. I really wish I would have ponied up for the Tech Nights. The factory irons are terrible. He recommended the TSR100 and TSR200 Ruger 10/22 sights from Tech Sights.

Elevation only on the front. Very Poor. The 100 emulates the sights on the M16A1, where all your elevation adjustment is in the front sight: the rear is windage only. What issue have you had with them? Yeah The Lady I talked to was very nice also...hoping it gets here before the weekend.. Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Long Island Firearms™, LLC. However, after a day and a half of expert instruction, I have learned much more than I thought possible. unless your arm is calibrated and you can apply the same pressure for every shot. I considered adding a red dot, but I love the simplicity of iron sights on the Takedown. Either way be sure to buy the adjustment tool and it will save you a lot of time! You currently have javascript disabled. So hopefully I can avoid the same issue on mine. I have them on two Kel-Tec rifles (SU-16 and SU-22), and there they are a must, because the stock peep sight is crappy and hard to adjust.

The 200's come with the taller post already installed. Being able to quickly remove the dust cover for cleaning saves a lot of time and hassle. If you don’t have these handy, or worry about marring your baby, a qualified gunsmith can probably get these installed in under 10 minutes. TSR200 allows for additional elevation adjustment at the rear sight. I tore up the 4-prong plastic magpul tool because I jammed it in without looking at it. ), i would just find the dent and i was back to zero! I know the difference between the sights is the elevation adjustment in the rear TSR200, but isn't the TSR100 also elevation adjustable via the front sight? It just isn't easy or smooth to make accurate adjustments like it is on other sights. The all-steel front sight is an AR-15/M16 type and slides into the dovetail.

I have these too, and I tried them with the Tech Sights front site, but it didn’t work. TACBRO Ruger 10/22 Auto Release Plate - Replacement Accessories Only 8 left in stock - order soon. I also had them on AK and SKS; in both cases they definitely do deliver vastly improved sight picture, but on SKS it just looks too weird and not very convenient to remove and reinstall every time you clean it. I did have the Williams and had the same issue until i over tightened it once. Something that’s magazine fed with at least a 5 round capacity and at least a front sling swivel is best (bring 2 mags). You're unlikely to try long range shooting with a .22lr, and even more unlikely to hit anything if you do The range adjustment on the tech sights isn't really necessary, since you'll pretty much be locked in at 25 yards (at least with the .22). With the TSR100, I removed the two rearward receiver screws and mounted the rear sight with the supplied screws. I had to order a replacement front post. The front sight post has come off and was lost for me. They will make a dramatic difference in your ability to use the 10/22 platform effectively.

The rifle wasn’t a whole lot more accurate(at least with my old fart eyes. The TSR200 has an extra elevation adjustment underneath the aperture to co-witness the sights with a low-profile red dot like the Bushnell TRS-25 or Aimpoint Micro. To secure it in place, turn the front screw to expand the base to lock the sight in place. When shooting, I held the round target on top of the post like a lollipop and fired away. First among them is a longer sight radius. After a couple of applications the sight settled down. With the TSR100, the windage is adjusted on the rear, and the elevation is adjusted on the front. I put the scope on my Winchester marketed Russian toz bolt gun and am pleased with that. For some, this has been asked and answered already.

I wish the front somehow had Magpul MBUS Pro adjustments but it doesn't.

Worried about $10?I have the 200 on my model 60.Great sights. I understand the difference between the TSR100 and the TSR200. The tech sights front sight post has 5 notches so make sure you use a 5 prong tool. I went from grouping 2 inches at 25 yards to shooting a rat hole smaller than a quarter. Maybe he’ll show up at appleseed with his big fiddy. No so much worried about $10, more wondering about the trade off of a dual apature on the 100 vs. the adjustability on the 200. great topic, I was just thinking of the tech sights....can I put that TSR 200 on top of my scope rail that came on my 10/22 ? The net result is improved accuracy. Any rifle is allowed at an appleseed. TSR100 comes standard with dual apertures (.062) and is compatible with M16/AR15 apertures. All Guns and Ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. If you shoot with a scope keep it turned down to 3-4 power to help with eye relief in different positions and decrease the risk of cross firing into your neighbor’s (or your own incorrect) target. TSR100 set’s rear sight is adjustable for windage and features close-range and long-range flip-up apertures similar to the M16A2 sight. I scored Rifleman using these sights as did my other two colleagues using the same sight system. Got the Tech Sights in the mail yesterday. Order the 200's. I ended up going with the TSR100, sight tool, and OD cotton sling. Tech Sights brings several great features to the 10/22 platform. A 10/22 is a great tool for Appleseed, allows you to improve your skills without spending hundreds of dollars in ammo. . 10/22 tech sights TSR100 vs TSR200 Rimfire. I have the Tech Sites on my 10/22TD and I haven’t needed to rezero except for elevation when shooting long range. In this segment of “Cameras Don't Lie,” competitive shooters Patrick Sweeney and Jim Tarr head to the range to put the vaunted loads on record, and then consider the footage. Page 2 of 2 - TSR100 vs. TSR200 Tech Sights - posted in Semi-Auto [Rifles]: I ended up going with the TSR100, sight tool, and OD cotton sling. Trijicon RMRcc Reflex Sight Review – Perfect for Concealed Carry, Red vs. Green Lasers: Visibility in Bright Light, Springfield Armory SAINT Edge Pistol Review, SilencerCo SCO15 Lower Receiver – First Look, Guns & Ammo TV: Cameras Don't Lie: 9mm vs .45 ACP, Surefire XSC Micro-Compact Pistol Light: First Look. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. You owe it to yourself to try it at least once. Pocket carry, as a method of concealed carry for a defensive firearm, can be a practical option when done right. Accuracy * * * * * . companies in a wide array of industries.

It’s very safe and well organized. I went with the spud front sight and now have no issues. It can also take AR replacement rear sights. I’ve seen people do it with open iron sights, but they were shooting something with a long sight axis and were very familiar with the gun; otherwise it’s very hard to shoot quickly enough with a consistent elevation. He recommended the TSR100 and TSR200 Ruger 10/22 sights from Tech Sights. Multiple takedowns, travel, regular use including informal club competition and practice. Usable sure, but not nearly good enough for precision work.

In this segment of “At The Range,” Handgunning Editor Jeremy Stafford and contributor Patrick... Springfield Armory's SAINT Edge Pistol may be the best AR pistol on the market. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. If you want to use it at an appleseed or to practice traditional marksmanship, the takedown is bottom of the list for a 10/22. Short answer, based on my experience, no. *These sights will also fit the old model Ruger 44 Magnum Carbine. Press J to jump to the feed. TSR100 comes standard with dual apertures (.062) and is compatible with M16/AR15 apertures. I am mostly going to be using these for plinking but also for varmints so I want them to be as accurate as I can shoot. I bought a scope for my 10-22 and hated it. Go ahead and invest the money in the Tech Sights tool while you’re buying things as they are impossible to adjust otherwise. Your email address will not be published. Just because the cartridge wasn't designed to go long doesn't mean Rifles & Optics Editor Tom Beckstrand won't take it there, using a large-format pistol, no less. Don't have Tech sights, but I really like my ace in the hole sights. Tech Sights brings several great features to the 10/22 platform. At the range, the TS 200 set works as advertised and helped me shrink my groups from fist sized using the old dovetail to bottlecap sized at 25 yards.

It really made my Marlin 795 more enjoyable…well, after the Locktite. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Where the factory rear sight is mounted forward of the receiver in a dovetail on the barrel, the Tech Sights rear bolts to the receiver adding several inches to the sight radius. After having this sight for two years, I’ve actually found something “better”.

I have had issues with the screws in the rear sight coming lose. I shot five five-shot groups at 25 yards. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I figured that I can always upgrade the sight to the TSR200 just by changing the rear aperture insert. Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:305 SPECS: Front Sight - steel, blued, matte finish, .53" (13.4mm) wide, .90" (23mm) high. Armed with SIG Sauer's 9-inch-barreled MCX Virtus Pistol loaded with Black Hills' 125-grain TMK ammunition, Beckstrand attempts to ring steel at 600 yards with help from Hornady's 4DOF ballistic calculator in this segment of “Long Range Tech.”. A fingernail kinda sorta works sometimes or the pointy tip of a .223 bullet or something but it's much easier with the wacky looking 200 wrench.

I personaly haven’t noticed it, though.

Dedicated to America's favorite rifle, and Ruger's most popular firearm, the venerable 10/22. Good

My qualm about the factory sights is that they are cumbersome to adjust when I switch ammo. The sight, very very similar to this is integrated into a receiver length pic rail for the 10/22.

The elevation is adjusted like an AR front sight with a sight tool; each click will move the point of impact .25 inch at 25 yards.

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