the most beautiful city in west africa

It also hosts extraordinary towns and cities that are enriched with culture, history and other activities.Below are our top cities and towns. The Ghanaians are very friendly people and their tropical environment is very much favourable. There are many affluent areas, including East Legon— the location of the city’s only traditional shopping complex, Accra Mall. Accra has the biggest hopping mall in West Africa – The West Hills Mall. Iam wellcoming, Iam in ethiopia Some of the major place worth visiting in Dakar are the Grande Mosque, the Renaissance Monument, and the Dakar Cathedral. A Nerd who blogs, makes music, Video-graphs, writes #codes and LOOPS the whole process for a living. The city is main economic spirit of Nigeria, despite not the capital city of the country; it has the strong presence of notable companies, educational institutions and top-notch amenities. Another popular option is Osu, locally referred to as “Oxford Street”, where many go to shop and hang out. It is the country which has the largest cathedral in Africa which is in the capital, Yamoussoukro. This country offers the best of everything from beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and exotic cuisines. It also has a flourishing real estate sector, little wonder why it has become a favourite vacation destination for upper class Africans and tourists. The city is an interesting place to live, friendly people and unforgettable experiences. Abuja is one of the most well planned cities of Africa. There are plenty fishing methods visitors are taught. The most beautiful city in West Africa would depend on infrastructural development including availability of good roads, architectural designs and urban planning. The most delicious is barbecue meat, known as Suya which can be found everywhere in the city.

The city of Luxor, obviously in Egypt is located at the Southern part of Egypt, close to the Nile. Nigeria will captivate you with its rich and multicultural society. These countries boast a rich history, beautiful scenery and friendly people. Iam Interesting very much. We decided to get you the top 20 most beautiful cities in Africa. Taking the cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain at sunrise or sunset to take in the beautiful views is a must. 5 Best Snowboarding Gadgets To Buy In 2020, 5 Best Nokia 8.3 Cases And Covers In 2020, 7 New Gadgets You Should Buy In October, 2020, 7 Best iPhone 12 MagSafe Accessories, Gadgets To Buy In 2020, 5 Best Alienware Laptops You Can Buy In October, 2020, 7 Best Computer Mice For Your Laptop Or Desktop PC In…, 7 Gadgets To Add To Your Next Adventure Road Trip In…, Planning a Holiday?

Being in a voodoo country, one will have the chance to learn about the voodoo practices and sacrifices. That's me. If you’ve never visit Morocco, you should do that now and go in a tour through Sahara desert and its amazing cities. It is the smallest country in Africa, and it does not mean that it has to offer small things. Iam in ethiopia somali state And if you have never tried this water activity, this may be the perfect time to learn how to ride the waves like a daredevil. Should You Take a Road Trip During Covid-19? With an abundance of spectacular views and rich culture, Cape Verde is one of the most beautiful destinations in the West Africa. Rustenburg City is in the North West Province of South Africa. The major attraction is the Freetown Peninsula, which is lined with sun-drenched beaches that one will find hard to leave. Africa no doubt, is the second largest continent, behind Asia. Here, the particular focus is on West Africa. There are actually places in Lagos that have structures that will make you think you are in one of the cities in the developed countries. With an abundance of spectacular views and rich culture, Cape Verde is one of the most beautiful destinations in the West Africa. It is characterized by a high level of industrialization and urbanization, wide streets and green parks and has a good number of museums and art galleries that will attract visitors.

Other factors to consider before arriving at the best and most beautiful cities in are: shopping facilities, entertainment and leisure facilities, friendliness and hospitality. Lagos, the city of aquatic finery, is steeped in history and culture and has remarkable array of magnificent architecture and stunning attractions. Some years ago, Abidjan would have topped the list of most beautiful city in West Africa. Log in or create an account to add articles to your saved articles list.

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