the rebel kdrama

Hong Gil Dong, Amogae,and Hong Gil Hyun are so clever, it so nice watching them. Chaesoobinnn Jan 11 2017 12:45 pm It really has a very nice plot and story line. QArnela34 Apr 26 2017 10:24 am I love this drama. The plot story is good from ep.1 - ep.8, not boring. It follows the strippers/dancers and the drama from the inside point of view. What a amazing drama. He deserves one! cala Jul 25 2017 8:42 am to WoW us.. ✌. This is such great historical drama.

First time I saw Yoon Gyun-Sang. Ifesco Aug 01 2020 4:24 am NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.)

I Just Hope That She Wnt Die, , I Want A Happy Ending, zeemino May 03 2017 3:56 am Yhannnzzzz Dec 28 2017 12:35 am The cast was great and we loved their roles. The writing was perfect and the execution was one of the best I have experienced since "Jumong." I love this drama. I'm a big fun of her. Specially toon gyun sang and mori❤.

Nunaa May 23 2017 11:09 am The cast members were perfect for the roles cast in. nyam Aug 01 2019 5:58 pm Panda Jan 23 2017 7:37 pm I also thought the other girl that was with Sang Ha in the palace attending to Nok So, looked more like Uh Ri Ni when she was younger. Need more like this. please i hope it's not a love triangle so typical, make mori and gil dong sis to like each other, coz it would be a great twist,i mean know she's young but it's a historical drama and age doesn't matter there and plus I'm talking about the older version of gil dong sister, pleaseeee before he likes gil dong girl ughh. Can't wait for Moo-Hyul. Korea would have also been great if they only not cling to a ridiculous idea of noble status, and that lowly people cannot produced great works. Mariecar May 17 2017 1:42 am In 2010 when 14 area Chicago Public Schools are listed for Closure, Consolidation or turn-arounds, one school, Simon Guggenheim and one neighborhood, Englewood, decides to "fight back!" Also Chae soo bin is in it! I just saw him before as second lead. He will only make it look like he really killed her but the truth is, he missed her vital area so she'll live~! kdramaandkpop Feb 15 2017 3:41 am I hope Gil dong will end up with ga ryung, herfi Feb 22 2017 6:59 am I love the Hong fam. Loving every single episode!! 29 was originally scheduled to air Tuesday, May 9, 2017, but due to broadcasting of the South Korean Presidential election, ep.29 will air Monday, May 15, 2017. I loved him in Doctors. I really love this time because all my days are filled with amazing drama! Guiltypleasure Apr 25 2017 6:25 am This was definitely one of my favorite kdramas of this year! Blossom Mar 07 2017 10:46 pm looking forward to this drama hehe, KARMA Dec 24 2016 11:08 am amazing drama!!!!! But yh. Sha Apr 03 2017 12:57 pm So far I like Jang Nok Su's character here who actually love gil dong deeply in her heart but prefer to choose making her dream comes true. The story flows smoothly. The pace, the characters with their chemistry and real-feeling interactions, and a well-crafted story of depth=A+ from me. :). sooyoon or chaeyoon Feb 16 2017 12:00 pm This drama is very different from all the other dramas, it's refreshing and the story line gets better every week. Hope to see him in many dramas. Janice May 09 2017 10:18 am @ vdjsnx ===== Jung Da-Bin is Ok-Ran. A masterpiece :). The struggle between these two men demonstrate the qualities that a true leader needs. ssh Jan 04 2018 12:36 am One of the very best dramas ever.. Kantankerous May 16 2017 12:46 pm this drama really caught my attention on the first episode :) i'll continue watching it, yes Feb 04 2017 3:10 pm I watched til now about 100 saeguks, but this one managed it to the top 10 of me. Not only that it touches everyone's hearts but the cast have acted so well with respect to their given fictional characters.

Loved this drama. I just feel it and I'm already tearing up. ? Congrates..this drama won the best drama of the year at mbc drama 2017....they won the daesang..n even mori won new best actor....11 awards in one year..thats insane.... Ella chloe Dec 30 2017 6:51 am

OMG yess! Hong gil dong you are my new crush! There are no unnecessary flashbacks which do not help much to regular viewers of a series. King Yeonsangun had royal lineage but was reviled by his people while Hong Gil Dong was born as a slave but succeeded in winning over the hearts of the commoners. When compared to films of Hong Gil Dong old versions. T_T. 13. Really nice, never boring. I have to watch thisss, stupidpeople Jan 21 2017 3:05 am It is not impossible. I'm just glad that it was a peaceful passing..

We will have to see if the drama will maintain its quality. Everybody don't forget Kim Jung Hyun, handsome, talented and plays his role so convincing and sexy look. It fits in every scene, strengthens or lessens every respective moment and mood. In Korea ... AJ Sep 08 2017 12:11 pm I didnt have the time to comment how much i have loved this amazing drama.. I want them to be together till the end!!!! gildong__garyung Mar 05 2017 7:52 am ??? Ouch!! @sophiagarcia/rannyfrancisco. The plot is great, detail and focus. From the child actors to the seniors.

Sorry Feb 23 2020 8:56 pm i thought every episode of this drama is at its best already but its best gets on that level where you could define perfection as the episodes go on. 10/10.

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