the red room scp

I got the legend status I was looking for, of course. And then one day when I was dumping an especially long string of ideas on Quincy, he told me he'd barf a swarm of bees on my face if I didn't shut my motormouth. Its interpersonal skills have rapidly degenerated, to the point of being visibly nervous around interviewers, even those permitted to address it by its given name for bonding purposes. She wasn't around when I first arrived, though. Select a membership level. But then one night– actually, hold on. This still sucks, though, I gotta say. You got anything to drink in here? That was when I knew, deep in my gut, that Manny'd been taking kids. SCP-2094: It's all I have, now, Manny! I have consulted with my peers on this issue, and we agree that SCP-2094's unstable mental state puts riskier options out of the equation. An alarm can be heard blaring from the other side of the blast door. I'll bite. Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. Why the hell not? Low-hanging fruit. SCP-2094: Ophelia, occasionally– and I always cry. $2. And then when I broke it off with Theo, that put the final nail in its coffin. Dr. O'Sullivan: He sounds like an interesting person. Don't! Bio Site-59 caretakers were able to successfully restrain and sedate SCP-2094. Currently, it only serves as a dead end. SCP-2094: I did, indeed! SCP-2094 has yet to completely explain what led to its improvement in mood, but so far I've been able to gather that it has "made peace with the past", "forgiven and been forgiven in return," and "gotten back something valuable". Additionally, SCP-2094 is capable of redirecting any physical matter that enters its mouth into an extradimensional organ made of anomalously elastic intestinal tissue. I just decided to take the high road and give 'im a couple minutes time out in my gut. SCP-2094 leaps from its bed and begins knocking its head violently against the wall. And would it really kill you guys to stock the bathrooms with two-ply? SCP-2094 was recovered in an open field near Kamifurano, Japan, along with an assortment of non-anomalous artifacts related to GoI-233 (Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting). Dr. O'Sullivan: You seem to be in a talkative mood. I understand many of the freaks were kidnapped and abused from a young age, but you're very far from your captors now. Broken family, orphan, saved from the streets, stuff like that. They pull my mouth open good and wide. Total douchebooger, but pretty handy with a pair of swords. Back in the day I was a pretty timid kid, b'lieve it or not. SCP-2094: Okay, good. SCP-2094: Yeah, the entire thing! SCP-2094: Well, that's how Manny did things for a long time. I felt it was important for you to be aware of the situation, and given your background in the mental health field, I hope that you will not hesitate to offer any advice you may have concerning the situation. He had to make an example of me. Dr. O'Sullivan: And you weren't treated badly at the circus? SCP Universe. A real gem of a woman, my mother. It's obvious what this place is. It's all I have! Is this the looney bin where all the superstars eventually end up? Okay, so picture this: lush, green grass. Wait. Life in Bio Site-59 might take some getting used to. Dr. O'Sullivan: Were there any problems between you and your family? Any amount counts. He told me they belonged out in the world, sharing their gifts, making people laugh and scream and puke. Priceless. Dr. Anniston: You're referring to the misadventure that led to you ending up in the trunk, correct? It's kind of funny looking back on it, now that I know that it practically killed him to do it. Let me get back to that in a second. Includes Discord benefits. I needed a big ticket idea, something that wouldn't just be a hit but would earn me legendary status. They never made me feel like being a freak was anything to be hidden or ashamed of. But usually he's off doing his own thing. You can thank our Ringmaster for that. So when I got to be a horny teenager, I thought, "why not devour a woman whole?" We're at Knott's Berry Farm, obviously! I ran away, and they took me in with open arms! Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible). Why did you save her, after all the terrible things she did to you?" Dr. O'Sullivan: Do you know an individual at the circus with an upside-down face? I got a whooping now and again, but what kid doesn't? Seriously, I've slept in prisons that were more hospitable than this place. Some slight semblance of sensitivity? See, you'll trudge through life, trawling through the muck of your mundane existence, drowning in pencil shavings, and choking on the sterile fumes of your tidy little office, until one day you realize the stale taste of paper and politics in your soul has become so overwhelming that even the most stringent of fluoride can't scrub it away. At first, everyone thought it'd just be a step down from the clown thing, but then I came up with the idea to put a plant in the audience, call them up into the ring, and then swallow them in one gulp. Room's a bit too clean for my taste, but hey–it's the performer that makes the stage. Manny was waiting for me when I got back. Heh. There, that was pretty good, wasn't it? Wide open space. Faith and begorrah! Then, all of a sudden, a Chrysler comes barreling into the Big Top, hits a ramp, and sails down my throat. SCP-2094: You know what? Said I'd betrayed him, betrayed the circus, betrayed the trust that was put in me when I got transportation privileges. Where was I? Showed up at my window, silhouetted against the stars, just like Peter Pan. Hello, nurse! He's a very memorable fellow. Dr. O'Sullivan: That could be arranged, yes. During that time, it has shown minimal and inconsistent progress, continually resisting treatment and refusing to cooperate with me and my staff. Yeah, she noticed. I'm not gonna dish, you hear me? Sorry, Sully, but I think I've done enough talking. Well, just take my word for it when I say it was pretty damn nifty. SCP-2094's lower jaw and facial muscles can be pulled and stretched up to 2 meters in any direction without causing any considerable pain or injury. How've you been, doc? It's beginning to open up about its thoughts and feelings for the first time in years, and has even requested juggling clubs, which it has been granted access to under supervision.

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