the vortex monologue

The play depicts the sexual vanity of a rich, ageing beauty, her troubled relationship with her adult son, and drug abuse in British society circles after the First World War. In 1960 a BBC version starred Ann Todd and David McCallum as Florence and Nicky. They can be activated by right clicking on them or through wires. "[7][n 1], Until 1968 the English theatre was subject to official censorship; plays had to be licensed by the Lord Chamberlain's Office. [3], To add to the dramatic effect of his play, Coward included a further source of conflict between the mother, Florence, and son, Nicky. The reviewer Paul Taylor wrote: "[W]hat stops the production from taking full flight is the decision to edit out all the hints that the drama is a coded play about homosexuality. He reveals his drug habit to her and begs her to give up her selfish ways and to behave like a mother.

[16] Coward was able to engage the veteran actress Lilian Braithwaite, who accepted the part for the small salary offered and learned it at very short notice. "[47] In a review of Peter Hall's 2008 production Christopher Hart wrote in The Sunday Times that the climactic confrontation between Nicky and Florence is "suddenly, less brittle Coward than howling Strindberg, all revulsion and choking disgust at life in general and 'the utter foulness of growing old' in particular. Tom Veryan. The Vortex dates less because it gives a twist to a timeless episode in Hamlet. The Vortex - Play. [17], The Vortex opened at the Everyman on 25 November 1924, with the following cast:[18], The production was well received for its passionate acting and became a sensation because of its scandalous subject matter. Take a look at our library of free monologues. Nicky arrives as Helen leaves and he and Florence quarrel more. She does not disguise these, creating society gossip. library of free monologues. Despite, or because of, its controversial content for the time, the play was Coward's first great commercial success. Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more! A young composer, Nicky, proposes to his lover named Bunty. Results may vary. [43] In an ITV adaptation in 1964 those roles were played by Margaret Johnston and Nicholas Pennell. Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. [45], In 1961 Kenneth Tynan described The Vortex as "a jeremiad against narcotics with dialogue that sounds today not so much stilted as high-heeled". The action of the play centers on Nicky’s confused sexuality as well as his resentment for his mother. Nicky is engaged to Bunty Mainwaring, a journalist; his mother Florence, an ageing socialite beauty, has extramarital affairs with younger men in an attempt to recapture her youth.

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