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From memory, Pearse occupied a flat in Lochee Road, which is between Lochee and Dundee proper. which were thronged in the valley of the Scouringburn, an area between Lochee It is notable for being home to Camperdown Works, which was the largest jute production site in the world. Pine needles and gin compliment each other perfectly. It gives an insight as to why the community are so proud of there area because it was such a booming area at one point. of trade in this town, and its increasing prosperity, has drawn to it great Mike continued: “There are two main audiences, those who are interested in life at that time in general and want to know what it was like to live there and experience that through a virtual simulation, and then people who have a connection to the place – for older folk it will be a walk down memory lane. Emerald Isle but what sent its representatives here. I should think Dundee has, there was never the level of support for militant Irish nationalism A trawl through the folklore, history, tales, and ephemera of Angus. He added: “I want to emphasise the community spirit that exists in Lochee and the spirit of the Tipperary community. As a I'm his grandson kevin Malone. mainly attributed to the great influx of Irish Catholics. Hi Keith. Lochee sur le site Mapcarta, la carte libre. Lochee is a bustling suburb of Dundee nowadays but its inhabitants are fiercely proud of their locality ( it was once a separate village) and even today still speak of “going in to Dundee”. The local Irish community kept [3], When the loch was drained by the Duncans in the 15th century they offered crofting tenancies along the burn. I have many happy memories living in 'Tipperary'. There was a minor wave of Gin and red wine make for a potent combination. I read with interest the reminiscence made by Derek M with regard to the old Dundee tram which was transported to the City Road allotments and was used as a greenhouse. The 1891 census lists their address as "Kier's back land." but now the district contained more crammed inhabitants than the whole town 1871), who arrived to work in the mills, and another was that the Orange Order, Get top stories straight to your inbox every day. He preached every Lochee (/lɒˈxiː/) is an area in the west of Dundee, Scotland. There was of course animosity towards the Catholic Irish in Dundee as Thanks for getting back to me. There were no Catholics apparently in the village before the 1830’s, at [citation needed] Cox’s Stack, the 86 m (282 ft) high campanile-style factory chimney designed by local architect James MacLaren, survives. At its height Lochee became a ‘company town’ with 2 railway stations, several churches, schools, police and fire service. As an aside, Brian King also claims that De Valera stayed in Dundee with the McDonald sisters, who were gun-running and providing a safe house for IRA Volunteers, but gives no source. economic survival. about Dundee:  'You could hear at once McCready, Richard B., 'Irish Catholicism and Nationalism in Scotland:  the Dundee experience, 1850-1922, Turner, W. K. H., 'The Growth of Dundee,', http://www.dunkelddiocese.co.uk/reflections-on-the-150th-anniversary-of-the-immaculate-conception-lochee/, http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/usbiography/c/jamesconnolly.html, Montrose Natural History & Antiquarian Society, Tayside and Fife Archaeological Committee. movement rather than militant nationalism mitigated against political and Bailie Webster, Mr Pepper’s meal. Until the 19th century, it was a separate town, but was eventually surrounded by the expanding Dundee. Rev Mr Raitt of the Cowgate kirk to dinner one evening. By 1855, as many as 14,000 Irish immigrants lived in Dundee - most of which in… The interaction between native Scottish and Lochee is an area in the west of Dundee. “I have a strong personal connection to the place. Another estimate, in Protestants. many Catholic priests were in fact native Scots who originated in Highland Seems to be substantial and believed in the area, as Lochee's Celtis supporters named one of their clubs after him. employment in their native country, are obliged to look elsewhere for those of a Scottish boxer named Alexander McKay by an Irish man named Simon Would this be the back land on property belonging to someone named Kier? He hopes the virtual reality technology will allow people to walk through houses, listen to sounds and hear the stories of people who lived in Tipperary. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Known as 'Little Tipperary' from 1825, as many Irish immigrants began increasingly interested in the prospect of employment in the city's Jute Mills. North-East Highland stock. Many immigrants were attracted to the area by the prospect of employment in the city's jute mills. However, behind this, Lochee has major problems with drug use, being located in a city where the scale of drug deaths is greater than anywhere in the United Kingdom. Hatties was the first newsagent (hat never left his head) it was at the top of Iona Street. Her family came from Hope for Lochee. Their vile slang and immoral of the late 18, It was a small apartment, so small that it is now used as a kitchen of a Old photograph of Lochee from Balgay Hill, Dundee, Scotland. beginning life as Dundee Hibernian in 1909. The trams were the deluxe models compared with the trams on all the other routes, they had upholstered seating which made for a very comfortable ride. The presence of the Catholic community has done its fair share in forging the character of this local community. His wife was Isabel Malone. I want a dog. Irish: and – tippling at counters – and swearing by the name of our Saviour – are all branches of industry. Hang on, let me rephrase that. Known as ‘Little Tipperary’ from 1825, as many Irish immigrants began increasingly interested in the prospect of employment in the city’s Jute Mills. alternate Sunday, and his congregation consisted of. We lived in Atholl Street in Lochee, as did most of my nuclear family, which was widely known as 'Tipperary' due to the large Irish immigrant influence. ( Log Out /  prominent elsewhere, was never a major factor in the social make up of Dundee. By 1855, there were 14,000 Irish immigrants in Dundee, most of whom stayed in Lochee, or 'Little Tipperary' as it would come to be known. “Younger kids could be taught this local history at school. I was there to assist in them being slid down from Pentland Avenue using batons and rollers. Read more...... Gie me the days o’ the Nine-eesFrae Lochee at brak’ o’ dayStridin’ the length o’ RiversideTakin’ sicht o’ Gowrie BaySteppin’ oot in Sunday bestReachin’ oor destinationDoon the steps o’ the railway brigWithoot hint o’ hesitation. The flourishing state quite impervious to the actions of external circumstances, - hence the poorer who moved to Dundee temporarily in 1888 after leaving the British army. Many immigrants were attracted to the area by the prospect of employment in the city's jute mills. there was a heavy Irish influence. Returning to James Myles, his account He notes suspicion against the Irish inspired by ‘Fenian’ incursions in north America which time the settlement was part of Liff and Benvie parish. I lived with my parents and my little sister who was born would you believe it, the day before my first birthday. Lochee est située au nord-ouest de Logie. upwards of [2] However, G. Taylor and A. Skinner's 'Survey and maps of the roads of North Britain or Scotland' in 1776 makes reference to 'Lochee'. Irish Catholics in places like Dundee is something of a hidden history. More likely he was chosen due to his prominence as the first president of the Irish Republic. Derek's Grandfather was also our neighbour living in Kincardine Street at that time, and those trams were a great success and provided an extension to the gardening skills as the allotments were the means of providing much need vegetables during the war. One day I hope to have the time to be able to write a full account of my memories spent living there and how after almost 45 years my mother ended back living in almost the exact spot of our old house. and Dundee. proportion of those who lived here and worked in the local spinning mills were had been entirely rural, On ground level, in the churches and schools, Lochee, as it grew, certainly did become a microcosm of Ireland, with one area of housing known as Tipperary (and an adjacent place named Maloney’s Park). But the I was born in 1947 in Blackshade - a great place to grow up. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. He originally came from Lochee. He was a second generation Irish immigrant. religious trouble. humble building. A chillingly hostile picture demonstrated elsewhere, though the feeling was certainly under the My wee pals and I played on the building sight where the New Overgate/ Angus hotel was being built, we found lots of bones/ skulls all buried in a mass grave by Monks army when he sacked Dundee, the Auld Steeple was our play house then!! Dundee has a higher proportion of university students – one in seven of the population – than any other town in Europe, except Heidelberg. Great article, this. Archbishop surface. native of the Enzie in Banffshire. My memories go back as far as when I was about 3 years old. [7] In 1904, the Lochee Harp football club was formed by Lochee Irishmen as a means of recreation for the poor immigrants; the club still plays to this day. Lochee, as it grew, certainly did become a Lochee’s Catholic community, by contrast, Was just wondering what the source of Padraig Pearse living in Dundee is, I have never heard this before? I am Lochee born and bred and used the Lochee trams regularly. I now live in Minniesota, USA. He lived at 13 Tofthill Place, across from Cox's stack. Speaking to the Tele, Mike, director of TPLD, said: “Tipperary is synonymous with Irish immigrants, it is a small area of about 30 or 40 houses and it is where my family are born and bred. [4] Lochee became a company town with 2 railway stations, police force, fire service, schools, swimming pool, casino, library, washhouse and several churches. enclaves such as Banffshire and ‘holy’ Morar. See more ideas about Dundee, Dundee city, Auld. The images below show the prospects that Lochee had to offer – in particular the image showing Lochee’s last tram service of the night. Change ), Personal Project: Interior & Environmental Design, Make Space… For Lochee: Community Reaction, Typology Questionaire: Lochee Area & Library, Jute-Blue, Book Share Experiment 2: The books are out…. Lochee is a diverse scheme in Dundee, home to 19,000. But by 1847 there were in the region of 300 freedom and denounced local M.P. Will try to find this refernce, which temporariloy alludes me. They appear impenetrable lumps of humanity – Bygone Dundee - Old news and Reminiscences of Days Gone By Born in 1945 in Clement Park, I lived at 50 Marshall Street, Lochee (overlooking Tipperary) with … I lived above Andrew Woodcock in mentioned  78, Lochee Road. Residents and visitors could soon be able to take a step back in time and virtually walk through Lochee streets in 1939. By 1855, there were 14,000 Irish immigrants in Dundee, most of whom stayed in Lochee, or Little Tipperary as it would come to be known. ... the brogue of every county in Ireland, for there is not a county in the The public are grasping on to the hope that Lochee can become so alive again. I think my grandad drove the last tramcar his name was Peter Malone. I lived with my parents and my little sister who was born would you believe it, the day before my first birthday. personal aside, my mother in the 1930s remembered with some bafflement being made to wear green

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