tmodloader example tile

Allows you to make stuff happen whenever the tile at the given coordinates is drawn. This serves as the central class from which tile-related functions are supported and carried out. Learn more, Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Definition at line 952 of file TileLoader.cs. Definition at line 82 of file TileLoader.cs. Definition at line 896 of file TileLoader.cs. Useful for drawing things that would otherwise be impossible to draw due to draw order, such as items in item frames. Definition at line 913 of file TileLoader.cs. Definition at line 33 of file GlobalTile.cs. For example, creating dust or changing the color the tile is drawn in. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products. References Terraria.ModLoader.ModTile.adjTiles. Definition at line 996 of file TileLoader.cs. If no ModTile with the given type exists, returns null. Called for every tile the world randomly decides to update in a given tick. What is the Tile ID for the This serves as the central class from which tile-related functions are supported and carried out. This can be used with the arrays in TileID.Sets.RoomNeeds. Definition at line 429 of file TileLoader.cs. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. Definition at line 553 of file TileLoader.cs. Allows you to determine how much light the block emits. The closer parameter is whether or not the tile is within the range at which things like campfires and banners work. What is a proper way to support/suspend cat6 cable in a drop ceiling? Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Definition at line 533 of file TileLoader.cs. Learn more. Definition at line 23 of file GlobalTile.cs. Definition at line 644 of file TileLoader.cs. Definition at line 460 of file TileLoader.cs. Definition at line 58 of file TileLoader.cs. Definition at line 209 of file GlobalTile.cs. Allows you to modify the dust created when the player walks on this tile. You can use it to make your multi-tile block drop a single item, for example. The type of the sapling should be returned here. Definition at line 239 of file GlobalTile.cs. Whether or not the smart interact function can select this tile. Definition at line 630 of file TileLoader.cs. References Terraria.ModLoader.ModTile.AutoSelect(), and Terraria.ModLoader.Item. Only called if coordinates are placed in Main.specX/Y during DrawEffects. Use this method to either force or stop an autoload or to control the internal name. Definition at line 106 of file TileLoader.cs. Definition at line 54 of file TileLoader.cs. Returns true by default. Allows you to draw things behind the tile at the given coordinates. Definition at line 972 of file TileLoader.cs. Allows you to modify the chance the tile at the given coordinates has of spawning a certain critter when the tile is killed. Referenced by Terraria.ModLoader.Mod.LoadMusic(). Referenced by Terraria.ModLoader.RecipeFinder.AddTile(), Terraria.ModLoader.RecipeEditor.AddTile(), Terraria.ModLoader.ModRecipe.AddTile(), and Terraria.ModLoader.RecipeEditor.DeleteTile(). I've tried several different IDs, but none of them have worked.

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