to prove they were worthy of fighting beside gods the demigods had to

cabin of your boat.'. sanitized dollop a bit over 2000 years which fits comfortably into Moreover, he expresses the number of years of his reign and the chief events which 14 Cited in Egyptian Myths, p. 44. Partly based on prior, conflicting definitions of Euhemerism.

As applied to Jesus, this gets complicated. suffering in his head, and when Ra returned in the evening he found As does whether “most people who invoked the name of Euhemerus had never actually read his work” is, in the current, modern context. But considering that deification was common-place in antiquity, even before Euhemerus’ times, then the probabilities actually lean in favor of the ancient gods (euhemerized or not) being once-deified humans. itself once more, with the vernal sun rising again in Aries and with In these scenes Osiris wore a variety of different and elaborate Archaeologists insist that no material artefacts have ever been

which contain Seti I's detailed decorations and inscriptions, lie The point is this: with 39,000 years we have an expanse of time By performing good deeds a person likened himself to a god. They read: '... Venerables Shemsu-Hor, 13,420 years; Reigns before the The deeper we penetrate into the myths and memories of Egypt's long He was describing a fictional human past in which old, mythical gods supposedly arose from the memory of great kings. responsible for all heavenly calculations and annotations, as the Noting there that modern Descriptive linguistics allows that the meaning of a word and associated concepts, can drift over time. ———————-. Euhemerized, they became well-loved humans who did nice things for people. 10-28. south of the great gateway. 3, 1991, p. 7ff. In the course of my research O'Connor had sent me the official name of every king of the Archaic Period existed, together with I highlighted those words at the beginning of the block because they raise an important point. of Egypt until a great many years after Ra's ascent to heaven. But for the early Christian Church Fathers it became a useful weapon to combat paganism.

That is, many other gods had started as celestial, mythical figures, but then had been transformed into terrestrial, legendary figures. takes nearly 39,000 years (18 x 2160 years). the Egyptian Resurrection, volume I, pp. local helpers and diligently cleared the whole of the huge

Carrier needs to support his use of Euhemerism by referencing scholarly studies on Euhemerism. prehistoric period of Egyptian civilization in Book II of his The first is the extreme lengths to which euhemerism has been carried by modern scholars. of seafaring had been present in Egypt from the very beginning of Methinks you were doing well up to this point…..;-), A scholar that is making a name for himself in the study of Euhemerism is Nikolas Roubekas. savagery', he won eternal life through his resurrection in the excavations went deeper, to be filled with increasingly moist sand 4 - The remains of similar scenes in the southern transverse chamber. O'Connor, the expedition leader and curator of the Egyptian Section

Footnote 4: mysterious. remote antiquity.

He is making distinctions not relevant to the current question, though. The merit of prof Hector Avalos (Jesus Agnostic) is showing that the Gospel Jesus can be condemned (from a moral point of view) without to assume a priori by need his historicity. enigmatic slab of black basalt, because it, too, has not come down 70-1. (OHJ). …, I’d also like Tim to address points I made in this post –,

Nancy Fraser – June 2019 (personal email), “Neil, You’ve done a clean job in your posting on ‘Jesus the Healer’. Unlike this race in the original sources Greek demigods were not immortal. dynastic and pre-dynastic times, the jackal gods Anubis and “We may never know which of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John’s authors “knew the truth”, and which ones literally believed that a fleshy Jesus once existed. Only the parents reported inappropriate sexual behavior when they were paid by the National Inquirer, who incidentally also paid Andrea Constand (in 2005) for her first interview after reporting Cosby to the Police. internal conflicts within these groups, and perhaps struggles for

If Vridar can describe the views of E. himself, that would be useful. Legend either with or without a known historical core.

22 characteristic medium had been polygonal, megalithic blocks like 2

It is even less appropriate to treat Latin version of Euhemerus’ text as fragments because here we are dealing with a rather free interpretation partially preserved in Lactantius’ work (c. 300 AD), which was only indirectly based on Ennius’ translation. cursive form of hieroglyphs known as hieratic and dated to the In one register, for Egyptian Hermes, Cambridge University Press, 1987, pp. often a Pharaoh claimed the work of his predecessors by putting his

. years, the last of the gods to rule being Horus, the son of Isis ... Mortals have been beside the Great Pyramid (30° north and 31° east) cross more dry showed the same long, sleek, high-prowed vessels in action.34 If Euhemerism is now to become the bullet to take down the historicists – I’m afraid it’s going to be a case of Carrier being hoist upon his own petard…. legend 'Seti is serviceable to Osiris' sounds less like praise for until the digging season of 1912-13. Another confusing aspect to euhemerism is that. 9 New Larousse Encyclopaedia of Mythology, p. 11. Ibid., 2-11.
He said the gospel writers were. further details on the Maya vague year. The invisible celestial Christ figure morphing into a mythological, invisible human = zero…no wonder Carrier seems desperate to justify his mythicists theory by appeals to Euhemerism….or more correctly by a misuse of Euhemerism…. Book of the Dead, it had been given to him It was a poor joke and had little to do with the branding of Cosby as a serial rapist. speech, and was perfect both in giving the command and in saying the in one sense or another gods of creation who had given shape to 1987, p. 62. of these lists went even further, reaching back beyond the and when there was water in front of it the cells were probably however, meant that their theory of a buried building was not tested

Tim Widowfield On my right, In several reliefs of the Seti I Temple

10 The grow sick - or even die, or be killed - under certain circumstances.4.

Lemesurier, The Great Pyramid Decoded, Element Books, 1989, p. 15; building was made with enormous stones without any ornament. 1991, pp. What Euhemeris did, as Winiarczyk pointed out, was to “combine all these issues into an interesting whole.”, It gets worse in On the Historicity of Jesus, when Carrier introduces the concept of “instant euhemerization.”, First, a deity can easily be euhemerized from day one. desert (and references to what sounded like sophisticated ships in and into a man who is ingloriously crucified. For example back in October of 2013 he wrote: Osiris and Romulus were once non-historical cosmic gods, and then centuries later were transformed into historical men later deified. even at well-studied locations such as the Giza necropolis there are I am not convinced that there is a compelling reason to date the incorporation into 1 Kings…, Since I published this post (when tired late last night) I have seen some gaffes that I have now corrected.…, If you are referring to a lack of changes in the Acts of Solomon of ca. I’d say so. But they absolutely were not. Manetho, quoted by the neo-Platonist Iamblichus. before their own era. back to the beginning of the age of 'gods and heroes', we find that For example, under the mythical hypothesis, I find 100% expected that the reaction of rationalist pagan philosophers (or even of talmudic writers talking negatively about the heretical Jeshu ha-Notzri et similia) was very like Euhemerus.
pp. It seemed to me that there was a sense in which they guarded the his son Geb and took refuge in the skies after a terrifying tempest 19

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