tony succar wedding

For one year, you will be one of the two main sponsors (headliner)! He began recomposing Jackson’s iconic hits and infusing them with Latin rhythms, jazz, world music and American pop. You’ll get a pro cajita! [Plus everything above except La Cajita and Quijada]. “I’m extremely grateful that this project has to come to life and is finally being introduced to the world. Succar began spending 8-12 hours a day practicing timbales and congas, followed by two hours of sight-reading and music theory. His father Antonio Succar is a pianist and his mother Mimy Succar, a singer. The King of Pop gets a little ‘aSuccar’. Orta gave Succar the sheet music, and although at the time Succar couldn’t read music that well, he recognized the song. I was up against amazing drummers and musicians that had been studying music all their lives. His father Antonio Succar is a pianist and his mother Mimy Succar, a singer. The internationally acclaimed trumpet virtuoso was an artist-in-residence at the School of Music and recognized Succar’s energy and passion while playing congas with the ensemble. Busy with the release of his own album, he wasn’t interested in working on another project. He was barely visible behind the drum set. “I didn’t even think about music as a career, let alone a major.”. Unity - The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson The Latin Tribute To Michael Jackson is a testament to the power of music and one man's indomitable spirit. The idea for the UNITY project came when Succar began preparing for a Halloween performance. Tony Succar Mixes Latin Tribute To Michael Jackson . (iTunes only sales the Single Version). Your logo will be placed on the Main banner of the website and on all email blasts for 1 year… [Plus everything above except chart Cajita, Quijada, and Cajon], You’ll get your very own concert. Tony Succar’s family tree resembles a music sheet peppered with notes representing generations of musicians and singers. [Plus everything above except chart Cajita, Quijada, and Cajon] Yet, that audition in the Wertheim made Succar realize he had a lot to learn. With the FIU Jazz ensemble, and later with Mixtura, he played with Tito Rojas, Tito Puente Jr., Nestor Torres, and even shared the stage with Tito Nieves, who would later sing lead vocals on Succar’s first single – all while completing his undergraduate degree. From his paternal great-grandparents, Mexican composer Lauro Uranga and Spanish-born flamenco dancer Rosa Rodríguez Valero, to his maternal Japanese-Peruvian great-grandparents that sang and played musical instruments, music is undeniably in Succar’s DNA. “I remember they would shoo me out of the practice room, for fear of damaging my hearing.”. He began recomposing Jackson’s iconic hits and infusing them with Latin rhythms, jazz, world music and American pop. Music … A.k.a SMALL BOX (Afro-Peruvian instrument featured on the album) signed by all the percussionists in the band! “Michael meant so much to me. Missing from the compositions was the most important element: salsa singers gutsy enough to perform vocals on a Michael Jackson tribute album. Leave this field empty if you're human: SUSCRIBIRSE Y SIGUENOS ¡ACTUALIZACIONES DE TONY SUCCAR! The first week, Facebook and Twitter pages appeared for the project and Succar received thousands of followers.

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