top 10 scariest kirby enemies

They don’t really do anything with it, but it’s just so strange to see them standing there, weeping over their fallen comrade.

in fact I like the name of this boss and I think he has a cool design. The normal enemies aren’t too scary, not even the ones that appear in the atmospheric sections of the game. Super Smash Bros. is one of the best crossovers in gaming, so it’s only natural that some of its greatness would cross over into other games. In order to continue to deliver outstanding content, we need ad revenue! Unlike other regular enemies, the Scarfy can’t be eaten, meaning they are immune to Kirby’s main ability.

Let’s talk about some mainstream games now before people start figuring out that I am a massive Nintendo fanboy. KABOOM.

The only downside is that you can only damage bosses with the Pinpoint Kick until they launch a projectile that you can then throw back. At first sight these enemies seem very cute and innocent, in fact, they don’t even attack you. It also has a wacky multi-player and arcade mode, but the single-player decides to start you off in the underground labyrinths of a Russian science lab… with zombies in it. It's scream is a mix of a big baby (no pun intended) and a cat. While the ability is surprisingly absent from the poll, it will always be number one in my heart.

This means you need to backtrack, solve the remaining tasks and then track back… while invisible aliens chase you down constantly. You are essentially replaying the first level, doing the same things as before, but instead of the regular supportive commentary, you’ll be hearing the Narrator put all your actions in a bad light. It’s also used during the iconic battles between you and Meta Knight. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put this in an E rated game wasn't aware of how video game ratings work. It’s so fun that Kirby’s dash attack in Super Smash Bros. was changed from the Burning attack to the Yo-yo ability’s Break Spin. Honestly the “dark matter” look is the only creepy look.

The Flood, and especially their “Gravemind” leaders, are also very strong. By Sid Natividad Dec 18, 2019. This means that you have the Hammer, Stone, Cutter, Fighter, and even the Suplex ability all rolled into one. Unfortunately it has only appeared in Kirby Super Star (as well as its DS remake). The winner gets featured in a Nintendo 3DS theme and custom wallpaper, and may even appear in the upcoming Kirby Battle Royale for the 3DS. A third creepy face is when his eyes disappear, his mouth turns huge, and a yellow eyeball appears in his mouth (he looks a bit like Dark Matter when he does that). You’ll be going around the world with this ability! Nick finds the scariest enemies to count down for Halloween. Scary elements in non-horror games are my favorite subject to talk about, so I figured I’d make a list. Comment. Synopsis It's Halloween, so Nick wants to make a list about what made him poop his pants. The stories tend to be over-explained to the point of frustration, a lot of the games are just the same events from a different character’s perspective and there is a lot of conflicting writing. September 18th, 2012 at 2:16 pm; by Casper Bronmans; ... That might be the reaction of an outsider, but those who play the games know that Kirby titles tend to have some pretty out-of-place stuff. Another creepy face he makes is when his eyes turn huge and connected. Not only do you go fast and ram through metal blocks, but you can fly in the air and explode.

Showing such things in a cut-scene or just not at all would have taken so much away from the experience. Not only does the Lambent do more damage than before, but it also leaves a trail of toxic which can kill you in less than two seconds when you stand too close. Then his dad comes home and hands him a game, a game called “Time Splitters 2”. That's just great. This boss is creepy! Despite that, Suplex is not only strong but very, very fun. The first is The Covenant: an alien alliance of multiple races that is led by a council of deceiving religious and the second is… The flood. His emotionless face, the face when he cooks Kirby, he looks like someone who has killed. Big and giant white ball with a red eye that shoots blood, what is more creepier that this?

Games should stimulate your mind and nothing is as stimulating as a good scare. You can vote once per day until October 2. Lets not forget his second form involves HIS RED EYE TEARING IT SELF OFF OF US BODY IN A BLOODY MESS, , this boss is so creepy, first he take the control of King DeDeDe, and it's Dark Matter but the last form is a White ball with a red eye, and after it's only a eye... and he shoot blood, Again a single Eye Boss It's Zero but less creepy for me. What is your favorite Kirby copy ability? Don’t ask me how to pronounce this, but spot number 3 goes to the Ichthyosaur from the original Half-Life. Evil Otto. Let's start out the list with a choice that, while it is meant to be a joke, it's a bad joke. she is completely the opposite of creepy. The Ghost ability from Kirby Squeak Squad allows Kirby to possess nearly any enemy in the game, gaining access to all of their attacks exactly as they work in the game. The first sign that shit is about to go down. His belly turns into a monster mouth, and a certain scale down phase of dark mind appears inside of the monster mouth when he gets serious. Number 8 on this list goes to Scarfy. © Copyright 2020 Rely On Horror. If you have some contributions of your own, then feel free to leave them in the comment section. It’s so fun that Kirby’s dash attack in Super Smash Bros. was changed from the Burning attack to the Yo-yo ability’s Break Spin.

It’s so awesome that some of the moves of the Suplex ability are even used as Kirby’s throws in Super Smash Bros. His color fades away, he grows massive teeth, his eyes change and he starts chasing you relentlessly. This guy is the reason I sleep with the lights on. once you fight him, he turns into Kirby's worst nightmare (dark matter) to show that HE IS THE BETTER KIRBY!

Thanks to the Splitters, I can now play this game blindfolded and still find my way to the end of every level.

It’s also quite an involved process to actually get the ability; you need to collect all seven Ghost Medal pieces and then beat the mid-boss Tedhaun or find it in the Secret Area once all seven pieces of the Secret Map have been collected.

now what will happen if the random food is made by him? That might be the reaction of an outsider, but those who play the games know that Kirby titles tend to have some pretty out-of-place stuff. It can also light the fuses of cannons blasting you to hidden bonuses. And in Kirby: Planet Robobot, you can even suck in enemies with a tractor beam. However, sometimes a game doesn’t have to be part of the horror genre in order to scare you, sometimes scares can come from the most unexpected places. How could anything be scary in a Kirby game? This particular kind enjoys sneaking up on me, the son of a &@$%. All Rights Reserved. Doppelgangers are usually used as a major story-event, such as the character overcoming their fears by beating himself or defeating their inner demons. Take the power of the Fighter ability and the raw, unhinged bravado of a professional wrestler and you have the Suplex ability. Gears of War 3 also introduces a Lambent Berserker, which is an upgraded version of the regular species. I can probably do a whole article about the freaky stuff that appears in the Legend of Zelda franchise (and I probably will), I already wrote an article on Majora’s Mask before, but that’s just scraping the surface.

Because of the inconsistent writing you can never really figure out any sort of tactic to deal with them, there is simply no telling what Square Enix will come up with next. In the distance you see a friend walking around, he’s not paying attention and walks into his house without closing the door behind him. Creepers don’t die in sunlight, they have plenty of health and they can ruin a perfectly good shelter without even trying. An early in-game sighting of a Reaper Splitter. Haltmann's soul in there. The zombie now jumps on Link’s back and starts clawing at his face, causing a small amount of damage per second, but leaving you immobile for a few seconds too. Think of his creepy faces.

These fish-like enemies appear sparsely throughout the game and are perhaps one of the most challenging non-Zen hostiles that you’ll face. You’re playing Minecraft, chopping down some trees, making yourself a cozy little house, climbing atop a hill, when suddenly it turns dark. Thankfully it’s returning in a big way with Kirby Star Allies on the Nintendo Switch. A Nobody in the Kingdom Hearts universe is the empty husk of somebody who lost his heart. Completing the last objective starts spawning the Splitters, but the portal doesn’t appear until you have finished everything else. The recent Nintendo Direct announced the copy ability poll for Kirby’s 25th Anniversary.

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