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Were the three texts identical? August 19 – Police tell Bridges they have identified and contacted texter (won’t name them) and that the person is getting support. That National recruited him tells us a lot about their internal selection process. I have very little time for Tova O’Brien, but she gave Ross both barrels yesterday, and all power to her! There may be one less contender in National, but they still have 54 MPs as alternatives to Bridges. They wanted wan who achieved absolutely nothing. Then her shouty fishwife voice and attitude will demand an answer, but she will yell over the top of it if it is not the answer she wants.

Just saying. This is emotive language in lieu of actual news. I dont care about JLR, hes a nobody. Yeah, dodgy donations to the National Party really had nothing to do with the National Party…. Simon Bridges is spending up large – using taxpayer funding to pay for his limousine. or somewhere else? Kokila: Nice to see you commenting, and not just putting up the GD…it tells us that life – even a child’s life – is becoming increasingly cheap in New Zild. Bridges’ VIP transport would have been $33,281 if he had been charged at the same rate as ministers. My feeling is that regardless of any short term poll fluctuations Labour may have caused themselves serious longer term damage. etc. The “journalists are NOT your friends” one is perhaps the most fundamental lesson the new MP’s – particularly for those who had little involvement in politics prior to suddenly find themselves beseiged with invitations for functions, and a big classy sign with their name outside the office door, even if that office is a small one on the 11th floor of Bowen House. Just as Boris Johnson is the candidate most likely to defeat Corbyn. It’s hard to work out what the aim of the leak of Simon Bridges’ expenses was, given they will be officially released soon anyway. You were lucky they withdrew the invitation. Her response was shocking and way over the top. In a final desperate attempt at political relevance Ross hitched his wagon to the “plandemic” crowd. Posted by Pete George on 15th August 2018, Newshub: “Despite the leaker’s text providing specific details of closed door National Party caucus meetings, Bridges isn’t convinced. Tova has 2 jobs listed on their profile. I don’t wanna hear any of that rubbish.”. That is a problem. And as you see in the above interview, it doesn’t mean you get the kids glove treatment. If anything, you arguably get treated harsher. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Tova’s connections and jobs at similar companies. People really have gone mad (the ‘nice people’ are bullies, the ‘bullies’ are people who want an honest conversation). As the first person chosen to lead his party in opposition after a long period in government, that seems entirely reasonable. Unless you think the official numbers have been fabricated, but, that makes you the man on the moon conspiracy nutter. This is a lesson that needs to be drummed into every new ACT parliamentarian. Time to bring up again Humbert Wolfe’s epigram: You cannot hope to bribe or twist Name suppression has been lifted long ago. Tova O’Brien receives accolades for a “tough interview”. lifesgood: Well, he can change it any time he likes…he doesn’t even need to use “deed poll” which everyone refers to, but doesn’t apply in NZ (if you want a legal belt and braces change you make a statutory declaration). It doesn’t matter how many days are left, Simon Bridges, because there is no chance National can win in 2020. “We’ve had it confirmed that no-one in Labour ever actually had access to that information and it would be improper if we would have,” she said.

Newshub must know who the leaker is. They are the journalists who have inspired me my entire career – journalists who know that sometimes balanced reporting isn’t just about providing both sides of the story. It is amazing to see how the leak a few days early of Simon Bridges’ expenses has become such a big and persistent story. Sure nige, whatever. National have been accused more of the opposite – of criticising too many things. And it was revealed recently that the leader of the Opposition is ‘charged’ far more than Ministers: It was National leader Simon Bridges’ $83,693 in VIP transport costs in the June quarter last year were the catalyst for the breakdown between the party and MP Jami-Lee Ross after they were leaked to the media early. Another former member of the “personal responsibility” party who refuses to take personal responsibility for this decisions and actions.
GB is the deputy opposition leader who after so many years of service whether you agree with his politics or not, deserves some respect if not sympathy. You are to be congratulated for your response to the Tame programme request. There is justice in this world. Jami Lee started to talk about Covid and mortality rates.
Journalists all over the world have been calling out lies relating to Covid-19, especially when they’re adopted by powerful figures attempting to legitimise falsehoods.

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