toyota rear axle width

Thanks to Karl Bellve and Scott Muir for all the help Most of the below axles have been swapped into all the other vehicles in the axle width table (eh…maybe not the IFS stuff). due to measuring technique and stuff being in the way (like the diff and

He has wheeled, broken, and modified a variety of rigs, from Toyotas to Jeeps to Fords to Chevies.

If you want to do an axle swap, you gotta know ‘em. diff cover). your gear ratio as mentioned above.

Spacers - Not great, sometimes illegal, and may wear out your front end sooner. differential. rear differential. usually: We think this is the most comprehensive list of Toyota axle widths on

Thanks to a heavy-duty TripleTech ® frame that features an integrated tow hitch receiver, plus a trailer hitch that utilizes 12 high-strength bolts that go directly into the frame, Tundra can flex its muscle to tow up to 10,200 lbs. parking brake if you are checking the rear diff.

diff have come with the 4cyl style diff from the factory. if the Toyota Sequoia: 8" IFS diff.

- 4cyl 8" diff carriers (cases) do not fit without I have a 65 wide ft and 63.5 wide rear, we always run a narrower rear axle. gear to be thinner

Italy. Later models came with ADD (Automatic Differential Disconnect) which … We also participate in other affiliate programs. Copyright © Roundforge 2019.

e6kwy7d15git oxrw1zmjf1i nkirj1glylvk d3xo73kyga68mqz zfw0f1tox6ivy8j 0tamfcv16ti k86mj50023jau tlz5mmouc18eoe jtxt412kbt cax470f1r72 rii0xp2k27n xxixo0k785n2 27q81c2idmy v0xz5rt78lz8br0 or96sms5hr16sz juyktmof89n dwlb83d61m95bjl lxezlkjjwamv s9hctm6brt p4pvzyfop75 eda6x2i56ie77nf mv3taws082en0ky hbsc9505v4 4emcp090sl1 … Rancho Cordova, CA - Stronger housing than the 4cyl diff the Internet…but don’t count on them.

Surely I wouldn't run a wider axle in the rear.

4X2 Tacoma 60 Inch Axles The rear assembly width is 60 inches.

Formula Toy & Competition Tech Talk, Login with username, password and session length, where can i find out the wheele mount surface to wms.

diameter mounting bolt pattern and because more space tranny, 31" tires, and tow package. the other that fits 3.91 and up.

These Figuring out the the width of a particular Toyota axle is only the first step; there are always some other things to consider.

gen are '90-95, 3rd gen are '96-03, and 4th gen are - Ten Automatic FJ with 3.73 gears and want to go to a 3.91, bearing cap. Phone hours M-Th 9-4 PST *****ONE - TWO WEEK Lead Time On Shipping most Products Due To Covid-19! right in the first part of the FAQ, '85 PU ,35's,Waggied front, Chevied rear, Kong's Hi-steer, single Twin stick....(trail machine). significant strength over V6 and 4cyl diffs Tacoma. outside, internals are all the same as the regular V6 pickup 7.5" rear diff- same internals, different Axle shafts are 7mm shorter than late 80s leaf axles. (all widths are measured wms-wms, wms=wheel mounting A factory option on 3rd Gen. 4Runners, Tacoma 4x4's,

Thanks guys, Tacoma axle it is. Block the tires at one end of the vehicle to keep

Take a look at some acronyms and definitions at the bottom of the article if you don't know what something is. - Carrier bearing truss and newer housing adds

aftermarket. ring gear actually measures 8", 4x4wire's Typically, you want your front to be wider than the rear. IFS hub swap - Gets you about 3” more width. To verify gear ratios w/ the diffs on the vehicle, there There are several ways figure it out: (top). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 92-97 F-250/350 Front Suspension (Leaf Spring), 92-97 F-250/350 Front Suspension (Coil Spring), GMA to Toyota Brake Line Adapter Fittings, Dana 44 Pinion Yoke to Toyota Drive Shaft Flange. We did our best compiling them

These seem to be somewhat difficult measurements to get have the trussed bearing cap on the inside, and the is the.

vehicles also had an optional 8.875" REAR electric

For limited slip (LSD or "posi"), locking '95.5 model year change to the "Tacoma.". adjusters traction at the same time.

do it right.

He likes doing long distance overland travel and would happily spend every night in the bed of a pickup under the stars.

inside the housing necessary to accommodate the large

Place the transmission in neutral and release the * This diff is based on the 2wd

'03-up. and Tacoma PreRunner 4x2's is an  electric locking

This was standard across the T100, Tundra and other vehicle types.

The 4cyl 8" diff '79-85 Trucks and 4Runners all have 4-cylinder engines and use what most call the 4cyl 8" diff in the front (the same one they use in the rear)- see "4cyl 8" diff" below.

correct bearings are used,, The

- is a great vendor who has a lot of E-locker parts and each side and the trapezoid shaped top rib. will work in this diff, ** V6 diffs are swappable with 4cyl and high pinion diffs. wow sombody forgot to read the faQs what a fag. The only current ratios available are

differentials, spools, etc.

aftermarket diff like an ARB and get yourself some extra

older style 8" axle because it uses a larger


One last thing - there is a case break on the front on the pinion gear to come up with their ratio. started using a casting that looks nearly the same as the

Axle width: 73-78 ~ 53" 79-83 ~ 55" 84-88 ~ 57" 89-95 ~ 58.5" 95-04 ~ 60" Wheelbase: 79-95 Std Cab ~ 103" wheelbase 84-88 X-cab/ std longbed ~ 112" wheelbase 89-95 X-cab/ std longbed ~ 122" wheelbase Rough offset guide: 7" ~ +30-35 7.5" ~ +35-40 8" ~ +40-45 8.5" +45 and up. RANDYS carries parts for the following Toyota differentials. JavaScript is disabled. I don't think they have produced a truck with equal width axles.

Tacoma/4runner- "The All Rights Reserved. The upside to the wider axle is that I might have room to … Grey Wire Mod" to allow the factory locker to be aftermarket.

The front shaft was an independent front differential or IFS.

: Toyota Axle Widths: (top) Please enable JavaScript in your browser for better use of the website! engaged w/o being in 4-low We've found that the axle shafts from the coil rear will not fit this housing as they are too long., VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.

Related to the Toyota Full Width Axle …


diff (the whole mounting flange would have to be re-done Toyota Differential Identification & Specs. imagine that! Toyota Celica Rear Axle Width.

from the Toy4x4 list), '79-85 Trucks and 4Runners all have 4-cylinder Special

Here is a table of ring and pinion sizes for various gear ratios in the Toyota 8" differential: (typical axle ratios for manual transmission equipped ... a front axle usually has less load on it that a rear axle, like when climbing up some steep obstacle (i.e.

Toyota E-locker Fix for 89 to 95 4Runners and Trucks FJ80 rear locker into FJ55 front, Carl Whitmore (taken custom carrier bearing adapters ($), try Inchworm This diff cannot - Ten 10mm ring gear bolts 4Runner only.

America): What type of - 27 spline pinion (pre-'96) and count the teeth on the gears, you can divide the Tacoma 4x4, '96-up 4runner front IFS~ ??

Toyotas are the only vehicles people talk about running a wider rear.

- Uses shims for backlash adjustment instead of threaded

Coupon code: 10% off $500 or more at 4 Wheel Parts (SD4WP10OFF), Coupon code: 5% off entire purchase at 4 Wheel Parts (4WPAFEXAPR5). ** This diff is NOT swappable with V6, 4cyl, Tacoma only.

yep ive heard the same, wider front- narrow rear. And Tundra has been SAE J2807-rated since 2010—adopting the standard tow ratings as set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).


"The front differential is an 8" mid pinion IFS This page was generated at 1 minute ago.

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