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Most people know Shaun Blokker as Shaun T, the man who brought the world the popular Beachbody and Insanity fitness programs. Get the best news, information and inspiration from TODAY, all day long. Be focused. Required fields are marked *. It is your victory lap. 20 months and 17 pounds later I came away with 10 big lessons.

The higher up a food is on the list, the healthier it is for you. You can click here to join Transform :20 now (Save up to $155), Get Early VIP access to Transform :20 here. Because tomorrow is the Shaun-A-Thon.

One last warning:  The recovery taps are the plank taps.

Read more…, Your email address will not be published. Here’s how it breaks down. According to Shaun T., positivity is the “fuel”. Your last transformer is rocketman.
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Since this workout is on demand, there’s a brand new workout released everyday!

The workout plan is a six week system that does not require a gym membership nor access to any weights. The final Transformer is ski abs in and out.

With the step included, the Transform :20 base pack comes out to just under $215 with a limited-time promotion going on right now. Transform :20 – Shaun T is back and this time he literally wants you to ‘step up to the challenge’. Transformer 2 is TS squat reach. Transformer 1 is rapid taps.

The last part is called the “conquer phase,” where participants complete the program and are set up to continue living well.
Without the step, the basic challenge pack costs $160 with the limited-time promotion. Your recovery taps are the dreaded over-the-step plank, tap ups.

“It’s also about mental fitness, so you can sustain your results,” he said. It will move you forward.

Early access happens in January 2019 and On Demand happens in April 2019! Block 2 is front-of-the-step plank to a one-legged down dog, back to plank and pull the knee in. Replies to my comments Block 2 is a burpee with a heel surge, a 3-count over-the-step and a plank rotation. 6 weeks of 20 minutes per day workouts to scorch away the fat and start the new year off … With that said, you should totally enjoy anything on the list! Transformer 2 is twist oblique kicks. Block 1 will be the linking side-squat rear lunge, one-hand-up push-ups and tricep dips with a kick.

The great thing about Transform 20 is that it’s a total body workout. Workouts are great until they get hard. Block 3 doesn’t let up. Tip:  This one is about conquering your mind. The workout is divided like the chapters in the series: 20 minutes of Commit, 20 minutes of Climb, and 20 minutes of Conquer will be your 60 minutes.

Block 2 is tabletop jacks on each side of the step, squat with a quick, elevated lunge on the end of the step, lying-on-the-step star to push-up and alternating arm raise, then seated windshield wiper ab taps. Tip:  Protein or a shake immediately after a workout like this is a must. Variety will help you stay consistent with the Transform 20 meal plan. By now, you know you can do anything for 20 minutes if you set your mind to it. If you’ve heard of Shaun T from BeachBody, then you already know he’s all about high intensity, fat-shredding workouts. Block 3 is a hip-up with one foot on the step, then a roll to a V up, floor sprints with the step behind you, and lunge with heel surge. Well, he’s back again with a new workout to help you get in shape called Transform :20. If you have the time, you’ll be able to do the workout in real time with Shaun T. If you don’t, you’ll be able to go back later and get the entire recorded workout. This Cut workout is no joke. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You will recover quicker and avoid the urge to snack. At this point, you should recognize the power you have.

Each chapter is based on moves you have done in your Cut, Burn, and Powerful workouts. I used Transform :20 Meal Plan A. Block 3 is a rear-lunge with a toe tap, down dog on the side of the step with a hop up both feet and a pushup, and two crunches on the step to a two-count straight leg up with reach. “You are the one who creates the energy,” he added. If you were keeping a log, read it and remember how you were feeling after that first day. I have a Polar H7 Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor (chest strap) synced to my iPhone using the free Polar Beat Mobile App and Polar Flow. Beachbody and Insanity trainer Shaun T is out with a new workout, Transform: 20, that takes the step machine workout to a whole new level.

Also, if you go to the Weekly Menu archives starting with January 13th you’ll find my actual Transform :20 Menus.

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