trent lane fanfiction

tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", Present Day. Authors note: If you have read this then thanks and please review. An AU that turns shipper convention on its head. Jane Lane (95) Helen Morgendorffer (65) Stacy Rowe (61) Jake Morgendorffer (58) Sandi Griffin (53) Trent Lane (45) Tiffany Blum-Deckler (38) Jodie Landon (22) Include Relationships Jane Lane/Daria Morgendorffer (22) Trent Lane/Daria Morgendorffer (12) Jane Lane/Quinn Morgendorffer (9) Quinn Morgendorffer/Stacy Rowe (7)

“Daria, come on. Takes place in the same continuity as "Quinn". It'll either be something out of a fairy tale, or an epic disaster. On the eve of the biggest performance of his life, Trent shares a special moment with Daria.

Why did I write this? Tiffany nodded. Kinda surprised that there's a tag for that. Are dolphins making self-glorifying edits on Wikipedia?Cetacean needed, next on #SickSadWorld! While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. The second season of my spin off about Quinn sees Quinn graduating college and navigating the adult world. "Aww Crap! High schoolers Trent Lane and Jesse Moreno are ready to be big-time musicians. They become secret friends as a result. Join Philip and Amy Morgendorffer-Lane as they make the move from New York City to their parents' old home of Lawndale and meet friends, love interests, allies, and idiots. What if Daria never sat next to Jane in the fateful self esteem class? In reality, Trent Lane is a 22 yr old guitarist for the band of Mystik Spiral.

While she's at Jane's art exhibition, she meets up again with Trent Lane. I thought … Reposting some of my old musings about life on the high seas. Tiffany frowned. Marilyn the new girl at school who doesnt care what people think of her, being pushed into becoming a broadway actress she stars in the school musical that drops her to the bottom of the popularity meator. “I am not jealous of him,” she snarled quietly, and Quinn giggled until she realized that Daria wasn’t joking. I have no idea, and I should be ashamed of myself. “Daria was well aware that Trent was the polar opposite of her (just watch s1e13 “road worrier”) even if she didn’t say all of her opinions out loud, she still had them and she still had a thing for Trent. What if Daria had asked Trent out at the end of "Lane Miserables"? "Is theeere somethiiing wrooong with her?". i loooove your blog, thank you for existing<3 i'm looking for daria and trent fanfics but like, smut ones because i'm dying to read them together and i didn't even know i needed it since i saw your drawings. Fall is approaching quickly and with it some decisions. “What?”. I do, Trent. I love alternate realities. His hobbies including: Eating, sleeping, finding new chords,sleeping and being completely oblivious to Daria's advances. Thanks again, this really made my day ;A; Only saw the part about the fic when the ask was published (wtf tumblr?).

Until today I’m angry that nothing has ever happened between them.“. She wants to start over, but her best chance to do so is to seize an opportunity that is fantastic in all the wrong ways….

She has made some choices in her life. No Archive Warnings Apply; Trent Lane/Daria Morgendorffer; Trent Lane; Daria Morgendorffer; … tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. Later in the day, Daria wonders if she's made the right decision. LeeAnne is your typical teenage girl. As she starts living her life for the first time without anyone's preconceived notions, she truly realizes that while she's a better woman for the experience, change hurts. This is based on a dream that I had whilst in one of my morbid moods. Marilyn the new girl at school who doesnt care what people think of her, being pushed into becoming a broadway actress she stars in the school musical that drops her to the bottom of the popularity meator. The fourth season of my spinoff about Quinn finds our characters dealing with financial and personal hardships during the 2008/2009 Recession. anonymous asked: hey! (Opinions may vary), “I really wish Daria and Trent would have gotten together. Mix in some bonfires, beers and an evil sales rep and enjoy. Trent and Myst*k Spiral have made it big and celebrate with friends.
But even though most of the shippy fics don’t exactly detail stuff, I guess it leaves room for your imagination!

social media and texting is a part of it so. Trent is oblivious, or IS  HE. The final season of Quinn. “I would have preferred that Daria and Trent have a small engagement to verify that they were compatible.

I toyed with this for about two seconds before I just plunged in. Follow. "Well I think I'm going to take shower, you can join me if you want to."

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