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He will do anything to achieve the victory he desires, such as hijacking the Inter-dorm Magift tournament in order to beat Diasomnia, the reigning champions, and convincing most of the Savanaclaw dorm to help him do so. Heaven seems to be on my side. Jack: If you think you can then come at me! He is known to skip classes and prefers to take a nap instead. School Year Yet another Twisted Wonderland translation! Other Name Leona has stated he is intimidated by the women of the Afterglow Savanna because they are much physically stronger and more strong-willed than the men, including himself. Change ). Starting to enjoy yourself a bit, huh Rook? Third Paid Story. Neither one is going to give up, huh…. Leona Kingscholar Had been for a while, actually, and while she was certain the whole school knew, she wasn't at all bothered by it. It seems I stumbled. So easily..  Like I’d just hand it over!? Hair Color He blocked that bullet-like shot with just one foot… As expected from the Savannah Claw prefect, incredible motor skills. Hahaha, well, because it does seem interesting. “Life’s not fair, is it? Looks like Leona is the first to hold onto the ball. Location: Savanaclaw Dorm – Maglift Stadium. Leona: What’s wrong with their play?It’s natural to use your head in a match. I’ll be taking the ball from you now. Homeland That’s the right spirit! leona Hmph. Kufufu. Fun Facts Incredible foot play! I didn’t even see how he did that. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. On top of his shirt, Leona wears a leather vest. Unsurprisingly, Leona shares many characteristics with Scar, including the inferiority complexes they both have stemming from their status as younger siblings, their personalities, and both having nephews, Cheka and Simba respectively. This time it’s the first part of Leona Kingscholar’s SSR. There’s no fun in tormenting a runt like this. This unusual line-up will certainly be interesting. ( Log Out /  Gender Leona Kingscholar is a third-year and the leader of Savanaclaw. Yūichirō Umehara Kufufu… It’s no good to look down upon your opponents from the get-go. Birthday trey Looks like Leona is the first to hold onto the ball. But I got no need for a team, I can handle you myself just fine. That Crewel has a pretty mean streak. The guy always lacks … 185cm .. … Uh-oh-. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Main Story is the main plot of the game. You say that, but aren’t you hiding a splendid smile yourself there? Kufufu… Judging people by their appearances really betrays your inexperience. Club But Lilia-kun is incredibly fast. Do you guys really have that much free time between practice?Try losing again in the inter-dorm competition like you did last year.…Do you know what’ll happen to you in that case? Leona: Hah? Leona: It’s “toeing the line” of the rules right? Right 3-AStudent no.13 Haha, now the ball is over here. A bold move that looks totally out of character! Yosh! Magical Shift Summer Green Savanaclaw Dorm Member B: Let’s give him some pain one of these days hihihi. You’ll be joining class A for today’s lesson, so let’s compete with plenty of enthusiasm!~. What are you talking about? Don’t you agree?” Edit. July 27 Isn’t this our long-awaited joint class? Savanaclaw Dorm Member B: What the! Prologue-2 Favorite Food ... (n.)a vision seen in sleep; a dream Twisted wonderland x reader oneshots and Scenerios Started on: 1st of March. It’d be like that thing with the two hares. I’ll show you serious. Kingscholar comes from "King" and "Scholar" referencing how Scar became king and was very intelligent. Leona is a muscular young-man with brown skin. : No. ( Log Out /  Go back to practice.Don’t cause me any problem again, Savanaclaw Dorm Member A:  …SsuTch, what’s with him…, Savanaclaw Dorm Member B: Can’t agree with this…, Leona: HaahSeriously… I’m so tired of this. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I was a little confused on how to translate the title, but settled on “Let Me In On This” after a suggestion. The defense you showed me earlier was splendid. Talents Roi du Léon (Rook) Reona Kingusukarā This time it’s the first part of Leona Kingscholar’s SSR. He wears worn-out grey jeans, with faded brown chaps on-top; Leona also wears brown shoes. Jack: Wh… Dorm leader, are you going to allow that kind of dirty tricks? I’ll be watching from here…Yawns. Lilia-kun blocked Leona-kuns long shot with a header! Leona also has green eyes, with a thin scar going his left eyebrow to his cheek. Heh, don’t go making excuses about this and that after you lose~. Eye Color Vegetables Least Favorite Food Afterglow Savanna What bothered her were the feelings that had been growing inside her chest, feelings that lent themselves towards being actually feelings, not just a mutual attraction and need for stress release. Chocolate Brown *. StudentDorm Leader In addition to these accessories, Leona wears black gloves and has a lion tattoo on his left arm. You calling me a kitten? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Savanaclaw Some story chapters are rank locked, and others contain a rhythm or battle section that you must pass in order to proceed. Twisted Wonderland Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Yes, (Y/N) (L/N) and Leona Kingscholar were sleeping around together., Trey-kun from class E. And also Lilia-kun. Jack: Senpai? A heel flick, that kind of flashy performance is just what you’d expect from Leona. Thank you for all the help Rin and Rui, … If you think you can get it, why don’t you try to take it. The "scholar" portion of his last name is a reference to "Scar," and a pun that only works in Japanese: in Japanese, the "スカ. Ahn, my apologies Trey. Savanaclaw Dorm Member B: It’s this guy’s — first year Jack’s — fault. Kouhais, put your back into it! Romaji Across his belt, there is a variety of fabrics and a yellow bandana with the Savanaclaw logo on it. レオナ・キングスカラー Thank you for all the help Rin and Rui, as well as Kim for providing the RAWs! **Not 100% sure, but I think this might be referring to “二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ず” (Someone who chases two rabbits won’t catch either), a Japanese proverb. ( Log Out /  It would’ve been impossible for just me. Game Debut Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 20 If I’m a kitten what does that make you? Chess Playing with children Meat Occupation Ancient Curses According to Sebek, Malleus frequently approaches Leona. But how about this! Savanaclaw Dorm Member A: Seriously, he’s so cheeky! Savanaclaw Dorm Member A: D-Dorm head Leona! Even though he’s still a fresh meat first year, he has such an attitude. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki ... Leona Kingscholar/Personal Story < Leona Kingscholar. Leona initially appears to be a slacker, and is arrogant and prideful, often looking down upon others who he believes to be inferior to him. When Stars Fall. Age There’s no way to predict the outcome of a match between those two. So what’s wrong with what we’re doing? Who’s causing a ruckus?I can’t sleep like this.

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