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The original fabric is of the highest quality, in particular the joinery and the stonework. Security for the property has been managed by a private contractor since September 2014. The land parcel closely reflects the original subdivision from the land grant made to William Wentworth in the 1830s. He was certainly very generous with his money. Street parking is available on Vaucluse Road. He went into business with John Terry Hughes who was the nephew of Samuel Terry, an extremely wealthy merchant and landowner. Extensive work was done to the Stables including a new tiled roof with skylights, extensive stonework restoration and all woodwork has been repaired and painted. [1], Some of these trees have significance in their own right, reflecting the tastes, contacts and reach of empire of the mid-late 19th century. In 2003 a revised conservation management plan's preparation was announced by The Hon. "The land, gardens, buildings and other works contained within Carrara/Strickland House demonstrate an evolving landscape of over one hundred and forty years, reflecting popular and personal tastes and fashions as well as institutional philosophies of patient care and wellbeing. The grounds, now much curtailed, were then rich with beautiful trees and shrubs, with grass in front sloping down to a white sandy beach where there were dressing sheds and an enclosure for bathing. His father was Charles Inman, a wealthy merchant and his mother was Decima Isabella Catherine Davies. In 2000 the WHHS made a submission to the Heritage Council seeking extension of its SHR curtilage to include the whole estate. The intactness of Carrara and the landscape setting of the Estate contributes to an understanding of the cultural history of NSW. The house continues to display the landmark qualities that were important to the historical scheme, and the layout and relationship of various elements demonstrate class distinctions and hierarchical relationships that existed in the mid nineteenth century. Woollahra Municipal Council adopted the land use, conservation and development principles for the property. [35]:98 The remaining features of the garden and grounds of Strickland House have the potential to reveal the early cultural and natural landscape of the place. The significance of the gardens and grounds of the Strickland House site derives partly from the relationship between the house and the garden. Woollahra History & Heritage Society news, October 2014. Most have been surfaced with concrete in the twentieth century and the main driveway has been paved with bitumen and patched at various intervals, although it retains its early configuration and form, approaching the mansion indirectly to give a series of views on approach, deliberately manipulating the visitor's view. The front curved projecting bay with Doric columns and extensive verandas complement the picturesque setting of the house. Play. The two storey residence is constructed of dressed sandstone stone walls with painted finishes. The analysis and interpretation of archaeological remains form this site may provide evidence of the material culture of the various occupants of the site as well as contributing to the understanding of the design and development of gardens in mid-nineteenth century Sydney. Find out how to apply for permission to conduct commercial filming or photography and download an application form. The architect, John F Hilly who designed the house in the early 1850s, John Hosking, the first Mayor of the Council of the, The Honourable Henry Moore of Sydney, a member of the, Arthur Wigram Allen, whose family made a significant contribution to the development of Sydney. It contains buildings landscaping and other structures relating to the history of the site from Aboriginal ownership through its colonial history as a grand maritime estate to its 20th century use as a convalescent home and later aged care facility. [34][1], Strickland House is a Victorian Italianate mansion virtually intact and consists of three storeys of sandstone, which was unusually painted, and features verandahs with Doric columns. You won’t forget the breathtaking harbour view, clear sea air and secluded elegance of Strickland House. It preserves an important component of an early land grant with particular associations for the Wentworth family through its excision as a marriage portion for their daughter Thomasine. These same aspects can be appreciated today despite the constraints of its setting. The two-storey segmental bay projection is striking and represents a relatively early use of such a feature. Please enable javascript to access the full functionality of this site. The intactness of both internal and external details dating back to the 1850s enhances the significance of the property as an example of early Victorian workmanship and taste. Architecturally, the Stables exhibits idiosyncratic detailing that has an unfinished quality and makes this building a rare example of its kind. [1][35]:97, The Strickland House site is significant for seventy-five continuous years of health care commencing in 1915. In 1829 he married Terry's daughter, Martha, and the couple had three daughters. This coincides with the National Trust of Australia (NSW) Heritage Festival. [1][3]:20, In October 2012, Woollahra Council, following discussions with the State Property Authority, now called Government Property NSW (GPN) considered the appropriate zoning for the Strickland House site. The purchase of the site in 1914 by the NSW Government for harbourside parkland is a significant factor that has contributed to the preservation of the extensive parkland setting to Carrara. [35]:97 Schools generally have a strong level of social significance as community facilities. Just outside the front door as if they were guarding the house were two enormous carved marble dogs bigger than lions. Sydney Harbour National Park is open sunrise to sunset but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger. [21][1] The hospital was closed in December 1989. If you hold an NPWS All Parks or Multi Parks Pass, you can park free for up to four hours per day - additional time can be purchased. W.C. Wentworth, an important member of society during the 1830s, was also granted several additional parcels of land at Rose Bay which contributed to making him one of the largest land holders in the area. The subsequent adaptation of the site to provide a public health care facility marks a significant phase in the development of the Strickland House site and represents changing government attitudes in health care ideology in NSW. There is an attic storey made of timber. The property has a strong historical connection with William Charles Wentworth, and explorer and social figure in New South Wales. Annual NSW Parks Passes do not cover landing fees. Between 1899 and 1902 the house was let to Wilfred Alexander Inman who used the house as a school which later became Tudor House School, Moss Vale. The grounds and garden are open from sunrise to sunset. safety of you and your passengers is paramount. Flying of recreational drones is prohibited by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) at Strickland House as it's within 5.5km of an airfield or helicopter landing site. There were four gardeners, besides the coachman and the groom and in the house a cook, lady’s maid, two parlour-maids, three house maids, kitchen maid, laundry woman and maid. For day visitors, please avoid busy parks between 11am and 2pm during the school holidays to avoid congestion. Commercial filming or photography is prohibited at Strickland House unless prior consent has been obtained. [1][35]:97, "The relationship of the various components is particularly clear in demonstrating the relationships of the family and staff and, as such, is an optimal example of a particular class of mansions and the social hierarchies which operated in them. Although relatively plainly finished on the exterior, the Stables building contains some very unusual features, notably: The specimen of tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis anacardioides) located at the top of the slope in the vicinity of Strickland House has some scientific value as an indicator of the natural littoral rainforest vegetation of the site. In 1999 Strickland House (and then 55% of its estate) was entered on the NSW State Heritage Register. GPN submitted consultant's advice that the appropriate zone was either R2 low density residential or SP2 infrastructure (the Society understands this to be commercial[citation needed]). Annual NSW Parks Passes do not cover landing fees. The subsequent declaration of the site as an urban park in 1994 has reinforced the social significance of the property. In the 20th century it was a women’s convalescent home and later an aged care facility. [1] The Occupational Therapy Block and covered way linking South Dormitory, Occupational Therapy Block and rear service wings were removed between 2009 and 2011. [1], A number of pedestrian paths lace the property, some following the slopes in gentle falls, some marked by steps to manage steeper sections. Car parks operated by Sydney Harbour Federation Trust or Mosman Council are not covered by your pass. ", Carrara is part of a select group of houses owned and built by influential members of society in the mid nineteenth century. This was strongly opposed and never came to fruition.[10][1]. Both the setting and the house designed for it remain an exceptionally intact example of picturesque landscaping and design from the 1850s. [10][1], Debate has continued over the best use of the grounds since the hospital closed in 1989. To arrange, please contact 1300 072 757 (13000 PARKS). quoins included only at the Western corner, brick masonry gable end above stone walling, the unfinished quality of the projecting stone blocks at the southern corner. [23][1] At an August 2012 Community Cabinet meeting, the Society requested Minister for Heritage, Robyn Parker consider gazetting the Strickland House land as a Public Park. The draft conservation management plan for the site proposes changes to its zoning. On higher land to the north east of Carrara lies a third building constructed in the neo Georgian style in the 1930s.

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