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The reason I was the best was because I was so selfish and I did things without mercy. You people complain so much about being alone, being in so much bullshit all the time. She hoped. "Okay, okay. "She really loved music. I’m planning on talking about this one in its own post later. See, Five and Luther had gotten in a blow-out fight before about Five writing on his walls. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "Now why would I do that." Who was it? I give it a 10/10 but I mean honestly, most of her fics are 10/10. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He could escape if he wanted. I'm sorry Delores, don't cry. Sometimes I'm glad I'm 13 again." He smiled remembering her. Five whines, as they all wreck him. Five sat back down eyeballing Luther's every move. Anything was better than spending the rest of my years in that place. We talked about it." Reprieve by dirtroaddance - (1341 words): Five finally gets a moment free of stress. Pre-canon fic where all the siblings get kidnapped and Five is furiously protective of Vanya. She also gets really jealous when I'm around other females." "Family meeting it is." Allison cleared her sore throat and stepped up to the grave. "Didn't touch your precious knives. He asked, cockily. You don't know the half of it. "My relationship with her is a very complicated one. Five screams through laughter. He was just a cranky 58 year old who hadn't had his daily cup of coffee yet."Fine. We need to help each other. Diego yells, bursting into his giant brother's room. Then, when I left she probably would've just recruited me again or made a deal with me had I not have done that to her, especially due to my extraordinary skills in assassination. He didn't want it to end in her death. "Give her back." "Change it?" "HAHAHAHHAHAH, NO MORE. She was proud of that, as you guys should have been. This wasn't a part of my plan. He was impressed. I can't even imagine living with the pain of all of you die-ing, but Five continued on for decades. Five says through els of laughter as his other siblings all join in.". Diego practically growls at his older brother. He paused and thought. He felt like they were looking into his soul. We need to move on, and try to be better than before. "Yes." most of my bookmarks are five whump honestly but I hope this helps!! I one upped her. That intrigued not only Klaus this time, but everyone in the house. There’s a ton of fantastic post s2 work out there, so I’ll try to stick to ones that directly deal with the aftermath of the the season! He said in defeat. "You can't just pick and choose what you want to change! Allison whispered, obviously attempting to sound angry. most of my bookmarks are five whump honestly, Nothing’s Going On (and that’s the problem), Five and Dave’s Life Changing (Life Saving) Field Trip. "Irrelevant. She looked up seeing Luther's smiling face. Luther stops, and strokes Five's hair lovingly. "No." Thank you all for the requests, and thank you all for your patience! Hey! "Delores. He looks in her direction. You're missing the point of this meeting!" "None of you idiots could even comprehend the level of superiority she brings." Five jerks violently and squirms to get Luther's hand off his back. He only writes those equations 24/7 on everything because he is petrified of the apocalypse happening again. Five is having problems with his mental state, Klaus is trying to go sober for his lover, Diego is working on his anger, Luther and Allison are working on listening to people for once. Allison pressed, chasing him to Delores's direction. Five shook his head and walked over to Delores who was wearing a black shirt and black hat for the funeral. "Do you want her to die?" Five pleads as he wrenches his eyes closed. "30 years and she still doesn't trust me." Five said. Five turned around to face the two, taking another sip of his alcoholic beverage. She was sitting in a chair over by the corner, and he knew better than to leave her alone for too long. Whumptober this year was absolutely fantastic! Allison didn't look at Luther and stood up making a dramatic leave.Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Klaus said. Luther interrupts the playful torture of number Five with a smirk. “Drink this.”, Dave drank. He said. Five tries so hard to teleport, but he's too overstimulated to so. Allison whispered. Luther and Allison are together, Five and Delores are happy together. Diego asks, knowing its trap question. Tangled in the Hanging Tree by TiredPigeon (TwistedSkys) - (57020 words, 8/? Diego commented. To out do one another, to surprise each other." Why not?" You guys should listen more. The faces she would make, and how happy she felt when she played." Diego whispers softly. Or Klaus's drug addiction and why he even uses. Luther says softly. You can talk to me." "I did what I had to do. I did! Five says through els of laughter as his other siblings all join in." "Of course I love you, but also I wanna hear you laugh. Luther grumbles, not bothering to even look at his angry brother. ", "Five," Luther starts as he puts a hand on his crying brother's back, "Im sorry.". He stated. ""Holy shit!" "If I did that there would be an apocalypse. "You are such an asshole." Five felt an uncomfortable feeling arise in his stomach. Luther warned. "Of course I want her back!" Five sighed and put a hand over his face. There’s only two chapters so far, but I’ve been enjoying it — Ray and Five’s interactions are hilarious, and we get some nice insight into Allison’s character as well! He said sternly, obviously still upset at Five. Luther sat sulking on his bed in a pouty defiance. Five's eyes widened in horror. His voice softened. Five huffed loudly. Everyone was silent for a moment. Five stopped looking at the wall and looked down at his small hands. I have the perfect fic for y’all! Five said. Luther reassured. Five snapped, cocking his head with a cheeky smile. I left before I had to." You're always right, Delores." I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with next year! Fics I’ve already talked about but still should be talked about more: Nothing’s Going On (and that’s the problem) by briegretful - (5231 words): Five doesn’t know what to do with himself with no apocalypse to stop. Five tries so hard to teleport, but he's too overstimulated to so. . | [UMBRELLA ACADEMY] Fanfiction {imagines book} includes smut we all know that jawline can highest rankings: #1 in fivehargreeves #70 in imagines ty :' i appreciate you sinners #aidangallagher #five #fivehargreeves #fiveimagines #imagines #netflix #number5 … She wanted to use me like I used her. Action Romance The Umbrella Academy Number Five ”On the 12th hour of the first day of October 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth. The thirteen-year-old had his head-buried in his dark pillow case, as he sobbed so much into it that his pillow was tear-stained. Usually he wouldn't he so open about his feelings on things, but he'd do anything to get Delores and leave this place. He said. "Not now." "Oh, no. What happened?" "I'm not telling you who it is, Klaus." Five may have been stoic and broody, but Klaus had a talent for eliciting smirks from Five. Stay and talk and I'll let her go." "Can't you see I'm in an argument right now!" Preferably with like, a happy ending? "Highly appreciated assassin, might I add." "Try me." I hate it when you're upset." Klaus interrupted and ignored the Luther. Now. " Delores, I didn't mean it." Five explodes in shrieking laughter as he manages to free a fist and curl it in Luther's hair. "That's got nothing to do with me. Five fell for that too many times as a kid, "Ahhh fuckkkkk." Five replied. Your review has been posted. The best. I'm a reliable source." He shouts, emotion dripping into his angry shout. He stated. "I am gravely sympathetic towards her death. "Delores, you know I love you. We just want to start acting like it again." Hiya! "Can we move on?" "Fine, I will." He just wanted her to be free from the pain she inflicted upon herself and the world. He slowly backed away and walked fastly out of the door and down the stairs. Diego stood there wide eyed. Her eyes showed signs of deep reminiscence. ", Klaus scooted closer to him. They all kind of felt bad for him. "I'm completely, UTTERLY flabbergasted. Five sounded a little startled at her perseverance with this topic. Allison says instantly, she kneels down next to her younger brother's bed and strokes his cheek. Klaus raised his hands up in defense at Luther's glare. Five interrupted his laughing session. He's just mad right now." It was her life, or billions of others. And of course, no post s2 fic list would be complete without the instant classic, the walls kept tumbling down by Ingu - (67716 words, 9/9 chapters), where the trip to alternate 2019 returns Five’s bullet wounds, forcing the whole Hargeeves family to actually talk to each other. "YOU killed John F. "Hmmm, I know how to make Fivey smile." This thing was creepy as hell. Five gave a solemn look. Five concluded. He finished, blinking dramatically. "Don't flatter yourself, it's not just you." Talking to Delores as if she were real, feeling like that's the only thing you have. Said Luther, eyeballing every member of the family. "Oh Five." He tapped his chin. Five scrunched his shoulders up to his ears, and moves closer to Diego. Diego rubbed his chin in thought. number five vanya hargreeves ask fic rec anon umbrella academy sorry I don’t have more!! We couldn't help Vanya, but we can help each other." "Delores, calm down!" We need to LIVE. Klaus punched his arm playfully. Klaus mocked to her face. He replied lazily. He wouldn’t trust the world if it was.”. "No, no, no. He's defeated terrorists and assassins far more dangerous than any of his other siblings. Klaus chimed in. Five sighed and shifted away from Klaus. "Why do you talk to Delores?" Klaus touched her bald head and rubbed it.

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