unalaq vs ozai

Who’s the toughest, most badass/powerful of them all? Attempting to open the Northern spirit portal. As the Northern troops started occupying the South and setting up blockades, Unalaq told Korra that he planned for her to open the spirit portal at the North Pole. However, Unalaq confessed that he did not, revealing he had only exploited her into thinking that, causing the Avatar to attack him out of sheer anger and fury.

Severing Korra's connection to all her past lives was permanent, leaving the Avatar without the experiences, skills, and guidance the past lives had usually provided in crucial times before. Unalaq was the fifth villainous parent to disregard his children's well-being in the process of advancing his own ambitions, after Ozai, Liling, Yakone, and Hiroshi Sato.

Unalaq was a highly powerful waterbending master, being able to engage in combat using only a minimal amount of water. Phoenix King Ozai vs. Unalaq was said to be shot at by Juji's lasers, though they missed him and freed Vaatu instead. As the commander left, Desna and Eska entered Unalaq's chamber, and he instructed his children to find the Avatar, admitting that he had lied before about no longer requiring the Avatar's services, as he still needed her to open the Northern spirit portal.

To be clear, are we talking human-sized Vaatuu absorbed Unalaq? This was an incredible missed opportunity for some real character development.

Korra realized the truth in his words, and accepted his offer.[12]. Dark Avatar Unalaq would kill Ozai by only staring at him, literally.
Korra's spirit subsequently spiritbent Unalaq and Vaatu, vanquishing both of them. He was surprised when the spirit of darkness informed him that he had not yet failed, as Korra was still alive.

Unalaq protested against his brother's offer, believing him to be a distraction.

I don't think Unalaq has showcased that level of raw power as the Dark Avatar, but I don't think either will stomp the other simply due to a difference in raw power. Unalaq could utilize a specialized form of healing infused with spiritual energy and knowledge, which involves converting the energy within spirits. Ozai stomps. Cannon fodder was shooting hundred foot flames. Because of his deep spirituality, he took quick control of the Dark Avatar State, which helped him augment his waterbending and be on par with the Avatar; he was capable of unleashing much stronger water whips, creating ice fissures, and highly destructive tidal waves. Even though his attempt to destroy the Avatar and usher the world into an era of darkness was consequently thwarted, Unalaq succeeded in reuniting humans and spirits and thus changing the world forever. Predecessor As Korra reappeared after having opened the portal, Unalaq congratulated her upon having taken the first step to restore balance to the South, as well as the whole world. Ozai was 45, and Unalaq and Tonraqs kids are around the same age as Zuko was in ATLA.

After Eska professed delight at chasing after Korra, Unalaq informed her that he needed Korra captured alive, to which Eska reluctantly agreed. Also, Ozai struggled against a comet-enhanced avatar state.

Unavaatu has the chest canon while Ozai lightning. 474. Although UnaVaatu nearly managed to corrupt Bolin's soul with spiritbending, he was defeated by the combined power of Bolin and the queen of the fairies and turned into magic dust to be scattered across the sky to give birth to the stars.[24]. Unalaq was the only major enemy to be a blood relative of the Avatar. It only took Aang to reach the Avatar state to kick Ozai's butt. Unalaq can't transform into giant freaking spirit thing. Unalaq's insistence on believing that the Avatar was no longer needed had a considerable impact on Korra. When Unalaq announced that he would find his niece, Vaatu deemed the action unnecessary as she would find him soon. However, Team Avatar managed to escape and followed him into the Spirit World.

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