underrail psi shotgun build 2019

looks solid for me. Bear traps are useful for negating enemy dodge/evasion but they are not strictly necessary.

Sørmirbæren Spirit Staff

Use it for cover in open, forces enemies to come to you.

Or use it to block doorways or surround yourself if you are in a corner/wall to recover CDs/heal up/reload etc.

Cave Hopper Leather Whether its due to overdosing on psi-enhancing drugs, cerebral imprinting gone wrong or something else entirely, some psionics in South Underrail are known to turn insane and usually end up in the gang of Lunatics.

The build is linked. Even playing as a pure psi most of the time I struggle to find creative uses for my psi abilities. Yeah, you miss out on a lot. A dps oriented psi user who doesnt craft will guess what, be stuck with the base 100 psi pool.

The use of psionic abilities can be temporary inhibited with Psi-cognitive Interruption or Black Dragon Poison. Metathermics, also known as thermal control is the area of psionic development that deals with instigating rapid temperature changes and chemical reactions. None

From the feedback I decided to redo a portion of the build.

Conclusion: So basically there is almost no reason not to have psi support unless its for roleplaying purposes. Tchortist Robe Gray Officer Armor Huxkey. … Most targeted psionic abilities can be invoked through chainlink fences and gates, excluding physical projectile attacks which cannot pass through them (Cryokinesis, Cryokinetic Orb and Pyrokinesis.). A dps oriented psi user who doesnt craft will guess what, be stuck with the base 100 psi pool. Rapid spearhead takes 24 AP to fire. Login with username, password and session length. Under Pie

Leper Serpent Leather

personal rating 9/10 - very situational but fuck crawlers. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. « Reply #1 on: August 04, 2019, 06:36:26 pm » Tin can AR is probably the simplest build to run, and it's also one of the more powerful.

I would do this: 8 str 3 dex 3 agi 7 constitution 8 perception (all further points go into this) 4 will 7 intelligence (for crafting feats) Max guns every level Throwing 119 (you can wait on this but eventually it's nice to have it high) Stealth 54 (you'll have to switch out to your uber crafted gear to get really high stealth which … I'll likely replace a feat with leading shot as recommended. The most dedicated psi build would only have 140 base mana and that is if they give up on psi dps perks and go into crafting. I grab this around 12-14, basically when I get access to rail crossing to buy Temporal contraction and have 55 skill points in temporal to use it. Once the reserves are depleted, the character can not regenerate psi points naturally any more until refilling with a psi inhalant. Details can be found in my guide, character build section: I suggest you read every word of Destroyer's FAQ. But I can try to give some advice. Underrail character build calculator & theorycrafting tool ... Psi. I'm not good at build advises, especially for the new shotguns, but here are some things i would do differently: Not only does the shotgun not have the penalty, but for other guns you would get almost as much of an accuracy increase on all shots from 2 more points in Perception (and do more damage and save a feat). Offensive psychokinetic abilities deal Mechanical or Electricity damage and may also stun targets. Adaptive Goggles Specced contraction gives you +22 AP so 72 AP in total, so you can fire it three times. Because shotguns shines in burst mode, for burst mode realy want full auto feat, and it 7 strong. All characters with Psi Empathy have 100 maximum psi, as well as 5 times the number of their maximum psi in psi reserves, but also a permanent 20% penalty to maximum health. Hal Roche argued the countrary, believing the mutation would've been way too complex to engineer with existing technology.

electrokinesis (30 skill points, 30 ap, 35 psi, learned from Bisson in sgs) - basically super long range tazer.

Psi powers in Underrail are split into 3 distinct disciplines with a skill for each — Thought Control, Psychokinesis and Metathermics.

The MP reduction is significant, I personally use it on melee enemies that I cant kill this turn if they are a little ways away from me, basically makes it so even if they get into melee of my char, they lack the ap to actually attack.

Noob; Posts: 1 ; Karma: +0/-0; Shotgun and grenades build « on: October 18, 2019, 06:47:55 PM » Hi, I'm currently going through the game as a psi-only character and would like to try something different, with no psi whatsoever this time.

That's way better than having some thought control that'll be resisted all the time since your skill is too low. Well hopefully this helps alot of new players or even old players that never looked into psi out.

Just think about how much damage the slow + more ap for killing + shorter cooldowns prevent as dead enemies won't hurt you. is fine, as the haste for yourself, the slow for tough targets or targets you dont have the AP to kill right now and the global cooldown reduction are really awesome. (base ability gives you 2x15 so 30 ap, with perk its 3x20 so 60 ap, the perk DOUBLES the overall ap you get from this ability). Sword

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Praetorian Chestguard

Mind control and meta schools are both great, almost required for pure psi builds since they are more dps oriented, they just are not great for support with low skill levels. Eel Sandwich Even if you are a player who knows that you have hard time thinking critically/not good at using utility skills, you should still get psi empathy just to go 55 temporal for Psycho-temporal Contraction and its perk since its straightforward AP stat boost for basically free (zero AP), the extra ap is just so good, trust me.

No dodge or stealth. Utilities: Taser / EMP Grenade / Flashbang + whatever I like playing unarmed/with gloves so this is my personal Hand to hand wrecker.

Psi regenerates every turn in combat and every 5 seconds out of combat, drawing from the character's psi reserves. Slackjaw Changing innervated abilities removes all current psi points and reserves, and cannot be done in combat. Some psi abilities such as Cryostasis do not scale at all with the invoker's skill. Last edited by Esteban Failsmore ; Sep 10, 2019 @ 4:52pm Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments Sørmirbæren Staff-Spear Underrail: Expedition expansion adds fourth psi skill, Temporal Manipulation. The amount of savescumming I needed to go through the game went down dramatically with psi support.

25% hp is almost nothing to give up especially since you gain so much and the ability to stun/escape/make ineffective things that can take off 100% your hp all the time, 25% hp cost for psi empathy is basically nothing.. Also psi support helps you the WHOLE game even the really early game and mid game, its not one of those things where you need to be level 20+ and done with most the game to shine. Several traders have psionic mentors for sale. With really high psi skills, you'll rarely use melee, and once you're in melee range, you'll most likely die in 1 hit due to 3 Con + 0 dodge, hell you might die in turn 1 if anyone attacked you since you also have 0 evasion. Leper Serpent Leather Cave Hopper Steak

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Jul 28, 2019 @ 9:41pm I restart my play through after 20 lvl in shotgun/sniper so what I think.

Pacifier, Body Would a stealth shotgun + grenades char be viable?

Psycho-temporal Dilation (35 skill points, 10 ap, 25 psi, learned from ethan in sgs and later core city) - reduces AP and MP of one enemy. Use it to stun an enemy. The Psychokinesis discipline is similar to telekinesis with additional electric powers.

Looking through some older posts it does appear that evasion is an issue with shotgun builds.

no psi usage (meaning more hp and nice points to put in CON), maybe using craft skills to mix things a bit Through Versatility only I think. Chemical Assault Unit Armor All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Another misconception, the 100 base psi pool is big enough for even 3 will builds to make good use if you use for support.

Pentapus Barbeque https://www.stygiansoftware.com/wiki/index.php?title=Psi_abilities&oldid=43584.

Wield the sword when ending turns, so you can parry and riposte melee attacks, and burst with a super low AP SMG. All characters with Psi Empathy have 100 maximum psi, as well as 5 times the number of their maximum psi in psi reserves, but also a permanent 20% penalty to maximum health. Another new player friendly class would be stealth tranquility psi.

I'd like to use a sniper rifle as well since there seems to be good synergy with shotguns. Its basically an adrenaline shot with ZERO downsides and can be stacked with adrenaline too if you need lots of things dead quick. You can either use this as CC to stun an enemy OR better yet use it on yourself, thats right using it on yourself is insanely good if surrounded and in a tough spot.

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Underrail > General Discussions > Topic Details.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. All rights reserved. You basically trade 25% of your hp for 100 pool of psi points to get psi empathy. personal rating 6/10 insanely cheap, however very situational skill.

Metal Gloves

Aug 26, 2019 @ 9:39pm The build with temporal was better. Mutated Dog Leather All feats for shotguns + full auto, supress fire, nimble, sprint, blitz.

You only need 100 to get the best discount possible, and you can use hypercerebrix to bump it up to 105 to unlock Hanna's full inventory. I would do this: Heavy armored assault rifle is a very good class for new player.

Gas Mask King Fossil. The changes were made to make psi cost more relevant when choosing what to invoke. Food Mindshroom Martini The old psi system that was used from alpha version up to version (2015 March - 2020 July) is significantly different and is still available in the Legacy branch on Steam and GOG Galaxy, but receives no updates nor bugfixes. Georg. All rights reserved. I recently went through the game with a psi monk and it was a breeze. Due to a recent genetic mutation, humans in Underrail have varying levels of psionic potential. I've been thinking about restarting with a build that incorporates two of the newest additions: shotguns and temporal manipulation.

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Rathound Barbeque Another great thing your buffs dont go down either, so if you have temporal contraction on you, it will still be on you when you exit stasis. Sleight of the Night

Mercantile is a little too high.

Press J to jump to the feed. Do I miss out anything? Stasis (70 skill points, 15 ap, 40 psi, learned from random psionic mentor from doctor stores/loot) - locks anyone including yourself in place, cant be damaged or act, but cooldowns still go down while locked. Psionic headbands crafted with a Psi Circuit Extension can increase psi slots past the natural limit.

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Psionic abilities can be seen as Underrail's equivalent of magic, game mechanics-wise. This allows legacy psi characters to use their Will base ability to determine their available psi slots, albeit with a penalty of 10 their psi points. It can also be used to enhance unarmed attacks. If you don't want any psi, well, you are just going to lose 20 ap. © Valve Corporation. Sea Serpent Fillet Would suggest never using normal ammo with the sniper as it uses so few ammunition (Kevin in the foundry always sells huge stacks of w2c ammo). Dagger

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