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I sounded like an American … “Oh wow. The comedian has replaced actress Lindsay Lohan this season because she was unable to travel to Melbourne due to restrictions as the result of coronavirus. Quite a bit of this girly giggling went on. But when I was asked to step into Lindsay’s shoes– her stilettos, in fact! So most of the time, he’d see an elephant and just scream in that two-year-old, high-pitched, dog-whistle voice, “ELEPHANT! So if some big, muscular guy is in the costume, he could be a rugby player.

"Yes! I thought that might have been a joke but she said it was true and "we're still really good friends". "Yeah! She hardly ever gets heckled and this is partly, probably, because she looks so friendly. Not in her situation. She most certainly did not, she said, she did it to promote her comedy show and: "If you read it, it said nothing.". Directly opposite the beach and the perfect base to explore Bruny Island, Chic conservation retreat in the heart of the Greater Blue Mountains.

But the thing is you can’t tell a two-year-old, ‘Don’t be super-excited when you see an animal because they don’t like loud noises’. You should take that money and put it into the mortgage or something. It's kind of weird that I have to stipulate. Your email address will not be published. Everywhere you go, people will go out of their way to make sure the kids are doing great, which I love. Despite her professed reluctance to ever get married, she says, actually, she'd make a perfect wife. She later said to a mutual friend: "Who's the girl with the light hair? Lohan was unable to return to Australia for filming due to the coronavirus pandemic (Pictured left Jackie 'O' Henderson, Lohan, Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue in 2019). Ha. ", But why does she have to stipulate at all? So no, it’s a very family-friendly destination.

BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut is one of Australia’s most awarded holiday parks. She grew up in South Africa, in Benoni, and went to boarding school, which she loved, because she's out-going and pretty laid back and, I'd imagine, liked having her first captive audience. Personally, I think nobody should get married. Their first trips were to Melbourne and Sydney, where there are a lot of buskers, and even today, when we go to Australia, she makes sure she has the coins or small notes with her so she can tip all the buskers. "I think," said the comedian Urzila Carlson, "I'm girlier than most girls ... in my situation." She is ferociously protective of her private life, at least the details relating to her fiancee and their daughter, who is 16 months old and whose name she won't share.

Ha, ha!". She's the sort of girl, even at "48-and-a-half" you know you'd have wanted to hang out with at school. I suggested they might wear girly gumboots, like mine, which have flowers on them, but she said, as the wedding was in summer: "Squelch, squelch. We just had a massive day. Blimey. If you’re travelling with kids, avoid the malaria zone. Even now, at home, she wants a play date all the time, so in kids’ club – and everywhere we stayed had a kids’ club – all the other kids would be there too. Even driving around on those sidecars you smell the food people are cooking. For Urzila Carlson, the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been all bad news. Don’t worry, girl! She is a comfortable sort of comedian; cosy rather than confrontational, you think when you see her. She is funny at home (she couldn't not be) but if she tells Julie one of her jokes and she says, "'yeah, it's all right', I know it's amazing". But, nah, as she often says, she's not a bit tricky and she is funny. They loved her – she made a huge impression in Africa. And then there are the beaches. It’s totally secure – you know, there’s security at the gates. When you’re there, with all the different cultures, it just blows your mind. You're not skinny, you're not fat, you're in sort of in that nice in-between. She's skinnier than me. She sometimes tells her to tone it down.

Her fat jokes might be a bit defensive. You’ve been at home with your family during lockdown. The moment when she decided to leave came when her then partner's 6-year-old son came home from school with instructions on what not to do at school: Don't bring guns. It’s the colourful houses. Mums, dads, kids and grandmas can watch the show.

I had and it did say almost nothing.

She enjoyed that, she enjoyed not spending time with me! Official page for multi award-winning comedian Urzila Carlson. "Those ones. She also likes giving people tips. And she has a very nice and decent reason for being a comedian: She is a happy person who likes to make other people happy, and that is what happens when you make people laugh. Carlson considers herself "lucky" to have the opportunity to replace former panellist Lindsay Lohan. Go to Madikwe, where there’s no malaria, but you can also see the Big Five, which we did as we were driving into the park. And the kids were knackered. I told you I went totally CSI on this. She and Julie even have engagement rings and hers is a tiny, pretty, very girly diamond. I think a lot of South African women were built to last the distance! 5,193 talking about this. "No," she said, giggling like mad.

So they took the kids to kids’ club for a swim, then the masseuse walked in and said to us, ‘We’ll just give you a massage for an hour.’ So yes, we all just had the best time. I like you a lot but I'm never getting married." How was it? Go to Northern Cape, the Kalahari with the Sand people – I did this on a previous trip without the kids, but I’d love to take them there.

2. And she’s not finished yet. Her farewell present from an ad agency she was working at was a joke contract for a stand-up gig at an Auckland comedy club which turned out to be a competition - which she won.

", got her phone number and called and asked her if she'd like to go and watch another rugby game at the pub. Why should I have to tell people: 'By the way, I'm not straight.' Julie's from Scottish stock, she said, and "it's catching". "I'm a converter! No-one wants to hear me sing, so it’s not going to happen. You can go anywhere, and people will go out of their way to help you with your kids and to make sure everything’s hunky-dory. Poor chap. 4,714 talking about this. Although she now lives in New Zealand, South African-born Urzila Carlson has a lot of love for her birth country. If you go anywhere in [the province of] KwaZulu-Natal, the weather is always amazing. She's good fun, and cheeky. We basically said to one another, ‘You grab that one, I’ll grab this one’, because they just pass out at night. We were at a mall one day in Somerset West in Cape Town, when our daughter ran, and our boy went the other way, and I was alone wondering ‘which one do I grab?’ And then a woman who was sitting across from us, having a coffee, saw what was happening and she goes, ‘I’ll grab your firstborn. Mate, I’d never seen the show, but how lucky am I?! And now she's a regular panelist on TV3's 7 Days and gets recognised at the supermarket! Other people don't have to do it. For my son, it was definitely the animals, which is why we kept the safari for the last part of the trip. And what is her situation, exactly? Double blimey. My kids can watch it – so long as they don’t get freaked out by the masks. Proper boyfriends? There are a lot of places you can go to right across South Africa – there’s a lot of game everywhere. If you hadn’t seen the show before, how did you prepare for your role as a judge? There’s no other place like it.

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