vulcan dumbbell review

Did Rep mention anything about the weight accuracy for their rubber handle dumbbells? Something new. competitive, They arrived a bit dirty from the factory on some of the pairs. Consists of an average hostile knurling with no center knurl supported. The bar has a tensile strength of 194,000 PSI. Thinking about the “Made in the U.S.” vs “Made in China” thing, I guess I’m wondering where to draw the line. haha, It’s lame. Sure, rubber is more economical, and it will still last a long time indoors (even in a garage), but the clean look, bright colors, low bounce, and longer lifespan of urethane is what makes it the appealing material that it is. Required fields are marked *. Can you comment on your SSB? Tho, on Reps website they say their ripper gripped dumbbells are also smaller in size but not saying how much. I don’t envy anyone being in the dumbbell market; they are so expensive. Urethane is odorless. ), but they don’t look as good as Rogue’s. Basically people could afford to move past Titan and get some safety and durability along with their savings.

Maybe the general point to my question is… good is the imported Vulcan stuff you have? Consist of an average moderate knurling with no center knurl supported. No exposed metal means no oxidation issues. I’ve offloaded numerous pairs over the years for close to $1 per pound without much issue. Have I made the wrong decision? Vulcan Urethane Dumbbell Sets.

They do not. Vulcan may more aggressively be seeking commercial/military/school orders and has to offer a lifetime warranty to get those sales, I don’t know. The bar shaft and sleeves consist of hard chrome finish.

Simple Green, 409, etc. Also I doubt it – Vulcan isn’t the most thorough with images. Here are our favorites currently available, including our top pick, the Powerblock Elite 90. Vulcan’s website says theirs have a Lifetime Commercial warranty vs Rep saying theirs has a 1 Year Commercial warranty.

So I saw they have lifetime warranty and will never peel. You know…at this point, I am not even in the rack market anymore. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Sadly this just isn’t in the cards for everyone. Comes with dual knurling markings of IWF and IPF. You get what you pay for. They source them through other equipment manufacturers like GP Ind/American Barbell.

You are going to need to get a quote from Rep using your zip code to see how pair prices compare. 5-75 lbs zero complaints about anything with them.

You mentioned using their safety squat bar as an alternative to some of the competition (Elite FTS, Rogue, etc.). I have checked out Fringe Sport’s stuff in person (I know you’re in central Tx also). But having dual knurl markings on the rod, it is still considered to be a multi-purpose barbell. That’s why I stick with companies like Rogue. Got the Vulcan pro dumbbells with the black rubber handles. the person I spoke with at Rep probably wasn’t specific enough about what the year was for. There’s nothing wrong with the straight-handled Reps so if that also gives you piece of mind to go that route, go for it.

Even Rogue can’t touch these dumbbell prices. Your situation is so common though… Loadable makes more sense; cheaper, takes up less space, etc; but then they don’t get used because it’s a hassle. This standard barbell has the ability to withstand that type of neglecting environment, so you can expect how well they can work out if you keep them in your home gym. ⠀, Are y'all ready for a chance to win a free set of, Have y'all seen this gym yet? Grr… my mind is messed up. The person who emailed me back didn’t give any specific comparison with Vulcan (which I asked about), and she said, “they are slightly smaller.” That’s honestly my biggest complaint with Rep Fitness is that they don’t have enough details about all of their products on their website. The downside to rubber hex dumbbells is their size. I have yet to see a power rack as high of quality as Rogue’s. Yes I could recoup a decent amount of the money for a set by selling all of these, but if the point was to upgrade (which I realize you’re going for more of an aesthetic, lateral move) which it would be for me, I’d still be spending a fortune, and at the end of the day I’d have the same damn thing I had before, a set of 5-100 dumbbells. The Vulcan Pros feel fantastic. We all know that just about everything except Hi-Temps come from China (and we’re good that with that). Your email address will not be published. It’s lifetime on home use, 1-year on commercial. Though, in start Vulcan wanted to offer both, IWF marked standards and dual-marked standards, but that subsequently increased the price tag of Vulcan Standard, hence they just settled down on only dual marked bar. Comes with a very affordable price in which shipping is also included. I seriously doubt Rep is choosing to sell seconds, but if they manufacturer is taking advantage and packing up seconds the result is the same to you. pair, Would like to see one up close to inspect the welds if its a made in china rack. This is the reasons which makes the Vulcan Standard Bar thebest choice for commercial and home gym due to its durability, affordable price and beyond average performance. She wished that Vulcan offered the half pound option like Rep does in the straight handle hex dumbbells (12.5, 17.5, 22.5). Handles are still ergonomic and comfortable. Keeping all such things in mind, the Vulcan stands with its pride about product. The 28.55mm Vulcan Standard is a dual marking bar. The rod of the standard bar is rated at 194,000 PSI, the sleeves rotate on oil covered bronze bushings, and the threading is moderate; which along hasno center knurl, thus making the bar perfect for high repetitive workout. But doing powerlifting with heavier lifts, there was a very slight whip observed which I think in this price point isn’t really bad. dead bounce, 5-75, I think I’ve settled on that. Your opinion matters :). urethane versus rubber. Let’s pause for a second and think about how STUPID that would be. Despite of its cheap price tag, the bar design looks very professional and bossy. RepFitness, just because I don’t feel like loading them. haha I’ve thought of this same thing… replacing my set with a matching set. grippy, I’d rather spend more up front and get something that will last me forever (well, almost) than get a cheap deal only to have to buy it again.

home gym, A lot of these accessory fitness equipment pieces are made in China anyway at same manufacturing plants (rubber ply plates, DB’s, KB’s, etc…).

I still didn’t keep that very brief, but just kinda base your assessment of “made in China” on the retailer in question. Really useful. With a fine construction, it ensures that barbell has the capability to perform well over long time. I had to ask a lot of questions of Rep directly since their product description page is not thorough in this case. I bought the 5-50 on black Friday in addition to the previous 60 lb dumbbells I bought this summer. Do you have any further updates given your use? Use of the bar is basically for Olympic weight lifting. But if you are getting a maintenance free, corrosion and rust free barbell than the price tag doesn’t really matter. rubber grip dumbbells, The focus was to give Olympic lifting in a very affordable price tag. Read through or skip to see the top adjustable dumbbells for 2020 Good workouts begin with dumbbells, any personal trainer, strength coach or fitness buff will tell you that. I’m have vulcan pro hex dumbbellls (up to 50 pounds) and Vulcan Alpha plates. hexagon, I'm pretty envious of those who, There we are - upgraded and updated; a fully match. I half kid, but we know American Barbell produces incredible barbells and perfectly fine bumpers. Suitable for home gyms or commercial facilities. small hub,

I think Vulcan’s Urethane Bumpers are a serious contender in the bumper plate market and I believe they warrant serious consideration. Now my OCD comes out and I say to myself, “Hmmm, it would be really cool to have a complete set with the new numbers on the sides, all of them looking the same instead of having half of the straight handle and then more pairs of the rubber grip ones with the original printing on the sides of the heads.

I just quit facebook, and twitter over two years ago. More Info › Hex Rubber Dumbbell Sets Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets. comfort, And yeah… to be honest, I am not a huge fan of social media. The partially knurled, chrome-plated handle leaves a little to be desired in the grip department, and the bulkiness of the heavier units is a bit excessive, and maybe even slightly unwieldy. Whereas, in other barbell the finishing of zinc or oxide also looks good but they are unable to handle wear and tear of Chrome finished barbell because they won’t easily get chip off.

The Vulcan One Basic Economy barbell comes with some expanded features and benefits than the rest of the barbells available in the market. They probably should, and I’d certainly do it for them if they paid me, but I don’t see that happening haha. low bounce, You know actually, Vulcan used to sell American-made racks that matched (even exceeded) Rogue’s racks, but since Vulcan didn’t have the facility to produce the racks themselves, the lowest retail price they could ask was still more than Rogue. Comes with dual knurling markings of IWF and IPF. Well I was fortunate enough to have given the opportunity to test both of these products out, and I’m going to tell you guys and gals what I think of them. I always find it interesting to see new equipment and stuff people are buying haha, Looking at the pics here and the pics on Vulcan/Rep websites–my eyeball tells me the Vulcans are more compact/shorter then the Reps any info? Having an above average barbell with superior spin rotation, the barbell is better than production average in both aspects, whip and PSI rating. high-quality bumper plates, Now clearly this doesn’t matter on the smaller units, but there is a noticeable difference in size even halfway through the set; just look at my Vulcan 45’s next to standard 45’s below. Which products are made here in the U.S. that you know of? one-piece, Any ideas? Any thoughts on which pairs to pick up if not buying a full set? That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist….I just don’t know about them.

The 28.5mm Vulcan Standard bar is very reliable which comes with an affordable price, with an added bonus of not having a single drop or chipping of black zinc anywhere on the bar. commercial, Though, at this affordable price tag such lateral movement can be expected. I don’t play around with that cheap stuff. rubber-coated,

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