war robots spectre

Taking advantage of the Spectre's height advantage mid-jump without worrying about being hit is key to dealing with maximum damage. About News WR Universe Media Knowledge base.

The massive, massive damage delivered in single volleys means it will kill most robots on contact. Knowing it is out there is halfway to killing it. The first Dash gets you in position, while the second allows you to retreat out of sight. The Spectre is best used for ambush, mid-range support, or skirmishing. The two shields, the physical Ecu and energy Ancile, are just there to buy you enough time to get in range of your enemies and get the party started.

Let’s take a closer look at the ghost of the Battlefield, the Spectre. log in. Shocktrains or Tulumbas for a bit more range for airborne attacks. Approaching this, we … The Scourgasari is used by roughly the same amount of Legend players as the Tulumbas Spectre, but doesn’t seem to be as effective as the former build, which is why it comes in fifth.

Patch Notes. From long-range snipers, some of the best pilots now prefer mid to close-range encounters that are quick and painless. Russian Japanese Chinese (Simplified) download. Note: Level 12 Mark I is required to enhance (purchase) to Mark II. The shotgun family of weapons; Thunder, Storm, Gust due to their spread will ignore the cloaking of the Spectre to a large measure. Probably the most exotic of the three, its Helldive ability is even more powerful than Descend. К сожалению, браузер, которым вы пользуйтесь, устарел и не позволяет корректно отображать сайт. Which brings into play the most effective builds against Spectres, the Zeus and the Dragoon. Traditionally weak weapons such as the Noricum, Zenit and Spiral can do some serious damage to the Spectre, so watch out. T… Inquisitor, Spectre and Mercury. Target its low health and shrug off the fear of its four hardpoints and you too will be a ghostbuster. by WR_Tofsla - 26.09.2018. War Robots Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Spectre is best used with Orkans, Storms, Tarans and the infamous Shocktrain (I also have a blog on that). Only 3.2% of players have one of these standing by for divine intervention. This robot was added on January 31, 2018. the word "spectre" apparently means ghost. The mediums with maximum range are Scourge and Hydra and that tops out at 600m. Hover. The automaton’s fairly low base HP and exposure while his Retribution ability is down which make him an easy target for faster, medium-ranged bots that are able to use the terrain to their advantage. 24 September. In the dark shadows on … That’s why let’s explore how to kill these ghosts and lay them to rest. You have to take full advantage of your Helldive ability to get close to your enemies, which you’ll fry to pieces with your two energy shotguns, as well as landed explosion.

A stealthy, incredibly-fast paced gameplay now dominates the upper echelons of the leader boards. The jump allows it to reach high ground quickly. Firstly, we have the Inquisitor. The most powerful build is the Orkan Spectre. To compile it, we’ve looked at fresh data from over 150 active hangars in the Android Legends League. https://warrobots.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Golurk_88/The_Unknown_Faction:_Comparing_the_Inquisitor,_Spectre_and_Mercury?oldid=223010. Faced with one, watch its weapons, what range do they have, did they just get fired? Due to being a hybrid of a jump and stealth, the Spectre’s stealth ability is considerably harder to use than a normal stealth ability, however with the right timing, it is effective. However, with one Heavy and two Medium weapon slots, it has some serious firepower. There’s a reason why they call it a Death Button Spectre and that’s the fact that it can melt almost any robot in a matter of seconds if it gets to empty all four of its Orkans, each with its 32-rocket salves. Four medium-sized weapon slots make for a strong opponent in any conflict, and the Descend ability helps both those who charge heedlessly into the fray and those who know when it's time to retreat and regroup. Cover and ambush tactics work best. This weapon is the only weapon in this game that can directly hit multiple robots at once. Like the Inquisitor, the Spectre has the Stealthed jump that allows it to break target locks while in the air and for four seconds after hitting the ground. It is a very devastating build for its sheer raw power. Setups like Thunder Carnage, when successfully ambushes the Spectre will absolutely kill it. Just one small mistake, such as forgetting to wall-hug or misjudging the target area can cost you your robot.

It simply can’t last the sustained heavy damage. The Spectre is a glass cannon, due to its incredible firepower and well below average health. Firstly, the Spectre has 110K HP even at level 12. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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