war thunder which nation to choose

These tanks are powerful weapons in the correct hands, capable of selecting targets of importance and dispatching them in quick order – however, one must be mindful of one's surroundings since the only protection early USSR tanks have is natural cover or distance.

Anti-air capabilities exponentially rise by Rank V-VI with the M163 and M247 providing heavy fire onto target. Armour is often averagely thick, but have huge unevenly angled plates, that could be easily penetrated even when tank itself is angled. The Semovente tank destroyer branch is rather sub-par, but it proves useful when it's used as ambush tank, slowly getting better armour and ammunition as tree progresses. The next thing to take note of is a map of the battlefield on the right side, where diamond symbols with letters on it will be pinpointed, these are the primary objectives of any War Thunder tank battle. war thunder which nation to choose. These arrows indicate that the prior vehicle must be researched before the next vehicle could be researched, and purchased before the next vehicle could be purchased. This means aiming for driver's view ports and the cheeks of the turret. It generally can be annihilated even by 7.62 mm machine guns from the rear, and by 12.7 mm machine guns from the front, but it's extremely fast on roads, very small, and usually can use hull down positions, even in arcade mode.

It will be carrying a lot of different weapons, from quad machine guns to recoilless rifles, to actual tank turrets. Rank II trends closer towards an even balance in tank traits, though firepower still requires catching up. At Rank I and the reserves, the light tanks make up the majority of the tanks involved in the playing field. While looking through the Binoculars, the Gunner can be ordered to aim where you are looking, by left-clicking. Though you may want to ominously crawl toward the enemy with a face of intimidation, you are not invulnerable. Don't have 10.0 yet but just having the best pen doesn't make up for enough and I'm not convinced the armour packages will compensate enough. 1° Soviets = great guns and great armor since low tiers,T50 for example.Once u reach the T34s = GG; and KV1+T34s = great farmers. Choosing a nation.

If you are able to exploit not only your tank's firepower, but also the environment, the enemy may never be able to accurately pinpoint your location and you will be able to pick them off one-by-one. For example, a player enters a battle with a line-up with a maximum battle rating of 2.3, causing the player to join a match potentially between 1.3 to 3.3 in battle ratings. Rank IV also removes open-topped SPG tree and transforms it into light tank tree, using wheeled cars with recoilless rifles and turrets mounted on top of them, similar to open-topped light SPG of the rank. The hull armour is only 45 mm thick, and without the sloping advantage, it is easy to penetrate. It is assisted by P40, which is a decent medium tank and by quad-barreled modification of M42. Flexibility is the key of the medium tanks, giving you free rein in what you will do to dominate the battlefield. Going up the tech tree to Rank II and III, the German tanks begin catching up dramatically in firepower, with armour improving as well. In any vehicle, it is recommended to always focus on unlocking these two modifications, which happen to both be in the protection column. However, from Rank I-II, the crew arrangement is very vulnerable and can be quickly knocked out with an airstrike or a nearby artillery shell. The German tanks are as resistent as the British ones, except the have a lot more speed, a working reverse speed, and you don't need to pick each crew memeber one by one because they have explosive bullets that deal a lot of damage afterwards. To add to this, the Type 90 also has one of the highest penetrating sabot round in the game, meaning while the journey to the top may be hard, it could be quite rewarding with a potent vehicle and a huge reserve of game skills.

Their greatest pro is also their greatest weakness, being just as good in everything and also being just as bad in everything. Brit's have the beat penetration and the best gun depression. Not great, but still not terrible. ), angle of attack effect, and explosive filler are to be considered as well. Once these considerations are taken into account, click any of the orange "To Battle!" Light tanks are lightly armoured and small, yet highly mobile and armed with an adequate gun.

", then I reached Cromwell and I really liked that tank, I still do, not as good as the German ones due to the typical the bullets problem, low damage, but one of the best British tanks at least as far as my playstyle is concerned. I also play brits, as my third or fourth nation, just because of the cool factor, nice basic color of tanks and when I want challenge (ie. The Russians have the largest ship mounted gun on their cruiser but does that make Russian the cruiser the best? Moving up to Rank II shows almost no changes in the trend from the starter, with light armour and decent manoeuvrability attached to a rather anemic gun. Unlike modifications, the training of a crew are specific to the crew slot in the line-up and can be transferable to any tank the crew is using (except "Expert" and "Ace" status). These tank destroyers rely on moving to areas in a very short amount of time to set up flanking ambushes against the incoming enemy. Overwhelm them, swarm them, but do not give the enemy the edge because in brawling, anything is exploitable. Each nation's planes generally have characteristics unique to the nation. This trend continues up until the Leopard 2A4 at the (current) end of the tree, with great extremes in firepower, mobility, and protection. What is the best nation to start with? Strike at the enemy's ability to fire back by destroying each enemy tank, or their gunner if you do not believe a one-shot knock-out is possible.

A good mindset to have is to not view exposure as a mere state, but rather as a conscious, active decision. Hands down the worst nation in Breach Repair Simulator, You could start with Italians ,learn to play with tanks that have no armor ,it will serve you best later on, If you learn on Italians then switch to Krauts you will be unstoppable. This gives them an advantage in Realistic battle mode. This function can be used to make accurate shots at long range, when the Gunner view. Remember to seek cover when an enemy starts to shoot at you, as you will not survive many hits. I usually go for the turret first in order to make the enemy unable to fight back, then for the tracks if he tries to escape, then I look for weak points, flat points in his armor, usually under the turret or areas with a 90* angle, unless I can aim for side or rear. The other is the enclosed armoured casemate design that offer decent to impressive frontal armour, though a gun that is contemporary with those in the same rank. Starters: Mobility takes a short dip as engine power stays the same while tank weight increases. Vehicle selection system restricted to one vehicle per air and ground.

Past the starter tanks onto BR ~3.0 in Rank II, the access to the famous T-34 tanks will show the heavily-angled sloped armour on not just the front armour, but the sides and rear as well. Anti-aircraft vehicles in the American tree are quite lacking at first with only barely armoured half-tracks bearing machine guns, though make up with saturation of fire to whittle down aircraft. While the Germans are a good all-round nation at low tiers, having good maneuverability, decent armor and guns, Russian tanks, essentially being glass cannons, teach you well to react quickly and how to fire well. Be aware though that each nations flavour changes as the game progresses. panther)...from 6+ is only for people with a lot of lions...the 6.7 and 7.0 in France are very expensive tanks so u are warned! The one exception are the Ho-Ri types, which trade in mobility for a larger set of armour encapsulating the crew and modules. However, firepower on these tank destroyers are often of a league of the next rank's equivalent, such as the Rank III Nashorn being equipped with an 88 mm cannon that does not begin to appear on tanks until the next rank up. As such, repositioning by moving out of the line-of-sight and then changing the firing location will buy time in the enemy not realizing where the shot come from.

button to join a queue for game match to be made! At Rank V and beyond, medium tanks catch back up and bring forth the epitome of Cold War main battle tanks to the battlefield. In tank warfare, flanking is absolutely essential to gain an upper hand over the enemy. Every second of exposure represents a risk one should be aware of. Starter tanks for Germany are characterized by high mobility, decent firepower, and dubious armour protection.

Shooting the Panzers in the empty space in the middle of the suspension will most likely cook off the ammunition rack or fuel container under the tank, ensuring their knock-out. We'll relay how to do each step here. Here are some tips we can give you if you're still new to War Thunder Ground Battles and want some advice, or for ideas on how to fight certain vehicles. For example Brits start with the good tanks from 3.+ with the cromwells,and great tanks from 4.+ with Achilles + M4 Firefly+ Churchill 7.Usually brits are some kind of glass cannon with a lot of penetration and poor armor + great mobility  in med light tanks or great armor and poor mobility in heavy tank Then I got to.... Matilda.... it's so slow it hurts. Matilda.... it's so slow it hurts. As such, it comes down to whether a penetrating shell could be placed onto their tank before they could open fire and destroy the player. Some SPAA are able to defend themselves against ground targets such as the German Ostwind, the British Falcon and the Soviet ZSU-57-2, but these are last ditch weapons.

Most objectives in the game rely on the capture and control of strategic points, with the game mode being called "Conquest" or "Domination" depending on the number of capture points available.

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